pls i want to know this is important

hey so it’s pride month and i’m starting to see a lot of cute graphics and posts about it – and they’re wonderful, don’t get me wrong – but i just want to remind everyone:

wlw and lesbian are not exchangeable terms. lesbians are wlw, of course (although not all lesbians really identify w the term), but if you make a post saying “support bisexuals, pansexuals, and wlw!” it…. doesnt make sense, by definition, and it also makes it seem like you’re avoiding the word “lesbian”.

the lesbian label is incredibly significant to many of us, and has historically represented many women in our community. i want people to say the word “lesbian”. i want them to acknowledge me and women like me with the term we have used for decades. it’s very important to me.

support lesbians. support our terminology and our history. support the label we have chosen to identify with. we’re the L in the LGBT – lesbian is not a bad word, it is not inherently not radical or not queer or not inclusive.

i don’t just want to let non-lesbians know that it’s okay to include lesbians specifically in their positivity posts & graphics – i want them to know that many of us prefer it that way.

man if dreamworks really fucks up Lance’s story arc im gonna be so pissed i swear im going to write myself a story all about Lance and his development.

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Unpopular opinion but I don't think GoGo is as stoic as she's made out to be. Obviously she's not as perky as Honey Lemon but she's no emotionless ice queen like how some fans interpret her. She actually displays a wide range of feelings like happiness, sadness, and anger. She just knows how to repress her emotions to remain level-headed.

I completely agree with this unpopular opinion! I think it’s good that she’s able to be level-headed in some situations, but she definitely shows emotion.


  • seemed happy at the showcase to be supporting Hiro
    • in addition to this, she glared at someone who walked off when they were unimpressed with Hiro’s microbots
    • looked very pleased with how Hiro presented his invention and (like the others) applauded him at the end
    • smiled at Hiro when they walked out of the expo hall
  • while we didn’t see just how affected the nerd gang was by Tadashi’s death, it’s obvious that they were all upset. We don’t see Gogo’s face during the funeral scene, but we all know she cared for Tadashi as much as the others did. I mean, when they were at Fred’s mansion later on, she said “Tadashi Hamada was our best friend.” So she (as well as the others) cared deeply for him. 
  • said hi to Hiro during the video message. And when she wasn’t speaking, she was smiling
    • right before the video cuts off, Gogo opens her mouth as if she was about to say something, but I’m not sure
  • was just as concerned with why Hiro was out at night as the others
  • was the one who grabbed Hiro’s arm and got him in Wasabi’s car. This shows that she’s protective of him
  • wanted an explanation as to why Hiro was following a guy in a mask
    • it’s not that she was angry here, but you can tell in her voice when she said “explanation now” that she does not want anything more then the truth
  • “There are no red lights in a car chase!” is obviously her yelling in anger, but with good intentions. Wasabi stopped the car in the middle of them being chased by Yokai. Naturally, this irritated Gogo, but only because she didn’t want her and her friends to be captured (or killed) but the man in the mask. 
    • took the wheel of Wasabi’s car and drove faster to distance everyone from the masked man. 
  • looked visibly worried when Hiro fell out of the car 

  • was just as shocked as everyone else when they found out about Fred’s wealth
  • smiled as she rested against Baymax when he had his heater on 
  • is the one who decided that they were all in to catch the guy in the mask. She didn’t turn down Hiro’s idea of upgrading all of them and wanted to help/go along with any idea Hiro had
  • smiled bringing back the decoy mask Heathcliff was wearing
  • smiled as she admired her super suit 
  • seemed to be impressed with Baymax’s supersuit
    • also nodded when Baymax launched his rocket fist
  • enjoyed the view flying on top of Baymax
  • got startled and starting attacking with the others when they heard a noise on the island
  • shared a confused look with Honey Lemon while watching the Project Silent Sparrow video 
  • VERY visibly shocked to see that the man behind the mask was really Professor Callaghan the whole time
  • was the first one to try to stop Baymax when he started attacking Callaghan
    • as determined as she was to stop him, there was no doubt she was scared as she attempted to do so 

she looks terrified here tbh

  • got understandably upset with Hiro after they got the healthcare chip back into Baymax. Seemed to be more disappointed with him then angry
  • looked sad for Hiro when the gang reunited with him. This is a big one to me because she (as well as the others) could have been furious with Hiro. They could have yelled at him some more and lectured him about how wrong it was for him to have done what he tried to do. But none of them did. But by the time they got to the garage, they had at least overheard Hiro apologize to Baymax and say “I guess I’m not like my brother”. So, they all knew that Hiro had realized his mistake. Not only that, but they all understood that Hiro was going through a hard time

  • IS THE ONE TO HUG HIRO. This is so important. Any of them could have given Hiro a hug. In fact, all of them could have had a group hug. But it’s Gogo who’s giving Hiro this hug. She may not seem like the type of person to give hugs, but she did. She knew Hiro needed it which shows that she is caring and she can be compassionate. 
    • And then after, she reassures him that they will help him catch Callaghan. And what I love about the line is how gentle her voice sounds. She’s genuinely really good at making Hiro feel better 
  • was DEFINITELY worried about Hiro and Baymax while they were in the portal
  • was visibly upset to see that Baymax didn’t come back with Hiro and Abigail 

ARMY, please be supportive of each other, each other’s opinions and work. Please, be respectful towards one another and each other’s personal choices. Please, don’t call another ARMY ‘fake’ if their opinions are different than yours. Please, don’t make other fans regret joining the fandom. Please, don’t make ARMY ashamed of being an ARMY. Please, don’t try to divide the fandom to ‘true’ and ‘fake’ stans. Please, remember that everyone is different and people’s decisions and choices are made only by themselves and often can’t be changed, because they made it themselves basing on what makes them happy. Remember, that no one is obligated to please anyone, but themselves if it comes to something as simple and pure as being a fan. Please, let’s support each other and respect each other the same way we support and respect BTS. No matter how much our opinions and choices may differ, we are all one Family. Please, don’t forget that. 

What I want from QOAAD
• resilient Ty/Kit who are ready to make their fallen third musketeer proud while simultaneously realizing their feelings for each other
• more Watson/Holmes references bc they are pure gold
• more cute scenes with Tavvy/Max/Rafael (hello parabatri!)
• Jace/Emma training together/Jace realizing Emma is right on his heels for the title of “best Shadowhunter of all time”
• Jem and Tessa realizing they should have been more present in the lives of Emma and the Blackthorns.
• Julian and Mark plotting against Jaime Rosales for his secret friendship with Dru.
• an official “I love you” to Julian from Emma (& CANON JEMMA, obviously)
• also I’m not saying Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy BUT Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy. (Preferably shower sex to keep up with the wet theme but I’m not picky)
• justice for Helen and Aline who have been screwed over and deserve better
• Aline, Cristina or Diego as head of the Los Angeles Institute (I only say Diego because it would be perfect for Zara to think she has power when we all know the Rosales brothers are planning to overthrow her)
• the quote “there is nothing more important than love, and no law higher” proving itself to be true
• Zara Dearborn’s head on a gold platter, (and by gold platter I mean Cortana)
• no more major *permanent* deaths pls
• hero Dru proving that she deserves to be taken seriously as a Shadowhunter.

What I don’t want from QOAAD
• anything major to happen to TMI/TID characters that overshadows the plot (aka wedding, death, pregnancy, etc. This story is not about them).
• irredeemable anti-hero Julian: the young Blackthorn’s have no one and need him.
• any disrespect to Livia Blackthorn’s memory
• more Julian/Emma angst…(we got two whole books of it already, not including CoHF and TFTSA I mean c'mon)
• canon kitty relationship (don’t fight me they’re getting their own series & we have so much time)
• powerful cohort (it reflects American politics/conservatism so much and I just want to believe that life in books is better)
• Emma and Jules being forced to choose between their parabatai bond and being in love

Chain of Command: Part 6

Anonymous said: More chain of command pls? You are a 🦄 and 🍭😍

Anonymous said: I don’t want to be greedy but would love another chapter of Chain of Command or The Getaway! You rock!!

Snuggling under the homemade quilt Ellen had gifted to her on her eighteenth birthday, Claire twitched her toes nervously. She’d been allowed temporary rooms upstairs with the Fraser’s whilst they decided what their next course of action should be.

Claire, of course, was mortified at the precession. She’d been relieved to have all of them know, especially Jamie, but now came the important part. What were they to tell everyone?

‘We could marry?’ Jamie had suggested, a glint of hope in his bright blue eyes. But Claire was still reeling from having Brian, Ellen and Mama Crook discovering her secret in mere hours and it’d all been too much for her to take in.

Now, cosy and alone, Claire had begun to process the offer.

Of course it was the done thing. She was to have his child, why wouldn’t he want to propose marriage and ensure their union was ordained by God and the eyes of the law?

‘You’re overthinking it, Claire,’ she castigated, rubbing her tummy as the bairn twirled beneath her skin. Jamie wasn’t the sort to make empty promises. If he’d suggested it, even just in passing, he meant it.

He was still treating her with caution, that she could tell. However, recalling the moment he’d proposed she’d seen the want in his eyes. It was slight and very well contained, but it was there - nonetheless. How she’d gone all this time without truly understanding the love he felt for her, the love he had never once held back from her, she would never know. Claire did know, though, that fear had held her hostage and had caused her to selfishly protect herself from accepting his affections as fully as she would have liked. Now, with the unveiling of her pregnancy and the subsequent approval from Ellen and Brian, Claire could finally break down the walls she’d built around her heart.

The whole house remained silent as Claire drifted in and out of sleep. Part of her wanted to crawl out from beneath the wee fort she’d created for herself and continue as normal but she knew that the news would spread through the big house quickly and until she’d further consulted with Jamie, she didn’t want to be the centre of attention.

Instead she elected to conceal herself upstairs. Some of the other maids that Mrs Crook employed below were terrible gossips and Claire was worried about the backlash she might face from them now.

The fire burned onwards, its large flames flickering in the fireplace. Claire was entranced. Between the dancing sparks and the baby moving within her she was captivated. The peace was just what she needed after a stressful few months.

Below, Jamie and Brian sat in the parlour, an intense silence surrounding them.

“I ken ye love the lassie, Jamie,” Brian began, breaking the tense atmosphere with his words. He wanted to make sure Jamie knew what he was doing without being disapproving on the situation. Jamie knew the story of him and Ellen and castigating his son would only make him feel ashamed of his actions. “But why did ye no’ make a decent woman of her first?”

Jamie paled at his father’s assessment of the situation. “I really want to, Da. I promise ye…”

“Jamie lad,” Brian interjected, placing his hand over Jamie’s as he drummed his nervous fingers against the smooth tabletop, “if there is one thing of which I’m certain, it’s that ye did everything in your power to care for Claire. Now, the truly important question is; what do ye both plan to do next?”

“I’m going to marry her, as soon as possible.” Jamie said, his voice clear as he nodded and swallowed. His eyes were wide and bright, alight with calm certainty as Brian reached into the top drawer of the desk.

“Then ye need a ring. I think I have the perfect thing for ye to offer her.”

Placing her hands on her back, Claire thrust her shoulders out and cracked her spine. She ached from spending too much time in bed, and the throb in her muscles had forced her up. Pacing the length of the floor, she walked up and down in front of the fire, keeping herself warm as she hummed to the babe. Her ribs were still a little sore from the bandaging but it felt good to know that she didn’t have hide anymore.

“You would have been too big soon,” she cooed to her belly as she flopped into the rocking chair that lay near to the window.

It was dark now. The stars brightly shone in the night sky, the last vestige of light outside. Tucking her feet under her bottom, Claire stared out of the window into the speckled grey night. She could see the trees swaying in the breeze, their steely coloured leaves rustling with each gust.

She was so relaxed that she failed to notice the door as it slowly opened. Jamie smiled widely as he watched her rocking, her eyes half closed as she ran both of her hands over her abdomen. She looked so beautiful in that moment that he wished there were a way for him to capture the moment forever.

“You can come in you know,” she whispered when she noticed him hovering in the doorway, “you don’t have to hide, I promise.”

Jamie could hear the apology in her tone, and although she didn’t actually say ‘I’m sorry’, he could tell that’s what she meant. She’d been hiding herself for so long, but Ellen and Brian had gone to such lengths to ensure that she felt accepted and protected that she’d finally allowed herself to feel positive about the future. A future that would contain Jamie *and* her-their- baby.

“I meant it, ye know,” Jamie said, entering and closing the door behind him to give them some privacy, “what I proposed earlier.”

“I know,” Claire replied, her heart beating double time at the memory. “But how…when?”

“Soon, tomorrow…now, if ye wished.”


“Aye, Claire, before.”

“But everyone would already know that I’m-”

“I ken that well, Claire,” Jamie said, breaking their constant stream of conversation with a knowing look, “but it would mean that the bairn would be legitimate. He -or she- would bear my name. Our name. Aside from that, I dinna care what anyone else has to say on the matter. I love you, Claire. That’s all that matters, that and the safety of the child.”

Claire nodded, tears flooding her eyes as she made to stand. Jamie, sensing her need for comfort, rushed to her side and knelt at her feet, stopping her from moving too far as he laid his head in her lap and sighed.

“Ask me then, Jamie. Ask me properly…” Claire whispered, her fingers running through Jamie’s hair even as he raised his head to look up at her.

Fumbling in his pockets he searched for the box his father had presented to him. Pulling out the velvet casing, he pried open the lid and held up the silver-laced ring as he shifted onto one knee.

“Will ye,” he began, his chest vibrating with nerves as he breathed in deeply through his nose. “Claire, marry me?”

Bending forward as far as she could, Claire balanced herself so that she could just about place her forehead against Jamie’s, her hands wrapping around his as he held the precious ring box tightly.

“Yes, Jamie. Yes I will.”

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Vader: [text] luke?? luke pls respond pls
Luke: i dont know what u want me to say
Vader: come back here and we can talk about it ill tell u everything
Luke: absolutelynot
Vader: im not the one who lied to u!!! that was obiwan!!! be mad at him i know i totally am!!!!!!
Luke: um u cut off my hand
Vader: ok so mistakes were made but also im ur dad and u were yelling at me 
Luke: 🙄
Vader: look just come here. the important thing is that obiwans dead and now that we both know the truth you and i can bond and i can explain all of it  
Luke: bens not dead u know
Vader: what
Luke: hes notdead. ive spoken to him. i mean hes not alive either though i think it’s sort of a greyarea
Vader: what the fuck are u talking about son did they give u a lot of pain pills 
Luke: i dont know what he did? but he’s like a ghost that can talk to me sometimes. with the force
Vader: he came back from the dead and he can talk to force users???
Luke: …apparently? anyways the next time i seethat guy hes getting an earful 
Vader: what ur suggesting isnt possible son. u cant cheat death. trust me.
Vader: also if obiwan was a ghost he’d come visit me first
Luke: look i dont knw what to tell u but ive heard and seen him. 
Vader: seriously? like it was really him?
Luke: omg why am i eventalking to u 
Vader: what did he say?
Luke: idk stuff about the force 
Vader: what else? did he mention me at all??
Luke: what is WRONG WITH YOU. youre trying to get me to join u and all u want to know is what ben’s ghost said about u???
Vader: im just curious!!!!!! im sorry but it literally makes no sense that hed talk to u first 
Luke: omfg
Luke: r u jealous??? 
Vader: no
Luke: right

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yo pls share ur journey au ideas! i always wanted to get into the lore of that game and just... Never Did??? which sucks b/c it looked so cool.

*breathe in* boi

I hope you’re ready for the feels, buckle up cuz this is gonna be intense

  • The paladins are red cloaked travelers, except for Shiro, who is a white cloaked traveler (more on that later).
  • Keith is the main character
  • He meets Hunk in the Bridge
  • Keith pretty much has a solid goal that is to reach the Mountain, though he doesn’t know why. He just feels like going there, like he’ll learn (or remember) something important if he does.
  • Hunk doesn’t have a clear goal like he does. Instead, Hunk spends most of his time in the Bridge. He is fascinated by the murals and the story of those who came before. He spends most of his time trying to decipher it and helping other travelers through the Bridge. He rarely crosses it himself though.
  • Keith meets Lance in the Descent.
  • Lance is very unique in that he manages to goad Keith into competing with him. Lance is the only one out of all of them who can manage to make Keith forget about the mountain, even if momentarily.
  • For most of the Descent, Keith and Lance have an amicable race to the bottom (the Tunnels).
  • It’s one of the few moments throughout the journey where Keith genuinely has fun.
  • Lance… never follows Keith after they reach the door to the Tunnels. He also never watches the memories of the those who came before. Keith never asks him why and Lance is glad that he doesn’t.
  • Lance is really scared of the those who came before, though he’ll never say it. He is also really scared of the Guardians roaming the Tunnels (he’s pretty much a case of “BEEN THERE DONE THAT”, LANCE WILL NOT RETURN THERE EVER. Scared is putting it mildly, Lance is heavily traumatized by them).
  • Much like Hunk, Lance is (seemingly) without a goal. There is more to it than that though (more on that later).
  • Keith meets Pidge at the Temple.
  • Pidge is… not okay. Pidge is visibly fidgety. Keith is concerned.
  • She carries a lantern with her and she’s very interested in the murals but Keith can notice right away the differences between her and Hunk.
  • Hunk was more into it casually. He loves studying the ruins. Pidge? It’s like she’s in the brink of finding out the whole truth to the universe and she’s so stressed out she’s like a college student during the last month of their last semester. Keith’s pretty sure he saw her running ahead at some point to puke.
  • Unlike Hunk, Lance and Keith, Pidge already knows the history of the civilization that came before them, though not much. She simply knows of their existence and she knows that shit happened. She’s desperately trying to find out what it was. You could say that is her goal.
  • Finally, the Mountain. Guess who’s there. Take a wild fucking guess who the final person Keith meets is.
  • Shiro is… tired.
  • You do not fuck around with him and you do not fuck around with the Guardians in this area.
  • But if a Guardian finds someone, Shiro will literally do anything in his power to protect himself and his companion. He willl damn well fight the damn Guardian if he has to.
  • Shiro doesn’t talk. At all. He doesn’t have any passions like Hunk, he doesn’t have fun like Lance and he does not care for the history of the ancient civilization like Pidge. He doesn’t have a goal like Keith. Shiro is just there and he will sit down and wait for his companion at the base of the mountain then guide them to the summit. That’s his whole purpose.

Bonus: Allura and Coran as the ancestors

Everything else is under a read more because spoilers and also feels

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The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U



what i want for the raven boys tv series:

1. A. DIVERSE. CAST. like give me some reece king and amandla stenberg thank you (also no lucky blue smith bullshit)

2. obvious but a good storyline!!!! holy shit this is important like look at all the book to movie/tv show adaptations and TELL ME how many of them follow the book. like, none. the books are there and i don’t see why you need to change everything.

3. GOOD!!! SETS!!!! sorry but the settings make up for lots of bad tv shows like… not only how pretty/aesthetic it is but like you know how cabeswater/monmouth/etc etc all have a certain mood yeah

4. i want the relationships (and friendships) to be super realistic like !!! dont rush into it and please make it soft and also BISEXUALITY EXISTS BUT DONT MAKE IT DEFINE THEM YKNOW THANKS


6. small details make everything more enjoyable for me. the coke shirt? the wireframe glasses? ronan’s tattoos? YES PLS

7. NO ERASURE OF CHARACTERS like please you dont see henry in all the chapters but everyone loves him so YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT THESE SMALL THINGS ARE

8. a good soundtrack im BEGGING

9. bluesey blUESEY BLUESEY


yes so obviously i want this as close to the book as possible because well… the books are already THERE

tbh i wasnt thrilled to hear that this was being turned into a show but i am really giving it a chance now i just want it to be a good show that isnt THAT popular and mainstream but still gets recognition for what it is without it not being meaningful and soft and just an overall good show please !!!!! this series means so god damn much to me !!!!

Things I need from season 3

•Black Paladin Allura

•or Black Paladin Lance

•Hunk to be fully appreciated for the wonderful, caring character he is

•More friendly banter between Keith and Lance

•Pidge to actually find their family??

•The team to acknowledge Lance’s leadership and skills!!

•Keith and Lance to have a deep talk about their insecurities and help each other out

•and then Klance becomes canon  

•For Shiro not to be dead?!


•Who was the galra from the Belly of the Weblum? Was it his mom?? Was it Prince Lotor for some reason?? What was the importance of that character???

•more about Keith’s past pls

•Flashbacks to the Garrison

•Keith and Lance to get jealous of the other when an alien flirts with them

•Some back story for my boys Lance and Hunk

•and lets not forget my man Coran (I didnt realize that rhymed until I reread it)

• bonding moments

•Klance and Shallura 

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Domestic headcanons for Todoroki pls!! I would love to know how its like living with him eheheheheh ♥♥♥ Things like, would he have trouble waking up, would he cook breakfast for you etc


  • He absolutely loves living with his partner. It makes him so happy to be able to be with someone who makes him feel safe and loved so he makes sure they’re as happy as he is. 
  • He makes sure that he learns how to cook, even if its simple foods he doesn’t want to be that guy who can’t fry an egg and has to live on takeaway whenever his partner leaves. He thinks it’s very important to cook for each other and tries to make you a meal once every week. 
  • You both have trouble waking up, he’d lie in all day if he could and he hates waking other people up, especially his boo. 
  • Probably hires a cleaner so that you both get a little more time together. 
  • Puts a schedule of your lives up on the fridge.
  • You guys have one of those mini wipe boards in the kitchen and it’s pretty common for him to leave sweet messages on it about wanting to watch something with you later or when he’s put leftovers in a tub for you. 
  • Every night before bed he puts the radio on for an hour and you both just unwind together. 
  • He got a huge af bath/shower so you two can sometimes wash together. 
  • You also have a lot of cats. At least 5.
  • It’s a neat and tidy place but nothing like his old home was like. It makes him smile to look around and see a lived in area. To see you just chilling on the sofa, watching one of his animal documentaries while you cuddle the newest kitty, he’s happy that there’s the mess your friends left there from coming over the night before. This is the kind of life he always wanted for himself.
  • There’s a whole wall that he’s slowly filling up with photos. Nothing else on the wall put the pictures he pins up.

Happy birthday to @danisnotonfire and @cryaotic! have some delicious meme breads/pastries of all sorts. hope your birthdays are filled with joy and good food. you guys mean a lot to me, and i hope ya’ll know that! Cheers to another year on planet earth!!

again, happy bday! *hugs you guys*

Back from my trip/ Devuelta de mi viaje

I just came back from my 9 hour trip in the car and rested, really loved many things for example this flower I found :)

Sad thing that my phone fell and it’s screen broke hahahahaha, but what I wanted to explain now, and this is important so pls read, Im making a few changes for the character Scary, these are the first things:

1. He is no longer in love with Goth. That changes a few things then, Scary takes his life the most important thing and wants to keep it at all cost, wont desobey Nightmare ever that still stays, also the story well his story will change, the ending differente, he could die or maybe not now, who knows

2. Personality, this is just for the few changes and also for @pepper-mint who asked me for his description. He is a crazy, obedient little (tiny xD) guy, he is sadic but few times he has compasion on his preys do to his sickness, Scary has an amazing strength but cant use it that much, thats why he carrys a huge hammer, wants to seem big and powerful. He can get corrupted when he is VERY pissed and attack anything in his way. (For his full body description it will come later on, I want to redo it)

But dont worry that’s all he is still like that stuff bear plush xD then I drew it when I got bored

One can notice when I want to draw and when not pfff (Using camscanner so when it zooms it doesnt look that good :( I dont know why)

That’s all, later today I’ll publish some paintings, c yah guys <3 “Also I would translate it to spanish but im lazy)

Dating Namjoon

ksj | myg | jhs | knj | pjm | kth | jjk

A/N: I actually love the concept of dating Namjoon, he’d be such a good boyfriend, really cool, sweet, kinky… like damn bias wrecker, come at me joonie. Ps. Happy Easter! For those who celebrate.


  • Spontaneous dates
  • Spontaneous sex
  • Let’s just jump right into it shall we? We all know Namjoon is one horny mofo
  • He likes it when you call him daddy
  • You’re not ecstatic but you’ll do it for him, originally it’s for the irony but eventually after sex you’re lying there like “what have I become?!?!?”
  • Sometimes he’s a little much so you’re kind of sitting there like ‘pls sir calm down’ but it’s hot that he’s into anything and will do anything for you so you can’t really complain can you?
  • Namjoon’s really curious about your hobbies but you don’t want him to touch your important stuff in case he goes into destruction mode
  • But sometimes you give in bc he’s so cute with his dimple smile and being genuinely interested in your hobbies helps too
  • So you guys have days where you get nostalgic and go through your important belongings and show him how you go through your own creative process and what tools you use (that he doesn’t touch even when you let him bc those are important to you)
  • He’s the kind of guy to do random romantic things
  • Out of the blue he lights some candles, talks about philosophy and life with you until the wee hours of the morning with lots of cuddles and kisses
  • He’s so into you, really committed. Namjoon doesn’t think about an end to your relationship so
  • he shows you the things most important to him, takes you to the studio sometimes
  • you can see how passionate he is at work
  • you love it
  • He writes raps about you
  • He doesn’t want you to even know they exist until they’re in a song, recorded and released
  • He wants to surprise you with them play it cool like ‘i just casually confess my feelings in songs all the time, this is normal but a huge act of love, wow, I love you’ 
  • He’d be really good at giving you massages with his hands of destruction
  • He’d help you unwind and then… SEX
  • If he’s away promoting and he gets to see you, you know sex is involved in your reunion bc he has not seen you in ages and he just really wants to hold you for an extended period of time #lethimlive
  • He buys you clothes all the time even though you have a good sense of fashion
  • He’ll see something and be like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS FOR MY BABE’ and so he does
  • He asks you to go out with him and take aesthetic photos for twitter, and you take couple shots too
  • When you accidentally call namjoon daddy in public and he’s like it’s ight but he’s really turned on and it’s not ight
  • And hes lowkey looking for a place to have a quick fuck. But gives up and goes home for a long fuck
  • When you’re almost asleep he realizes that he left the stove on
  • Walks in the park, learning new things, staying up late when you should be asleep but you’re so high off of each other 
  • becoming absorbed in each other - that’s your relationship

hey hey !! there’s an IMPORTANT update under the cut !! PLS READ !! It’s regarding something v important to the mun and something I feel I can finally address and share !!

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anonymous asked:

ok big thing here: if lars' schtick was foreshadowed from s1e1, in his character design etc. .... what about sadie? because she's a character that was introduced just as early so like???????? does she have a huge role like lars too??????????? @crewniverse pls answer i need 2 kno

I want Sadie to be super important and hope a character arc for her comes up soon! She already knows how to fight like a champ and she’s just your average human!

I want her and Lars to be a battle couple. I want her to practically hold Steven at gunpoint (not literally lol) to open Lion’s portal to get to Lars. I want her to have a huge part in getting him back to Earth. I want Sadie, who has been built up to already be strong and badass, to really show off that skill set this season.

I hope and pray.