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some people are confused about what happened in One Shot, so i made this to clarify ur welcome 


ugli: i cant wait til mark turns 18 ;))))



tbh im unprepared for this meetup and even less prepared for pinof 8 (shreya, she/her)

Daisuga (omegaverse/smut)

Warning: omegaverse, unbeta’d, male omegas have breasts when pregnant, a short smut at the end, OOC, and -wait for it-mpreg(I wrote MPREG, I CANT BELIEVE IT). Also this is suga-centric. But that’s not a bad thing. Almost everyone is an omega or an alpha, which is very predictable.

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and im just extra bothered by the fans of captive prince because until ppl started talking about it i had no idea of the extent of the grossness of it all. anytime i saw it on my dash it was just cute lil art of the two mains together happy and smiling. 

its like they collectively decided to ignore all of the abuse and trauma the character of color suffers at the hand of the white one and skip straight to the honeymoon where apparently all is forgiven. 

its just amazing to me that no one who reblogged captive prince content acknowledged it and i grow more disgusted by the minute

Ichi*ime is shit.

Yes I read the manga. No. Ichigo never showed romantic interested in orihime (sorry cant see it) No. I don’t find screaming at a dead corpse or constantly chanting the name of the man i love romantic. No. The point you gave me is invalid and frankly dull and overrated not worth debatable. Rukia is THE queen. Orihime is a princess. No she ain’t the queen Frankly when you harass my fucking inbox forcing me abandon my ship and magically acknowledge yours just because its cannon makes you more of a trump supporter than anything. ( number has nothing to do with honey) You (im referring to the origos) are aware that you are a significantly insignificant right? Ih happen and now bleach is dead and your new motive in life is to harass ichiruki shipper. Nice. What a sad fandom you’ve got there The hellspwan is pathetic. Ichika is Senna and Kazoo is orihime. (Weirdest ship yet) Next thing you know kazoo will stalk ichika , kissing her when she sleeps, yelling at her dead corpse and limit his vocabulary to ichika-chan. No. Your two face act wont work on me. Ichi*hime is shit. And orihime is a messy character. Look pest. I am in love with the bond between the death and the shinigami. If you cant relate pls by all means find someone that will appreciate your orangedongxboob fiasco. I AM NOT THAT PERSON AND THE ICHIRUKI TAG IS NOT THE PLACE.

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okay look. look. if youre a h*wks fan, you may not wanna follow me anyways, as i hate your team with a burning, fiery passion. but tonight. TONIGHT. please. if you like the h*wks and you follow me i am WARNING YOU. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME BECAUSE I AM LIKELY NOT GOING TO HOLD BACK.