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Request: Anonymous said: hmu with a boyfriend jaemin -vi

A/N: @jaeminnana hi vivi i hope u enjoy <3 also @sm bring jaemin back will u

  • na jaemin
  • pls his smile is worth more than all of the gold on this earth ahpzih
  • idek how much gold is worth but
  • listen he’d honestly be such a good bf like ik i say this about everyone in nct but ajekhgjhg
  • tbh he’d make u watch horror w him 
  • nana would use it as an excuse to be able to hold u closer aljrjgh
  • like ur both sitting on the sofa and he made u sit between his legs so he could hug u from behind and he’d cover ur eyes when rlly scary parts came on
  • would also pat ur head and tell u to not be scared
  • if ur not scared of horror tho
  • lbr he’d still scream for the fun like even if he isn’t scared he’d still jump ok and he’d still scream and like u just hav to liv w it it’s jaemin what do u expect pls 
  • ok but like
  • jaemin wants a dog
  • ajhjgh he’d see a dog on the street and he’d be like “i want”
  • pls get this poor boi a dog
  • omg he’d rlly want to go to the dog café for ur date
  • jaemin’s gonna be hugging every dog he sees aeghjehgjhe
  • he’d hold ur hand tho the whole time while u two r there
  • if ur scared of dogs he’s gonna hold ur hand the whole time and be like “its ok they wont hurt u!!!” and he’d hold ur hand while ur slowly petting the dogs
  • the type of bf to always buy u food???
  • like srsly he’d get u from class and he’d have a plastic bag w him again and ur like “??nana??”
  • and he’s like “,,it’s food”
  • would constantly feed u and be like “oooo my cute baby :”)))”
  • and ur like -_-
  • he always pinches ur cheeks whenever u pout or act mad at him 
  • which sometimes makes u a bit more mad but then u see his smile and ur like !!heart attack!!
  • shit man he’d always take ur phone when u go to the toilet and take a lot of selfies 
  • 1032482092048 selfies tbh
  • ur lockscreen and homescreen is never the same agjrhgj it changes like every 3 days
  • jaemin would make u play badminton w him
  • “y/n pls i promise i’ll let u win”
  • ok listen if u rlly can’t play badminton he’d sometimes let u win but most of the time he’d just easily win and be like “UR BF IS GR8 AMIRITE”
  • if ur good at badminton tho he’s gonna be so competitive ajeghjhgjeh
  • when u win, he’d attack u kisses all over ur face and he’d hug u too
  • while he’s sweaty y i k e s
  • jaemin is a dancer
  • hell ye he’s gonna show off those moves to u and he’d probs wink at u when u cheer for him
  • bye he’d turn into a shy bby tho when u start complimenting him and he’s like “stoooop ur too much”
  • but he’ll just end up hugging u and be like “did u kno ily”
  • nana would play piano for u sometimes
  • but like rlly rlly sometimes
  • and when he plays piano for u ur like “oh wow ive been blessed”
  • srsly u got a rlly talented bf rite there
  • dude im writing this and im getting like so emo i miss him sm wtf
  • afhrhgrhr im looking up some facts of jaemin
  • and it says that his fave midnight snack is chicken
  • bye can u imagine tho
  • he’s probably text u at like midnight and be like “hey bb”
  • and ur like “jaemin it’s midnight tf”
  • “wanna get some chicken an ramyun w me”-jaemin
  • and ofc u just say yes bc most of the time he’s pretty busy so now that u have the time to go out w him ofc u go out
  • ajgegjhejgh he’d be wearing his huge ass jacket and his mask 
  • would be holding onto u and probably whine about the weather
  • but he’d end up getting ice cream too tho and ur like “ok then sweetie”
  • aekjhfjeh jaemin is a weird bf
  • but he’s cute so
  • love nana

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"neither of us have kissed anyone before and what the hell may as well just get it out of the way except hahah ha ha h a now i can't stop thinking of your lips why did i think this was a good idea ha ha ahah" and ur soft boy lance pls momma cass!!!

Warnings: Ultimate fluff for my soft bf lance!! 

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if ur still doing prompts, "[slowly raises hand] yeah, so, does making out with the enemy count as 'fraternizing' or" for zutara pls??? love ur writing btw ^.^



The differences between this boy and the last boy she kissed are as vast as the ocean.

For one, his hands have barely moved from her waist. For another, he’s still kissing her like he’s afraid to really touch her. 

Katara pulls back and looks at Zuko, really looks at him. He’s changed so much in such a short amount of time; with a full head of hair and a leaner frame, his face is thinner, his eyes older, as if he’s learned a thing or two about the world between now and the last time they’d met. She can still see the prince in the tick in his jaw, the way his brows furrow and the way his fingers clench in her tunic.

But the way he touches her… The gentle uncertainty has burrowed beneath her skin, much like the warmth of his touch has bled into her veins. He watches her warily, and she realizes he’s waiting for her to push him away. 

Sadness lashes across her heart. Here, in the back room of the tea shop, in the darkness of the storage closet, she can see everything she missed that Zuko hid behind his armor and his fire; a vulnerable young man that’s never been touched like this in his life. A boy experiencing something that isn’t disdain and rejection. 

Katara pushes Zuko back until he sinks onto the crate behind him. She climbs into his lap, smiling when his eyes widen in surprise. Her thighs bracket his hips, hands on his shoulders, and for a moment, she simply watches him, enjoying the look of shaken wonder in his eyes. She could get used to being looked at like that.

“You shouldn’t be here.” It’s the third time he’s said it, but his hands have found her waist again, fingers digging in just a bit. His voice is rough at the edges, an unsteady timbre that wraps around Katara enticingly. 

She slides a hand up the back of his neck, letting her fingers bury themselves in his hair. It’s ridiculously soft, ridiculously thick; she curls her fingers gently. “Do you want me to go?” Katara asks. She leans close, mouth inches from his.

Zuko’s breath hitches. His fingers tighten around her waist, slide a tiny bit closer to her hips. “I-” He turns his head away, nose bumping her cheek. “You’re not supposed to be here, Katara. I’m the enemy, you’re fraternizing with the enemy.” 

“That’s not what I asked, Zuko. Do you want me to go? Tell me what you want.” 

He’s silent, but she swears she can hear the harsh beat of his heart. Katara lays her other hand against his cheek, her thumb resting against the corner of his mouth. His breath trembles in his lungs. 

“I-” Zuko exhales harshly; she can feel his lips curling against her thumb. “No, I don’t,” He finally admits. “I want - I want you here. With me. J-Just like this.”

Her heart tumbles against her ribs. Katara allows herself to smile, pleased with his admission. She already knew; she can feel it in the way he holds her, can see it in the shape of his golden eyes, but to hear it is something else entirely.

Katara leans in close again. She presses a chaste kiss to his lips. “I don’t believe that you are the enemy,” She whispers, “Not anymore.” Her fingers curl in his hair once more and she kisses him again, firm, insistent, seeking more.

Zuko shudders beneath her. He opens his mouth to her, one hand sliding around to her back, pressing her flush against him. His touch sears her down to the bone. Katara allows herself to fall into him, to drown in the surprising sweetness of his kiss, the underlying desperation of his touch. Here, in the darkness of this room, they aren’t enemies, they aren’t pawns in an ancient war; they’re simply two people lost in each other’s touch. 

okay but i bet dan is a really giggly flirty fun drunk to be around like can you imagine him and phil at a party (snorts) and dans a little tipsy and he just comes and practically sits in phils lap and continously whines “phillllllll” until phil just says “oh my god dan whaT” and dan just leans in really close like hes gonna kiss him and phils hearts is just racing bc oh my god dan there are people vlogging here whaT arE YoU doiNG and dan is just right in his face with his messed up hair and flushed cheeks and he whispers “ur a fucking dork” and phil just pushes him off so dan falls on the floor and hes not even mad hes just laughing like a fucking idiot

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I had a dream that Lance and Keith were sitting on the roof and Lance was like "what's ur favorite sunset uve seen" and Keith gave this little smirk and was like "well there was this one where the sky was still blue, and then shades of red overtook it and it turned purple" in the most lOVING VOICE and Lance went all blushy and the kissed, I kinda wish it had more details bc I woke up with a huge smile on my face aaa

Awww, that’s so cute and fluffy!!! My heart,,,,can’t take it!!! My heart is fragile from the new trailer, ahhhhhh rip me I’m dying send help pls my children need me.


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Anonymous said: oh mannn i loved your boyfriend!hyuck, could you please do one with jeno too? or maybe all the dreamies? thank you so much

Anonymous said: do u mind hooking a girl up w some bf!jeno pls👏

A/N: look at his face, look how adorable im cryin

  • jeno is so cute i just ajhfzjhfjzf
  • he’d also be rlly cute as a bf 
  • i feel like he srsly loves hugs like he’d randomly just hug u from behind and ur like “sweetie!!”
  • jeno would just snuggle his face into ur neck and stay there for a while adhjfjhjfhe
  • he’s a bigger fan of hugs than kisses??like he’s okay w kissing u, in fact he loves it but he feels more comfortable?? w hugging u and holding u
  • but ofc that doesn’t mean he doesn’t kiss u that much, he actually kisses you quite often
  • would kiss u more on the cheek than on the lips tho
  • when he does kiss your lips, it would be bc he’s rlly happy on that day and he wants to show it to you
  • those kisses r so sweet and cute and most of the time they last about a minute or more
  • like jaehyun, he likes to just cuddle on the sofa and stay like that together and he’d just ask u about ur day and then tell u about his day and it’s all just so s o f t
  • jeno rlly loves cars
  • oh my gosh you two could just be walking down the street together and he’d see a car and be like “bb look how beautiful that one is!!!”
  • instead of looking at other girls he looks at cars im
  • he also rlly likes photography and social media
  • so i guess he would like have a private account on instagram where he posts a lot of #aesthetic pictures and it’s all rlly pretty
  • like i mentioned in the reaction i think
  • he would drag u w him to pretty looking places like coffee shops, forests, parks,…just anywhere that seems like a great place to take pictures and make u take pics of him lmao
  • but he’d secretly be taking pictures of you too 
  • and those are his favourite pictures :’))
  • goodness tho
  • since he has a rlly terible sense of direction
  • u two would probably end up getting lost in a park one day 
  • it’s okay tho!!!
  • bc u two found a small coffee shop on the outskirts of the park and it was so pretty there
  • jeno would sit down next to u at the table and take a lot of selfies w u and obviously he’d set it as his homescreen
  • ooooooooo jeno’s one of the main dancers too in nct
  • and he’s so good like damn boi!!!
  • jeno wouldn’t rlly mind u coming over to the dance practice room, like he’d be a tad bit shy sometimes but he’d enjoy your company!!!
  • after dancing he’d want to hug u but he’s all sweaty :’((
  • listen, this guy’s so talented tho like he can play a lot of instruments
  • the instrument that he’d mostly play for u tho is the violin
  • and his focused face is just so beautiful bye
  • u kno when jeno’s sad he likes to play rlly loud music
  • and at those times i feel like jeno just rlly needs some time alone??
  • it’s not that he doesn’t want to see u, but it’s just that he’s probably afraid that he might hurt u in some way???
  • like ya jeno is a real sweet boy okay but have u all seen him block donghyuck’s heart what kind of friend im
  • anyways
  • jeno has a lot of drawings of cars
  • and most of the time he doesn’t show them to ppl but he doesn’t mind showing them to u
  • they’re all so nice????
  • srsly he’s so talented it’s unbelievable
  • stan jeno everyone
  • <3
  • also this feels so short ajfhjzhfjzhf im so sorry if it’s too short ;;

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can you write a hc of literally anyone walking in on andriel being intimate I cannot get enough

ok ok ok i dont usually write do excuse me if this is bad 

- andreil are actually kinda pda but no one actually knows??? theyre so subtle like the hand on the back of the neck thing or just arms round shoulders they could pass as bros™

- plus the foxes go off the wall when andreil do pda bc theyve been around andreil to notice when theyre being more intimate

- 2 the actual hc tho

-  ok neil n andrew are in the dorm, aarons out w katelyn, nickys shopping w allison and kevins at the library reading history books probably what a nerd

- andrews sitting on the bottom bunk more propped up on the pillows reading a book w one hand and cusioning neils upper back and neck w his free arm

- hes running his spare hand through neils hair and neils face is buried in andrews neck n hes just pressing lil soft kisses up and down like not enough to get risque™ but gentle n sweet cause hes HAPPY and CONTENT

- they both feel safe and maybe not okay, but they are getting there

- andrew starts peppering kisses into neils hair bc i have a hc that when they r alone andrew is a hopeless romantic pls he hates neil for how much he loves him

- neils rly smiley cause kisSES andrew ur killing him pls

- andrew puts the book down n just

- “yes or no”

- “always yes nerdatron

- “shut up”

- theyre just kissing and lying next to each other legs tangled together and theyre content this is good its okay theres still boundaries for both of them obviously but its late afternoon and its just them and cant these boys have some alone time esp in a dorm w lots of other ppl they barely have time for cute stuff like this

- it gets more heated and sloppy and theyre getting somewhere ;))))))) its going great fingers are edging under tshirt hems sweatpants r getting less comfortable by the second

- until

- Nicholas fucking Hemmick the teENAGE GIRL

- hes so fast like usually ur boys andrew and neil and their Supersenses™ theyve developed over the years (good skill bad reasons to need it kill me) wouldve heard him coming giving them time to BOLT

- but like .4 seconds after hes opened the dorm door hes inTO THE BEDROOM FUCKCIN




- “NO??????? NO NICKY LEAVE”



- nicky leave my boys alone ple a se they’ll kill u


r.i.p I am sorry everybody I haven’t been updating anything of my writings bcs im a big big lazy procrastinator but yeah. I managed to get this done within 20 mins and it’s really not the best that I came up with and it’s already 10 pm in here and I got school tomorrow… /sobs/ but yeah pls enjoy mingyu-chan

ok sleepy!mingyu-chan

♡ aegyo level exceeds limit;; warning warning

♡ literally wouldn’t he be the cute puppy like he always is? but little bit more

♡ would totally be clingy.

♡ will not let u go anywhere. he will be hanging off ur legs ur arms ur shoulders ur neck he is a big koala

♡ “hmnng im hungry…”

♡ “I can make us ramen… If u stop holding on my feet… pls”

♡ “hn… nevermind then… The ramen I mean…”

♡ he totally loves it when you also be extra cuddly when he’s sleepy

♡ bcs sleepy mingyu involves cute lil puppy that constantly wants skinship and lots of lil kisses on his face

♡ i see a scenario where u two would actually just cuddle in the kitchen.

♡ like bro u need to cook dinner and uk mingyu is also hungry bcs all he’s done throughout the day is sleep but he’s hogging u with his super glue hug

♡ and ure trying to move around, getting all the ingredients but mingyu.

♡ “mingyu….”

♡ “let me stay like this for 5 mins..”

♡ “that’s what you told me an hour ago.”

♡ i feel like sleepy mingyu would actually be really charming… i mean. not that he’s not charming usually but

♡ imagine like. not goofy mingyu who wipes his snot all around

♡ it’s just mingyu… There… looking at you with his half lidded eyes and a small smirk on his face

♡ and his long fingers are brushing against the strands of hair near your ears and it’s tickling you

♡ and he totally knows it’s ur weak spot

♡ but he totally doesn’t stop bcs he likes seeing you squirm under his touch and sleepy mingyu is sneaky mingyu so he’d decide it’d be a good idea to suddenly snuggle into u and put his chin on ur cheeks with his lips near ur ear

♡ and ure there engulfed in his embrace and ur heart is beating like crazy bcs he smells strangely so… good like… like … mingyu…

♡ and his smell lulls u to sleep but u can’t concentrate on sleeping when he’s literally breathing down ur ear

♡ u were going to ask him what he’s doing bcs he’s been just there for 5 mins now doing nothing

♡ when suddenly this sneaky brat blows his breath on ur ear and u screamed

♡ “mingyu what are you do- HOLYCRAP KIM MINGYU”

♡ he wouldn’t say anything he’s just gonna keep blowing on ur ear until you’re crouching in his embrace like lil cocoon



♡ he doesn’t admit it but ur reaction to his teasings make the butterflies in his stomach flutters bcs he knows ure not actually like this around other people AND YOURE SHOWING ALL THESE CUTE REACTIONS JUST FOR HIM

♡ i think he’d pretty much fall asleep quickly right after tht

♡ play time over kids

♡ u’d hit him several time bcs he’s such a big jerk for playing with ur weakness and he’d laugh so much even with u hitting him all over and then before u realise it he’s already snoring

♡ ure left alone with a half dead mingyu sprawled over the bed. taking more than half of his share

♡ u sort of consider whether to actually make food for ur grumbling stomach while u have the chance or snuggle in along that long arm that looks warm… and it’s cold outside… and well… ur hands are getting lil bit freezing… and ur feet also…. but stomach….

♡ hell screw it u just gonna fall next to mingyu and wrap ur arms around him and fall asleep few mins later bcs mingyu’s snore is probably obnoxious but it’s… contagious…. weird…

♡ and tbh a day with sleepy mingyu is a pretty tiring day bcs mingyu gets a lil bit more playful bcs he’s a little bit more loose than usual but you don’t mind esp at the fact that mingyu is usually more honest than usual and he also loves to say “I love u a lot” during these days… and even tho he does tease u more than usual (till the point u can get annoyed) but it’s worth it when u get to see him immediately fall asleep right after bcs he doesn’t get to sleep that much… and u get to hear him mumble ur name often 😉


#1: I walked around the corner, accidentally tripped, fell onto you and our lips brushed and now you’re laughing at me because I am trying to apologize to you but you can’t understand a thing I’m saying because I keep stuttering.
#3: Wait, WHAT? That’s the dumbest dare I’ve ever heard. I’m not going to kiss you! (Truth or Dare)
#4: I’m kissing your face while you’re sleeping and omg your face is full of lipstick LMAO this picture I just took of you is so going on Instagram.
#5 Wow you’re the worst kisser ever.
#6 You taste like caramel. Can I keep kissing you pls?
#7 You’ve never kissed? Well how about we practice on that, huh?
#8 We are arguing over something stupid and oh god we’re only 3 inches away from each other’s faces and did you just kiss my nose? omg ur so cute i love you
#9 You kissed *insert character’s name*? Sinner. ;)

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do you have any good kissing tips?

okay i would usually joke about this and be like “TONGUE TORNADO DEEP DOWN THE THROAT” but kissing is important and good kissing is even more important because i’ve experienced many disasters in my life so i’m gonna be serious. this is all based on my own personal preference when it comes to kissing.

- start small, building up intensity. don’t go all out as soon as your lips meet.

- WATCH THE TONGUE. some tongue play here and there is fine and hot, but don’t shove it down the other person’s throat all desperately like you’re trying to reach the person’s stomach with it.

- be careful with how much you open your mouth. if your mouth or the other person’s is completely covering your own and engulfing it and you find them slobbering and consuming you there’s something wrong. your entire mouth should not be inside the other person’s and vice versa.

- slow kissing is hot and imo way nicer than all fast and sloppy, but depending on the situation, “hungry” kissing works just as well. that’s a preference tho. fast and passionate doesn’t mean it has to be a sloppy slobberfest.

- lip biting here and there is Nice and Good

- but don’t overdo it bc if you’re not careful you can actually rip the skin

- if you’re slow kissing and you pull out for a second to give one lick to the other person’s lips from bottom to top before continuing the make out session that is Very Good

- for goodness sake pls… turn ur heads while kissing and find a comfortable position

- if ur cuddling and shit while kissing do the whole “kiss on the nose” thing too and quick kissing all over the face/neck bc it’s magical honestly A+

- u can slightly suck on the person’s lips but don’t vacuum clean that shit and suction them bc ur mouth will literally make fart noises when u do

- kissing is great so make sure when ur kissing someone ur head is in the monent and enjoy it. when i was younger i’d think about if i had left the faucet on while making out. but that depends on who ur making out with tbh

- you get better with time and experience, trust me on this! don’t be discouraged

that’s it amigo happy kissing

im offering soriel commissions
$5 for every bead of sweat drawn on sans’ head
if u want him blushing im sorry but thats an extra $10 - $50 depending on the intensity of the blush. pls check the fluster chart for details.

0/10 - sans watching shrek
1/10 - sans thinking about tori’s smile
5/10 - tori whispering a real shitty joke 2 inches from sans’s face
10/10 - tori using both her hands to [manuscript missing]
1000/10 - sans….. goes to…. kiss tori…. but misses…. and …. kisses papyrus instead. this will literally cost you $20,000, 40 kitkats and your bus pass because thanks i need a new one

Date! Jaemin

@jaeminiast I’m no writer so rip

-ok so it’s the last day of school before a holiday so you decide to spend it with Jae! Bc hes so busy with maybe debuting and stuff and he recently texted you that he was coming home!!
-so you go to his house first thing the next day bc holt shit he’s back!!!
-you guys go to his room and this kid has soooo much planned
-video games, snacks, movies, board games, drinks (soda wtf not alcohol he’s a minor) and blankets!!!
-you also see a lot of pillows so uk the only logical explanation is PILLOW FORTS
-“jaemin jaemin can we like make a pillow fort it’d be fun come on dude”
-“sure!” He laughs so u do and ngl u guys had a mini pillow fight in the process
-so it’s all done and now u guys are inside w the laptop and ready to play the movie with snacks and stuff
-and bc the fort is big u guys have enough space to lay down right
-so both of u are on ur stomach laying VERY close to each other non of u mind tho UT like ur blushing REAL HARD
-you guys decided to play mulan (I luv her 2 death)
-when it gets to the part where they sing I’ll make a man out of u you guys staRT TO YELL IT SO LOUD HIs mom comes in to scold you two but then see how cute u are so she’s like
-“;) aight u do u kids just don’t scream” and occasionally asks if u guys need a refill of snacks or drinks
-she thinks u guys are the cutest ahhhhhh
-anyway halfway thru the movie he puTS HIS ARM AROUND UR LOWER BACK AND U DO THIS GASP LIKE AHHHH YES!!!! but he thinks it’s bc u don’t like it
-so he’s like “ahhh I’m sorry I won’t do it again I promise” he’s so cute
-“nonono it’s ok I was just..,.,, um gaSPING AT MULAN!! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!!! she’s so cool!!!!!!!1111!!!” And u kinda mumble “pls put ur arm back on my back I like it”
-he almost died man it was adorable so he’s like !!!!!!!cutie!!!!!!!! And like without thinking he goes to kiss ur cheek
-but then u see him getting close so you turn ur head anD IT’S A KISS ON THE LIPS AND BOTH OF YOU SQUEAL SO LOUD AND LIKE DIE ON THE INSIDE WITH A RED ASS FACE
-it gets kinda awkward but like a cute awkward and both of u are stealing glances and each other and giggling
-“ngl I liked it” u mumble
-“wbat?? Omg really?” hE HEARD U
-“um glad bc me too” BOIIIIIIII HE DID IT U GOT SO READ SO U HIDE UR CHEEKS W UR HANDS TO HIDE HOW RED THEY ARE “can we… uk..,,.,, kiss.,….. intentionally next time” HE WINKED @ U


나를 경 배 ƪ(˘▽˘ƪ)