pls god dont let me

heres some #receipts for why a. ham (the character from the musical not the irl a ham) is an aspie 

- tactlessness / social awkwardness / trouble w/ reading ppl (or like… general social obliviousness?)
> “you’re an orphan! of course! i’m an orphan! god i wish there was a war! then we could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for!”
> “if you stand for nothing burr, what do you fall for?” (no one asked u ham)
> “i gotta holler just to be heard! with every word i drop knowledge” & “so there will be a revolution in this century - enter me!”  (see this isn’t necessarily a #receipt it just reminds me of myself. like there’s this type of arrogance that i see in a lot of aspies incl myself)
>  “don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!” (NO ONE ASKED U HAM!!!!!!!)
> “hamilton, how come no one can get you on their staff?” “sir!” (genius:  “Hamilton’s shocked “Sir!” isn’t a reaction to a double entendre. He’s misreading Washington’s question as implying that he doesn’t want to work for anyone to support the revolutionary cause, and reacts indignantly at the thought that Washington might think that of him (keep in mind that Hamilton was obsessed with his reputation and legacy). Washington sees this, so then immediately says “Don’t get me wrong.””
> “co-counsel, hamilton, sit down!” 
> “i practiced the law i practically perfected it! ive seen injustice in the world and ive corrected it” more casual arrogance! 
> “why do you always say what you believe?” “why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
> “it’s the middle of the night!” “can we confer sir?” 
> “ Mr. Jefferson? Alexander Hamilton” (sung in his own melody. thanks ham)
> “so quick-witted” “alas, i admit it”
> “is that a yes?” (yea)
> “angelica, thank god, someone who understands what i’m struggling here to do”
> “here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements” (sweet jesus)

- ~special interests / obsessions~ 
> his god damn fuckin legacy . we get it alex u want 2 be remembered 
> duh, he never stops writing. ever
> "I have to get my plan through Congress, I can’t stop until I get this plan through Congress”

- volume control issues
> “oh, am i talking too loud? sometimes i get over excited, shoot off at the mouth”

echolalia (basically repetition of words/phrases)
> see i know this is a musical and often things are repeated because thats just how musicals work 
> but 
> “outrun” “outrun” “outlast” “outlast”
> “aaron burr, sir” (+basically all words that rhyme with burr)

- autism ™ thoughts/beliefs/ya know
> “i wished for a war i knew that i was poor i knew that it was the only way to rise up” (now idk if this is actually true but like he literally wrote himself up and yet he still wont let this idea go?)
> “i will never understand you! if you love this woman, go get her! what are you waiting for?” (i’m sure burr would if he could but, buddy pal,,,)
> “i cant disobey direct orders”
> “i don’t understand how you stand to the side”
> “i’ve always considered you a friend” “i don’t see why that has to end” “you changed parties to run against my father in law”
> “but when all is said and done, jefferson has beliefs, burr has none”
> “i can’t apologize because it’s true”
> “how do you not get it?”

- body stuff
> “his hands started fidgeting” (hey nervous stimming)
> his posture throughout the play but espec in the first few songs is painfully forced like…. really weird? like stiff and unnatural
> “i spend hours in the garden” “they say he walks the length of the city” (stimming ! sadness ! grief ! s t i m m i n g !)

- emotion issues
> [after eliza reads him the letter informing him of laurens’ passing] “i have so much work to do” (and then he never mentions laurens again)
> “stop crying god damn it, get up!”

please feel free to add more 2 support my autistic son