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Prices range from $9 - $35, click for more info

Hey guys, I got myself into a bit of a tight situation that forced me to use my saved up tuition for next semester this August, so aside from depending on hopeful jobs to earn that back I thought I’d bump up my commissions post (with updated art). It’d be real great if you could help spread this around as well, I really don’t want to get held back as I only have 2 semesters left of university lemme outta here.

More samples on my art tag.

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hey there guys so i switched back to my old url psychohelmet. ahaha missed it a lot. rip the era of grifith. like this post if you see it and mutuals, my buds, help me to spread this around thanks!! everyone have a fabulous day now!!

The Ultimate Favorite Pokemon Hunt

I’m not sure if anyone has tried a comprehensive survey like this before, at least on Tumblr, but this is an experiment with two goals: I want to know if every Pokemon is truly someone’s favorite, and I want to get a really big survey to find the most popular Pokemon of all! (At least on Tumblr.)


1. Open the spreadsheet.

2. Find your favorite Pokemon’s name. 

3. Add a * in the next column over. Please mark only one Pokemon. 

That’s it! This will allow me to have all of the data in one place so I don’t have to sort through so many reblogs to find which ones people have marked, try to count new entries, and so on. I considered just posting a list and letting people pass it around until every Pokemon had been marked as someone’s favorite, but then I thought that wouldn’t be very fun. This way everyone gets a say. Of course, please reblog to help spread it around! 

The primary goal of this experiment is to determine whether every Pokemon has someone who thinks they’re the best. My hypothesis is that some Pokemon, even if many people like them, just don’t make it to anyone’s top favorite slot. (Is there anyone whose top favorite Pokemon ever is Cryogonal?) But please–feel free to prove me wrong. :)

I will edit this post periodically with updates.

Let’s find every Pokemon their own adoring fan!



hi guys! i’ve recently made these three different cases, which are (sadly) only available for iPhone as of yet. They’re available for iPhone models 4/4s, 5/5s/5c and 6/6 Plus. You can buy them in three different variations, in a ‘skin’ case, ‘tough’ case and ‘snap’ case.

buy  “larry is real” with blue+green background case here
buy spacesuit!louis here
buy color block “larry is real” here

even if you don’t buy, it’d mean a lot to me if you could help me by reblogging this post and just spreading them around! thank you!

made that commission sheet! i’ll be offering tarot cards later on but for now imma start simple! 

most of these prices will depend on the complexity and detail that the picture requires and we can discuss that in depth if you’re interested!

 More info and rules below the line!!

Some rules!!

Depending on our communication and the project, I will not give refunds after the final design has been finished. I will go to the ends of the earth to tweak and fix whatever you feel is wrong, but I don’t want to be cheated either!

Payment first, not after! I work very hard on my pieces and don’t wanna get the run around for work I’ve completed. 

$5 per additional characters ! Drawing extra bodies is extra work!

Give! me! lots! of! reference! pls!!! Even if it’s just a face claim, its much easier and helps us communicate better if we both have the visuals we’re going for!


-          Dragon Age !!

-          Fantasy!!

-          Gore!!

-          NSFW!!!!

-          Animals!!

-          Original Characters!!!!!!!!


-          NSFW or GORE of children or animals.


Message me if you’re interested!! If you’re not tho, pls spread this around by reblogging if you can!!

hello hello, i’m back at it again with another following spree, goddamn goddamn goddamn! anyways……. my dash has been so dead recently and i need more content to reblog since i spend like, a lot of time here bc im a loser. so yeahhhh

— tag your post!
— be ABOVE 15! i’m 20, almost 21, and it feels so weird following people that are 15 and under. its nothing personal i promise, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable! i hope you understand c:

if that was clear, then these are the things i am looking for.
— multifandom blogs! ( this is like, rly important since everyone on my dash keep reblogging the same fandom over and over and i’m getting sick of seeing it whenever i scroll through tumblr lol )
— seasonal anime!
— kpop! so i can reblog more stuff on my kpop blog asdhs
— marvel / dc content, esp comics!
— aesthetic / photography / art
— games! like any game is fine. just another reason for me to play them lol
— space stuff!!!!! i looooove space so i’d like to see more of that on my dash!
— movies / tv shows. really like, movies/shows from other countries are fine as
     well i just need some quality content u know, a less boring dash
— NEW MUTUALS! like i’d be reaaaal nice to get to know new faces =)

if you post these things ( you dont have to post all the things on the list omg ) pls REBLOG THIS POST! i will check every blog that reblogs this!

— you make your own stuff

yes! i think this is about it, sorry this got so freaking long omg,, i’d also appreciate it if my mutuals could reblog this and spread it around!! thNK YOU SO MUCH


since halloween is coming up and i just know that some people are going to be reblogging halloween type things (u go dude i love halloween) i’d just like to make a list of things that u should probably tag to keep everyones blogging experience as happy as can be

  • screamers: this is a pretty basic one i think, someone could have epilepsy or anything else, it’s better to be safe than sorry
  • masks: i know that personally i have a horrible fear of masks that has been known to cause panic attacks and for the sake of my sanity and the people out there who feel the same as me please tag them
  • violence: people often use this as a tw anyway but just incase
  • blood: i had a friend who would faint at the sight of blood whether in real life or on a screen, let’s help these people out

if you can think of any more please add them so that word gets spread around. let’s help to make everyones halloween tumblr experience fabulous.


Over 2 years ago me and Christina ( @theangelscity) met at the Red tour and have been friends since then! We are going to the 1989 Tour in Tampa together and are so excited!!! We’ve both loved Taylor for years and would love the opportunity to meet her; if you could help make our dream come true by voting for us it would mean the world! 
Just click this link below once a day to vote :) spread this around to help make our dream a reality! xx Jess and Christina


im selling prints of my art !!!

of each painting ive got one print on paper, and one on canvas (the ezra one is on a rectangle canvas w/ white space around, and the albert is basically identical to the original)

we’re still kinda thinking bout prices, but u can click the pics for the estimates. i know they seem kinda expensive but trust me the prints r high quality af and were kinda expensive to print ngl so it’s worth it trust me they look hella

we might print more later on if this goes well, but for now these are the only ones in existence.

PLS help me spread the word by reblogging or s/t. i’m just a broke college student tryna save up for concert tix and expensive-ass oil paint. if ur interested in buying one PLS message me with ur name + whichever one ur interested in and i’ll keep u posted. it’s gonna b about a month until we can get everything sorted but if i somehow manage to get multiple orders for 1 print we can print more easy.

thank u guys so much xx


hello! since it’s the holiday season (and i would like to buy some things for my loved ones) i’m deciding to open up commissions! you can see the prices above, but here are some extra things:

colored lineart - +$2extra characters - $4 per characterbackgrounds (limited to simple things, because i’m not really experienced with backgrounds) - +$3
traditional art: same prices as above! digital art is standard, but i’m very willing to do traditional art as well!

i’m willing to draw anything (ocs, real people, characters, etc.) except the following (simply due to inexperience):

mecha / armor / robots (this one is negotiable, it depends on the complexity of the design)really heavy nsfw (i can draw most nsfw things, but no actual sex scenes please!)anthro characters

if you would like to contact me for commissions or other information, please email me at ! there will be three commission slots to start out with. here are examples of my art: tumblr , instagram

even if you can’t afford a commission, please reblog this and spread it around! it would really help me out <3