pls dont hate me

wentzlovers net results!!!

whats up guys, first i wanna say im so happy with the response for this!!! so many people who love pete for so many amazing reasons, and not one anon telling me im a shitbag. lmfao. 

the entries made me tear up, guys, and there was no way i could choose, or ask other people to choose, between all the stories of how pete’s inspired people, made them better, taught them something that made them stronger. so i picked a couple of people who stood out and randomized the rest, and i think that’s the fairest way to do it? dont hate me pls

anyway here’s the members! <3

the admins are bloompete (gabi, she/her, me lol), @pstumph (jaden, she/her) and @vandayswentz (isabella, she/her)

(if your name/pronouns have changed since you filled in the typeform and they’re not correct here, let me know and ill fix them right away) 

if you didnt get in, im really sorry, there were way too many entries to let everyone in. you can unfollow me, but im gonna follow yall bc there can never be enough pete love on my dash lmao. 

what to do now

  • follow the net blog
  • track the #wentzloversnet tag 
  • make an intro post! 
  • make/send me your kik if you havent already and wanna be in the chat 
  • smile 

we look forward to screaming with you all! 


NEW VIDEO: “How To: Be Zayn”

This week I decided to make a tribute video for you guys about my birth father. It got… pretty inzayn.