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i really don’t want to do that again 

John and Sherlock are sitting on the couch, the glow from the telly softly illuminating their faces in the fading light. John sits with his legs crossed, his sock-clad feet propped on the coffee table, and Sherlock sits curled in a ball, his cheek resting on John’s shoulder. Neither are really paying attention to the movie; both are lost in their own thoughts, processing the events for the day, spent on a case that had them running all over London, as usual. Another case successfully solved.

Sometimes, when a case is done, they return to Baker Street with haste, still filled with adrenaline, and they oftentimes don’t make it to the bed (occasionally they don’t even make it up to 221b, which has given Mrs Hudson quite a shock once or twice). Sometimes, they’re in no hurry to get home, and are content to stroll about, hand in hand, maybe get some food, do a little shopping. And other times, they welcome the quiet, the stillness, content to simply share each others’ company, to be close and calm and peaceful.

Tonight is one of those nights. Sherlock fondly watches John wiggle his toes through his socks, and he absentmindedly brings his hand to John’s chest, which is clothed in Sherlock’s favorite jumper, the one John was wearing during their first case together. He slowly runs his fingers down John’s chest, treasuring the feeling of each stitch, every cable, every inch of soft merino wool, silently thanking whoever designed this jumper, the sheep the wool was shorn and spun from, the machine it was knitted on, the shop selling it, the employee who placed it in the exact spot for it to catch John’s eye. Though he is sure he would feel the same way about any other jumper John might have chosen to wear that day – and he loves all of John’s jumpers – John does look particularly handsome in this one. He’s said as much to John, and so John has made it a point to wear this jumper more frequently.

Thinking of this, Sherlock is unable to fight the smile that lifts the corners of his lips as he lets out a happy little sigh, his fingers curling around a handful of sweater. John gives a hum of contentment and turns his face towards Sherlock, his face becoming buried in curls as he gently presses a kiss to Sherlock’s head.

Warmth radiates from John, his touch, his kiss, and wraps itself around Sherlock’s insides like a cozy blanket. He loves John so much that it’s difficult to breathe. He rubs his thumb over the bit of jumper he still has in his hand, and it’s suddenly not enough for him. He needs more.

He leans forward, letting his cheek run along John’s soft, soft shoulder as he does so, before his head drops to John’s lap. He stretches out, his legs covering the remainder of the couch, and turns over, burying his face in John’s tum. He reaches out with his other hand and grabs another handful of that beautiful jumper that his beautiful John is wearing. He presses kisses to John’s stomach, which is starting to shake with John’s silent giggles. They come out in tiny exhales, tremoring with fond amusement, and within a few moments Sherlock can hear them, high pitched and happy, soft and adorable, just like John. Sherlock feels John’s fingertips plunge into his hair and begin to massage his scalp, and Sherlock sighs again as he releases his grip and lets his hands slide down and around to John’s sides.

Pressing one last kiss to John’s stomach, his gaze drifts upwards to John’s. They both smile before leaning towards each other and sharing a languid kiss, and when their lips separate, Sherlock’s face settles back in to John’s tum, and John’s fingers find Sherlock’s hair again. They both drift off to sleep like this, engulfed in feelings of warmth, happiness, and love.


what do you mean there wasn’t any foreshadowing


his sweet, submissive subject
his loyal, royal subject
forever. and ever.

i have no complaints about being asked to draw kingsbury anyday man


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You seem to be a good person to ask as Google has not been super helpful, why was Brent replace with Shane? I love Shane so not complaining, just curious. Thank you so much! P.s. Your blog is an important part of this apartment's day.

shane killed him

rip in pieces bront

Maybe, Baby, It’s You

Because baby crazy Diana is the cutest thing ever I s2gosh. Looks and acts like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you

“Oh, a baby!”

Kate hears the voice before she sees the speaker; a tall woman who parts the crowd around the cafe like the Red Sea, trailed by an exasperated Maria Hill.

“Ms. Prince,” Hill starts, but by that point, Diana Prince is kneeling in front of Kate, one of Ash’s tiny baby hands wrapped around Diana’s finger.

“Oh, look at you,” Diana coos, utterly enchanted by the tiny human perched in Kate’s lap. “Aren’t you precious?” She finally looks up at Kate, eyes sharpening as recognition dawns. “Oh. Is she yours, Hawkeye?”

Maria makes a noise like someone being strangled to death, an utterance Kate is fairly certain is paired with an eye-roll for the ages. In the two weeks that Diana, Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, and so on and so forth, has been in this universe, she has proven rather…uninterested in secret identities. 

Uninterested is the wrong word. It feels more like Diana sees the whole person–superhero and secret identity–without the arbitrary line most of them have drawn between the two. Maybe Kate’s just projecting. It’s not like Hawkeyes are particularly good at keeping the two distinct.

“He,” Kate finally corrects before shaking her head. “This is Ash, and he’s my nephew.”

“Oh. Do you have any children?”


Diana’s lips curve upward for half a second before settling back into a neutral line. 

Susan chooses this moment to return to their table, taking in the strange woman making faces at her child. Kate can see the moment the pieces click together in her sister’s brain.

“You must be Diana!” Susan beams at the amazon in question. “Kate’s told me so much about you!”

Susan, nooooooo.

“Well, not so much,” Susan corrects herself. “Since it’s work related, or whatever. But enough!” She gives Diana an exaggerated wink and oh god oh god no Susan why

Susan is operating under the mistaken impression that Kate has game. Not that she doesn’t! Kate has plenty of game. It’s just that Diana is an actual, literal goddess, and Hawkeyes don’t do people! Everyone knows that Hawkeyes are just piles of trash compressed into human form except for sisters who don’t know that you’re a Hawkeye, exactly, and–

“But listen to me! Going on and on and not even inviting you to join us! Take a seat, Diana, please!” Susan’s eyes finally catch on Maria, arms crossed and glaring at the tableau in front of her. “Oh! Is that your girlfriend?”

“No,” Diana smiles, a real one that lights up her whole face and purifies the soul of everyone within a ten-foot radius, Hill notwithstanding. “I don’t have a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend.”

Susan gives Kate one of the most obvious well there, look at the good thing I did for you I’m so proud what a good wingman I am looks in the history of ever and Kate dies just a little bit on the inside.

“I’d love to join you,” Diana continues, ignorant of Kate’s spiritual demise at the hands of her sister. “If that’s all right with you, Kate?”

It takes Kate a few seconds to realize the question was directed at her and not Hill. The fact only really sinks in as Maria’s frown deepens. 

“Sure!” Kate says, the eagerness in her voice making her cringe. “I’d love that.”

Ten minutes later, Kate is positive the only reason Diana agreed to stay is because she’s in love with Ash. To be fair, the feeling appears to be mutual. Diana is making faces at Ash, who is delighted at each one. He dribbles food down his chubby little chin, and Diana swoops in to wipe it off with noises and flourishes of the napkin that entrance the infant. 

“Whatever you do, don’t give Kate your number,” Susan jokes–really, Susan? What is that, reverse psychology? That’s not going to work– “Or I’ll steal it from her when I need a babysitter.”

“I’d love to babysit!” Diana beams, like Susan just offered her a unicorn. With what Kate understands about Themyscira, perhaps comparing babies to unicorns isn’t all that weird.

Kate loses the thread of the conversation for a few seconds–Maria is glaring at Kate so hard she’s surprised her head hasn’t caught fire–but hears Diana say something about wanting kids and looking for the right person to have them with.

“I’ll have your babies!” Kate blurts out before realizing what she said and immediately wanting to die. 

Susan, for her part, is a horrible person and doesn’t even pretend not to laugh, and Diana smiles, corners of her eyes crinkling in amusement. Maria stifles a laugh, disguising it poorly as a cough, and even little Ash takes his cue from the rest of the group and starts giggling.

“Unless technology is highly advanced in this universe, that won’t be possible. We could adopt,” Diana muses after a moment. “But I think we should go on a date before we discuss adoption. At least one date." 

"Are…you asking me out?” Kate’s mouth is dry and she swallows convulsively. 

“No. I’m telling you that you may ask me out.”

“Oh. What?”

Diana laughs again, but instead of making Kate feel like an idiot, it makes her feel warm, like the two of them are sharing a private joke. “A date. You should ask me to go on a date tonight.”

“Oh. Oh! Right. Diana, did you want to go out to eat. On a date. Tonight?”

“I would love to.”

Maria clears her throat and stands, and Diana follows suit. “We should be going, Ms. Prince. We still have a lot to do if you want to get off work in time for your dinner tonight.”

“Does six work for you?” Kate asks in a rush, suddenly aware of how bad she is at this stuff. “I can text you the place. Or pick you up. Or–”

“Oh, for the love of god, just text her,” Maria snaps. 

Diana gives Maria a Look before leaning in to say goodbye to Ash. “I should let you know,” she murmurs to Kate. “That I love ice cream. If we get ice cream, I’ll definitely kiss you at the end of the night.”

Kate manages to find words to say goodbye with around the pterodactyl screeching in her mind as Diana and Maria leave.

“Way to get your auntie a date, Asher!” Susan raises her son’s hand and gives him a high-five. “We’re definitely telling this story at their wedding.”

*deep breath*


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….that you should want to live your whole life through, broken and blue…(x)

Always at the edge of

Depression and suicide


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