pls just don't hate on it

okay okay sorry that might sound offensive

They left it open. Yeah, johnlock didn’t go canon and hell I’m disappointed. But please… instead of hating on the entire season, could we just appreciate that John and Sherlock got their own little happy ending? C'mon, they didn’t even exclude the possibility of johnlock happening, we literally know that they’ll live together for all their life and raise a child together. Just… please don’t hate mofftiss. It’s their show, they can do what they want, and the outcome isn’t as bad as you all say just because they didn’t rush a kiss between the protagonists.

Well, I really liked the episode? Idk, it was a pretty good ending apart from maybe some overused melodramatic situations but they had overall good outcomes. (Also, Jim Moriarty, thank god you showed up)

But just my thoughts on johnlock: I never shipped it, I never shipped Sherlock with anyone and after I found out about aro and ace I always head-cannoned him as aroace. (I honestly can’t see him in any other way, but maybe that’s just my strange view on things)
But still… They’re living together in 221B, they’re happy, they’re rebuilding their own home together, they’re raising a baby. And I love it.
Like, I’d be happy like this. Living together with your favorite person who you love in whatever way? It’s all I could ask for and the best thing in the world, isn’t it?


For the record I fricken love Jyn Erso. So please leave me alone if you wanna hate on her because I find her character very important personally and I feel like there are a lot of pieces of her I can identify with.

People have said they don’t like Felicity’s performance, I understand and respect that opinion, but I personally disagree. We’ve seen bold, intelligent, and witty women in Star Wars already. We have Padme, Leia, and Rey who are all beautiful characters each with their own nuisances. I think Jyn is just a different type of character. She’s more muted with her emotions and for a genuine reason.

Jyn has been dealt a pretty rough deck of cards in her life. She’s been without a family since she was a child, she felt abandoned by Saw whether that was the intention or not, and she’s lost herself. Jyn continues to rebel because that’s all she has left. She doesn’t have any real direction or purpose, her rebellion is what keeps her going. She’s a deeply flawed person. Jyn is broken and has hardened herself to a point where she doesn’t show her emotions as much as others. That’s what makes her relationship with the other characters so important.

Jyn starts off self-centered and a bit arrogant and slowly transforms into someone selfless and loving because through the mission and through meeting Cassian and the others, Jyn finds purpose and family in her life. She completes what her father started and is able to move forward and become who she is meant to be. Everyone handles their grief and troubles differently and how I see it, Jyn holds it all in and has learned not to show her weakness for fear of betrayal and judgement. I can appreciate Star Wars creating this type of character because I can identify with her and I think it’s an interesting change of personality from the more spunky, outgoing ladies we’ve seen in the past. There isn’t just one type of personality for a woman character and I like that Jyn Erso is different in this way.

I really don’t care if this is going to insult people. Feel free to hate me after you saw this, I don’t mind. I love Mercy76 , I even understand why people ship Reaper x Mercy, Reaper x Soldier or Genji x Mercy. I’m someone who’s able to tolerate every ship and I would never ever tell someone that they and/or their pairing are shit. Everybody has a different taste and that’s totally fine with me. Just live and let live. But if someone insults me and tries to tell me that I shouldn’t ship this or that pairing… well, then they cross a line.
I don’t like Pharah. Never did, she’s one of my last favourite heroes and besides that, I don’t like Pharmercy. This doesn’t mean I’m dumb, gross, an asshole or homophob. Hell, I even support Reaper76 and McHanzo, but people don’t seem to care about that. I don’t understand the whole Pharmercy-Pairing and it just doesn’t appeal to me.
But that’s not a reason for me to write hate messages, nor a reason to insult people or tell everybody on the internet how much I don’t like this ship. I don’t go to the tags to tell people how dumb they are for shipping it. No, I rather stay in my lawn, being happy with my OTPs and with people who also ship it. I don’t have the time nor the energy to insult people.
On this day, it’s a little bit different. I got another hate-mail out of the blue and I got insulted again.
It’s funny that it’s ALWAYS the Pharmercy-shippers who shit on my pairings. I even got followers who like other pairings than Mercy76 and yet they like my stuff. I’m so happy to hear nice things from them, without any kind of hate. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty angry and upset to get another message full of hate, so that’s why I made this comic. I hope some poeple can understand the way I feel, and don’t worry: I know that there are people out there who ship Pharmercy and don’t hate people for shipping anything. And I do know that there are M76 shippers who are pieces of shit. But it has only happened to me with people who ship Pharmercy, even though I don’t want to insult the whole group. It’s just about the people who hate on everything I do.

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them


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eh, 10 min warmup sketch cuz I had that picture stuck in my mind for a long time..

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Just a few reminders cuz i’m sick of all of the unnecessary hate

Reminder #1: Wicca is so much more than the Three-Fold-Law and the Wiccan Rede.

Reminder #2: These “rules” are not set in stone. You can have a different interpretation. 

Reminder #3: These rules are not even rules. They’re more like advises and they don’t have to be about punishment.

Reminder #4: You are not going to some sort of Witch Hell if you are Wiccan (or a witch of another religion) and you curse. If you follow the Wiccan Rede or the Three-Fold-Law or both and you curse, all it means is that you’ll have to deal with the consequences of that. Whatever that means. 

Reminder #5: Wicca was never about telling other people what to do. Don’t we hate when Christians do that? Let’s stop telling other witches what to do with their practice. It’s none of your business. 

Reminder #6: Wicca is so much more than what you read on tumblr. Let’s stop hating on Wiccans because of the mistakes of people on this website who are just starting out and decided to post about it.