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Hello new seasonal icon that is still featuring the Promptis!incubus au that @destatree and I are still continuing because we didn’t end it! How’s is going floofy winter Prompto and knitted scarf Noctis LOL

New icons for us for the season! 

Lots of hours poured into these for us again, so please do not use, repost or edit!

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is


yang: okay mom!

blake: -soft sobbing-

@zyptoskid Actual Team Mom Weiss Schnee for you XD

hey my internet keeps cutting out! which sucks eggs!!! but you know what doesn’t suck? this LB charm design I finished wow!

currently finishing up chat noir atm. here’s hoping I can post him soon before my internet dies again╰( ; ∇ ;╰)


hxh chibi phone doodles!!! (i did the kurapika first thats why i accidentally made him smaller…OTL) 

(btw im up to ep 18 lol)


svt desktop wallpapers!
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Ever Fixed by delsicle 

Relationship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson 

Rating: Mature 

Word Count: 41k

Status: Complete 

Written for @hlyearlyficfest

Three years ago, Harry was happily married, successfully heading the largest technology company in the world, and raising his young daughter. After he loses nearly everything in the aftermath of his daughter’s lost battle with a rare brain tumor, it may take three strange and yet very familiar visitors – and a man from the therapy group Harry keeps refusing to go to – to get him back on track.

Based on the film Collateral Beauty

For every bit of Pearl hate that comes across my eyes I’m gonna doodle her like 500 more times /dies


anonymous asked:

oh gosh PLEASE expand the accidental marriage AU PLEASE. it's so good PLS

they say that rao created the suns and stars and planets to keep him company, that he loved his creations for their beauty and order so much that he made krypton, and its people, to delight in it with him. they said—they said—he was so pleased with his children that he gave to them everything he had: wisdom, and passion, and strength, and intelligence, and within all of these gifts, his love.

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