pls i am so done with this show


spoilers for all of the shadowhunter chronicles, though not particularly TDA. at this point im invested in getting happy ending for my main babes.

  1. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO LILY? will she get a backstory at last? will we see more of her in the malec spin off series. please. i love my vampire daughter. tell me
  2. WILL ISABELLE FINALLY APPEAR IN TDA? yall shes been mentioned so many times i am shaking if she doesnt show up in QoAaD i will write a fan version where all the action scenes r done by izzy yall r so welcome
  3. IS MAX LIGHTWOOD OKAY IN HEAVEN? IS HE HAVING FUN? max’s death still has me quaking in my rat boots he was such a blessing pls. is he ok. does he have friends. r him and great great great grandmother cecily havin a good time. i love him
  4. WHAT HAPPENS TO SHADOWHUNTERS WHEN THEY DIE? is there an afterlife? jace mentions shadows n stuff. does this tie into the whole lord of shadows nonsense? cassandra please stop using shadows as a plot device i am gay and confused there r too many shadows in these books
  5. DID ALINE HAVE A CRUSH ON ISABELLE? yall. aline kissed jace bc he was the handsomest guy she knew. WHOS THE HOTTEST GIRL WE KNOW IN TMI? our main bitch izzy. was there some pining. was isabelle alines gay awakening bc she was mine. the people need to know cassandra. we need. to. know.
  6. WILL WE EVER ACTUALLY HAVE A CLUELESS MUNDIE WHO ISN’T SOME FRIEND OR RELATIVE OF OUR GANG WITH THE SIGHT SHOWING UP AGAIN, A LA RACHEL DARE IN PJO? bitch i need to know!! i want another clueless hoe with no ties to the shadow world stumbling in. no shadowhunter blood, no ascension. just “OoooOOOOoooOoHhhHHhHh my god yall r so dramatic ffs calm down have a latte” type shit
  7. ARE THERE SHADOWHUNTER GHOSTBUSTERS? im deadly serious is there something we can do to get rid of ghosts. i dont wanna murder jessamine im just curious is there a way
  8. ARE THERE ANY SHADOW WORLD MEMES? listen we all know magnus bane and his warlock gang of catarina and ragnor were the True shadow world memes and celebs but do they have anything else. any wacky vampires or Iconic werewolves. pls.

in conclusion, these r pressing issues and i will not rest until i know this stuff ok byee @cassandraclare

Reasons To Join Team M!Robin

The Mage Gauntlet is approaching and I wanted to do my part spreading the Robin propaganda, so here goes!

  • First Character
    • A lot of people’s first game was Awakening (me included), therefore Robin was many people’s first character, a character that we could personalize to boot, so let’s go join his team, eh? 
  • Smash Fan
    • Do you like to play Smash? Then Robin’s the mage for you. Bonus points if Robin was your Smash main.
  • F!Robin Isn’t In This Gauntlet, So Make Do With This One
    • Disappointed that you can’t root for F!Robin? Then why not root for this Robin instead!
  • He’s Always There For You
    • Robin isn’t just available as a 4* and/or a 5*, he’s available as a 3* as well! You get to see his cool summoning video a lot! That, and even if you’re tired of seeing him, he’s at least Bonfire fodder so it’s not a total loss.
  • Triangle Adept Hero
    • Robin can take most reds to the face and colorless units can’t even touch him. Robin is one of the best units to benefit from Triangle Adept because it gives him advantage over two colors. He may not be a nuke, but he’s a pretty solid choice for your team.
  • Shipping Lord
    • Robin’s your best wingman. Who cares if you’re fighting a war? He’ll hook up anyone that can support.
  • Best Waifu
    • Don’t be fooled by the waifu status of mages like Tharja, Robin’s the real waifu and let me tell you why. In Awakening, Robin is literally best waifu. Got a character you want to S-Support? Waifu Robin. Want to make a certain child character OP? Waifu Robin. Want to make Morgan OP? Waifu Robin. Want that sweet ass custom hair color on a certain child character? Waifu Robin. Meanwhile in Heroes, if you want a mage with some bulk, then Robin’s the waifu for you. Tired of Takumis ruining your day? Robin’s the waifu for you. And yes, male mages can be waifus too.
      • Joking aside, Robin actually has a chance to be the first male character that beats the trend of female Gauntlet winners. Even if you don’t care much for the whole waifu thing, I ask that you help a male character win the gauntlet for once.
  • What Time Is It?
    • I implore you to join Team Robin. After all, we’re stronger together because our bonds give us strength. We have to show them how it’s done, that it’s the wrong move to even think of going up against Robin because he’ll find a way to secure that checkmate. Robin is here to even the odds, so it’s time my friends… Time to tip the scales!
make me choose

anonymous said: gx or arc-v?

after seeing the last shadow puppets at the fillmore in detroit, i waited at the tour bus for about an hour and a half & alex finally came out. there were two sides with barricades for fans. he went to the first one and signed EACH AND EVERY one of the fans posters, and stopped and took pictures with everyone waiting as well- and it was a fair amount of people. then he came to my side of the barricade, yall my heart was POUNDING. he came right up to me and i asked, “alex can i have a picture, please?” and he said “of course!” so i hugged him, and everyone around me awwed. then my mom said the first picture didn’t turn out well, so he literally just stayed in this position with me for a good 40 seconds without moving ajshxjsj and asked “how did that one turn out?” and he waited to make sure that i liked the pictures. he said it was no problem to stop and take a few. i thanked him like 10x times and then asked him if he was excited for lolla and he said “definitely”, and he asked me if i was going!!!!! (i am). so thats my whole story!!! alex was extremely nice, friendly, and appreciative of all the fans and truly showed that by stopping for every person waiting! the show was amazing and i couldn’t have asked for a better experience. they also preformed a cover they’d NEVER done before which was amazing🌹👼🏼❤️ (pls credit if u use my picture!)

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as someone who likes your blog, please keep the political posts separate from the sims ones plz <3

yea, not going to happen. as you clearly know, since you stated it, it’s my blog. i will post whatever i please and if that includes the occasional political-oriented post then so be it because, while i might primarily be a simblr, i’m also a human. as are the many people across the states whose rights are being encroached upon for no other reason other than literally just being themselves, which is sickening and wrong.

so, if your inability to sympathize really is that bad and you can’t even scroll passed a single post then by all means unfollow me – i won’t be upset about it, but i 100% will not stop showing any kind of support i possibly can for people who deserve it.

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hey! I'm curious about something. are you a TERF? i'm not asking in a rude way i'm just new to learning all these different ways of addressing gender/sexuality and such and was curious. I really like your blog. I'm pansexual and cis so i don't really understand the struggles of those who are non binary/genderfluid/gay or lesbian etc. but i'm trying toooo. Ur beautiful and i love your blog thank you

Well thank you for your compliments. Somehow i can’t help but think you’re fishing for something here ? I might be wrong, but please understand me. Being a lesbian on tumblr subjects you to all sorts of harassment.

There is no such thing as a terf. First of all, radical feminists are very welcoming of trans men, as they are females, and our feminism strives to liberate all women from men. We are gender critical, as we see gender forms a hierarchy that is the root of our oppression - hence, “radical” which comes from the latin radix “root”. We are a feminism that revolves around biological women, so trans men ARE included, as well as detransitioned women. 

Second of all, terf has become a slur used to silence radical feminists. Lately, it has also became an insult to lesbians, as we are female homosexuals and by this very virtue, “exclude” penises from our attraction - here I am quoting the way genderists refer to our attraction ; by saying lesbians “exclude” males from their attraction, they are doing 2 things. 1) they imply that the standard of any sexuality is to include males and 2) by doing so, they paint lesbians as some sort of deviants. You do see how lesbophobic this kind of rhetoric is, I hope. I’m saying terf has become a slur, because it allows people to send rape and death threats to the person that has been called this way - I have the example of this with a collaborative blog that is dedicated to lesbians @lesbian-ed . It is all the more clear that terf has become a lesbophobic slur, as the only wrong our blog has done is to create a safe space for lesbians.

My advice ? Do not call anyone a terf, unless you wanna show how much of a lesbophobe you are. 

If you want to know more about radical feminism or if you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up ! 

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I really like the Jimin hand appreciation post ;) May I ask for a Taehyung hand appreciation post please? >.<

anonymous asked: Yesssss hand series can you do tae please coz oh my 😭👌🏼xx

ok so if i had to pick which hands of bts that i like the most, i think it would be tae’s. like have you not seen them before, they’re so heavenly like idk but….anyways

lets get it on

omg look how cute he is

green hair

why does he look so small lmao

oh my ignore hobi…or not



hehe what a cutie

ignore the blood pls WHY IS HIS HANDS SO BIG


oh my



hes being really cute but then you gotta look at his hands and all that cuteness GOES OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW  AND THEN THIS SEXY MONSTER COMES IN AND SHOWS HIS HANDS LIKE WHY 

can you just like…go away

i am done

im so done



i am so fucking done, like i would rant right now but im so done



im kinda mad now

I hope you like it <333


Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure my little sister just discovered her first crackship. This is the first actual comic strip she’s ever done, and she hardly ever works in color. This is so much effort and she wants to draw more of them. The signs are totally there. 

I snagged it off her Deviantart page so I could show it because I am the proud big sib it is me. 

i am so so sorry for being behind on sticker orders i just really wanna get these ghd stickers done so i can cut n mail them in time for them to get there before the show closes next week im so sorry pls understand hdjfjdjfvjc

How not to do fame: Hello I am too famous for you and my life is more important than yours and you aren’t allowed to associate with me unless you pay money to so I’m going to stand here and complain for 10 minutes about how much you’re all annoying me by supporting my career and giving me money because I don’t have time to be polite but I do have time for a shitty speech about how important I am and how unimportant you all are this is my day I am the star also donate money to my charity and give my awful show ratings pls also I love you but also you all suck so fuck off. Me and my fedora are leaving but make sure the paparazzi follow us still!


People you seriously HAVE NO LIFE…Go watch some ftwd or something. If you don’t enjoy The 100 anymore,why do this childish shit,why EVEN BOTHER?!? 



YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED..I’m SURE Alycia is ashamed by her “fanbase” for doing this…I’m actually just waiting for her to tweet to stop harassing people and stop doing stupid ass shit…for reals

Your negativity is makin’ me mad as fuck again…cast & crew are done with you guys…,so AM I and the rest SANE part of the fandom

YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET THE SHOW CANCELLED LIKE THAT,believe me. We’re getting S4 …like it or not

But just look at what you’re doing with all your hate, just GET OUT.GO AWAY. BYE.The 100 is clearly not your fandom anymore…why still here,fam? Leave

A weird thing about the new tv show of the jkr detective stories is that unless the beeb has done some stellar location cloning , cormoran strike’s office is just off Tottenham court road, and i am 90% sure the music shop you can see the sign for sometimes/that the office is above, is one i went to basically every time i visited this one ex.

So if you spot it, pls imagine a younger and more tolerant me in that shop on 100 tense and disappointing dates, spending up to an hour and a half at a time watching this dude who definitely unironically thought he was a great musical prodigy, repeatedly play his repertoir of precisely seven chords and five phrases of music on guitars he’d never be able to afford. Because i have totally been catapulted down memory lane by this and it’s super uncomfortable so im making you all join me for the ride.

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As far as G gig in S Korea does anyone here think she accepted this gig by herself. Her managers, team & PR people all know the situation they would have gotten together and discussed the safety issue. A lot has to happen to make this work plus what about the band & dances. G would have for sure had a group meeting to see if any one of her team was uncomfortable about going. She needs all of them to perform. Pls add in kids, B &'her family I bet Todd goes. Are they a little worried am sure.

I don’t think she did, I think her management team presented it to her and the timing sounded right and she hadn’t done an international show in awhile so it probably sounded like fun. I hope she changes her mind though


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5sos are really problematic (i mean like really problematic) and idk what to do i just joined this fandom in december and i don't want it to end but they are like assholes so help pls

I am so fucking tired of hearing the word problematic. Okay, yeah they’ve done pretty stupid things. They didn’t think it through and they most likely don’t understand how it affects other people. They find things funny that are offensive and joke about it. But do they actually mean offense or are they just uneducated? Who knows? But from what they show fans, are they really assholes? Are they? Are they really assholes?

Didn’t they just held a convention for fans around the world so the fans could meet new friends and have a great time? Wasn’t Michael still taking pictures and smiling even when people were crowding him and pulling him at the airport? Isn’t Ashton the person always tweeting how much he appreciates the fans and how thankful he is where they are now? Isn’t Calum the one who showed his support for TWLOHA? Haven’t they stayed humble all throughout this massive success they’ve achieved? Have they lashed out at paps? Have they been outright rude to people?

I’m not excusing the shit they did in the past, but that’s what it is. IN THE PAST. You can see how much they’re trying to learn and be aware. Yeah, they still make mistakes from time to time. Who doesn’t? It’s a part of learning. Sure they are shit at apologizing but either way, aren’t they still going to be attacked for it? Hasn’t the media told us that apologizing could just mean saving face? There’s no way around it. Whatever they do, delete or apologize, they’ll get scrutinized. They try to make up for it. They’re trying.

As fans, shouldn’t we help educate them instead of calling them trash or problematic? Is this the image you want your idol to have? As long as the fans are the ones calling them names, it gives non-fans more opportunities to destroy their image. If their fans are the ones that bring them down, who’s left to support them and help them grow?


November 2014  Giriboy talks a ton of shit Part 1 at  마녀파티

7:57-10:33 Giriboy says Korea is going crazy, please swear more often

When I saw on the schedule, I thought it says (Mi-nyeo) Pretty Girls’ Party, I was like “Pretty Girls’ Party? OHHHHHHHH” but turns out its (Ma-nyeo) Witches’ Party.. are you people witches? then there’s also guys here, what should we call the guys…Ma-nam? (t/n: the nyeo in Ma-nyeo is girl, and Nam=Guys, Ma-nam) The Ma-nams? everyone’s having a fun time here and I’m doing this kind of song.. i’m sorry and um actually even though i apologised for it, i’m saying it out of politeness, i dont feel sorry actually. bcs i like it things like this and i like it when its the things i like so everyone i feel like you have to like it too. Eh? Eh? Oh I’m out of breath, i’m usually kinda weird when I speak so I hope everyone can understand me. but you dont have to understand me actually, just curse me out, curse me. Korea is going crazy right now, just for one little thing everyone swears at you, korea is going crazy, so everyone do well uploading your hate yes.. actually i have something to say, but i’m afraid its a little dangerous so i’m not going to say it. *crowds goes NOOO* ahhahahehehe…everyone please swear alot. swears. do it often. Korea is going crazy everyone korea is really going crazy really i’m really i hate fans bcs its a country like this HEHEHE (why he laughing at himself…) but I want to do well here now bcs its a pretty place here (LOLz M8 right) HAHAHAHheheh it’s a little cringey, but all the rappers seem to do this, kinda cooly, so I tried to do it myself too, was it okay? yes um.. actually for me, instead of being on stage, i like it better when i’m just staying home, playing computer games and making songs. hehe so i’m gonna perform the next song and show how I am. I’m a person like this. this is my song, and its a song called Skit, i’m gonna play it, please play the song. *song starts* YEH Skit skit skit everyone pls search it up and listen to it often, its okay even if you post hate comments abt the song

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Can you give us a list of what's to come out pls so we know in advance like the newt ones like that we can stop annoying you

You guys aren’t annoying, but just for reference!

I am working on:

  • Credence Kissing/Affection Headcanons.
  • Dad!Newt Headcanons. (they’re done, I’m just tweaking a few things here and there)
  • Part two to the Bow-Tie Imagine.
  • NSFW Newt Headcanons.
  • Newt Mating Dance Oneshot.
  • First Kiss Oneshot.
  • Jealous Newt. (probably headcanons but could turn into heacdanons with a small imagine)
  • Being Best Friends With Queenie Headcanons.
  • Newt Showing you in the inside of his case for the first time oneshot.
  • (possible holiday) Newt oneshot about kissing under the mistletoe.
  • Part Three to ‘Forgetfulness’ and ‘Memorable’.
  • Newt Smut Oneshot.