pls dont stab me

The Signs As Things my Classmates have Said -- And Done
  • Aries: -standing on a chair-"WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY G-TECH FACE JUDGEMENT YOU PIECE OF SHITS" -- breaks our tiled floor with repeated jumping
  • taurus: "sitting on the teacher's table is a sin" -- sits on the teacher's table
  • gemini: -sings- "eat a banana, bananas are healthy" -- makes obnoxious moaning sounds to make people uncomfortable
  • cancer: "you smell like a baby can I have your clothes" -- hugs everyone to see who is most capable of being a teddy bear
  • leo: -sounds of pain while doing math- "guys can someone just write the answer on the board end the pain of these children" -- attempts to put plug inside someone's nose to check for electricity
  • virgo: "I dont need algebra to become rich" -- hurdles two people to get to the free food, succeeds, takes all the graham float
  • libra: "our math teacher's forehead is shining bright like a diamond" -- attempts to make a newscast in the middle of a storm at school--calls the heavy rain aesthetic
  • scorpio: "stop drawing dicks on my intermediate pad if your gonna draw dicks make it nice" -- hides under the teachers table because apparently there is a ghost named 'Chandeli' and she is 'here'
  • sagittarius: "wow your chin is sharp pls dont stab me" -- edits the teacher's faces into memes, stalks people and accidentally likes a 2012 photo
  • capricorn: -lying on the floor- "once they are on the floor, they are mine" -- sleeps on interconnected chairs during sports week, claims to be rebel
  • aquarius: "fight me with this meter stick" -- gives you a meter stick
  • pisces: "your boobs are moving backwards" -- walks around in a bright orange wig,sticks pencils in hair and they magically stay in place

im tired af so i’ve decided to make my first follow forever! dont look at me i have no editing skills pls stab me in the necK you guys are 2 cool 4 me okay ♥

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