pls dont do this to urself

trich stuff

if a friend with trich starts to pull around you: ( coming from me personally)


-shout at them

- rip their hands away fast

- ask them why they’re doing that

- say “ew stop pulling your hair out”


-say its alright/ pls dont hurt urself/i love u

-say something reassuring, and calming (because most of the time when i pull its from stress/anxiety)

- jus kinda pat their hand/hold their hand

- try and change the subject/start conversation

-idk jus dont be dick about it please

Guys i know i talk about drugs and w*ed a lot on here but i want to emphasize that u shouldnt be doing that shit if u dont want to. Like do not ever feel pressured by ANYONE to do anything u dont feel youre ready for/dont even ever want to do. U do YOU be all about urself and your own safety! Ilu stay safe dont go about doing anything u dont want to.

hey….u dont have to make urself like certain punk bands so u can impress that greasy dude that laughed at u for liking green day. like by all means expand ur horizons but dont do it for the approval of someone who works at a pizza shop and gets shit on by everyone he works with once he leaves to go to the bathroom for an hour


well this phandom’s been pretty dead recently so i decided to do a lil thing to spread positivity and make us more,,, como se dice,,,,, Alive 

so yeah basically rb this post and give me a follow and send me an ask with your name! (if we’re not mutuals feel free to tell me a bit more about urself !! maybe we have the same interests Who Knows) hopefully this way i can get to know more people and make new friends! 

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are u ok? are u doing good? :O have a drink of water pls and remember to take care of urself, i hope u have a relaxing day and dont stress too much <3 ur art is amazing and ilu sm ty for being around and making my day better aa

thank u,, but i actually am rlly stressed rn w all this school work// but thank u 4 worrying abt me !! & likin my art aa ;///;

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do you have special brushes on firealpaca? also how do upload to tumblr? I can't figure it out. your art is amazing great btw! way better than I can do digitally or other wise.

besides the bottom 2 brushes there (i dont really use them though LOL) i tend to use the marker brush like 90% of the time and then the other 10% consists of the watercolour brush and the paint bucket!! also check this out 4 how to upload photos to tumblr!!

p.s. dont put urself down like that!!! remember that ur art can only improve more and more as u draw pls lov urself n ur art!!!!!!!!! >:-0000💙💙

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can u make a lil guide to getting over someone??

1. pls under no circumstance look up their pics or text them & tbh if they text u pls dont reply lmao

2. remember to stay on a sched!!! (go to work/school, take a shower, brush ur teeth, eat regularly!)

3. start a new tv show!

4. do lil things that make u happy!

5. drink some alc

6. be with friends & put urself around other potential significant others

7. pls pls pls pls do not put urself in uncomfy ass situations bc ur upset, pls pls pls make sure ur always safe & comfy!

8. start a new book, start writing poetry

9. take up a new hobby (after me & my ex broke up i started to learn how to paint pretty cool tbh)

10. make time for urself & learn to make urself laugh

11. just because it didnt work out with one person doesnt mean u will never find a person again it always works out

12. i love you forever & we can always gossip about exes if you need to, all the love in the world xoxxo

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uhhh i saw ur message on patreon and i just wanna say its okay. dont stress urself out over making new art pieces for us, we'll still be here. dont worry, pls take care of urself. not disappointed. <3

i-im like, gonna cry ;;

ive been so stressed out over getting videos out, but im just super mentally not okay rn and i feel really bad for not doing anything

im so happy everyone on patreon understands and its so wonderful to know you guys are willing to wait until i get my medical stuff back in order ;;;; it makes me so relieved…~

i have no idea what my uploading schedule is going to be after this, but im hoping for the best. thank you so so so much, you are super lovely and wonderful~ i love you, and everyone on patreon~ <333

sugar daddy g dragon

this hurt me to make yikes

shoutout to sonsee bc I used some of her ideas from our conversation last night thanks b

warnings: smut lmao

  • ok jiyong would be the best sugar daddy out there don’t lie to urself
  • you’d literally bathe in chanel and diamonds
  • you think those diamond earrings are cute?? bam he buys them
  • cute lingerie?? he buys all of it
  • wow that’s a cute dog?? congrats g dragon bought you a dog
  • with gd your relationship is about more than just sex
  • companionship is one of the biggest things
  • he def likes being able to spoil someone w/o having to establish a deep emotional connection
  • bc lets he be real he doesn’t have time for that and he just really wants a baby girl
  • I could def see him wanting to just sit in the bathtub with you sipping like 400 year old wine while you talk about your day
  • the idea of being alone scares him but commitment probably scares him too
  • he would defo spoil the shit out of you tho
  • literally anything you find cute he will buy with no hesitation
  • the pastel pink vibrator you saw online??? he buys it and leaves it at your door when he leaves for tour with a note saying ‘while daddy’s gone’
  • woah you wanna buy a collar?? he’ll buy the most expensive one he can find and customize it (((it’ll say baby girl)))
  • while he’s away he will leave you a blank check to go to a lingerie shop to buy whatever you want the only rule is that you have to send him a pic of each set
  • whenever he’s home he would take you shopping and go to the dressing room with you to see how good you look in everything he’s picked out for you
  • you’d look so good he’d make you give him a blowjob or smth in the dressing room or car after you check out
  • if what you want is out of stock watch out here comes a diva ((and it’s not u))
  • if you want something particularly expensive and you shyly ask him about it he would get all caring and be like “you know you don’t have to ask baby girl, if you want it it’s yours daddy will take care of u”
  • he would take you to every fashion show or award show appearance bc he likes how you look in dresses and heels especially knowing that he’s the one who picked it out/paid for it
  • ((it also reminds him of the blowjob you gave him when you were trying on those dresses))
  • now it’s time for the sexy vibes children
  • your relationship would def start out as typical sugar daddy/sugar baby one
  • you pleased him and he paid you
  • but as the relationship grew things evolved
  • it went from you being called to his house late at night to blow and ride him to him doing some of the work
  • jiyong is def not a missionary kinda dude
  • probably doggy or cowgirl
  • missionary is too normal and vanilla for him
  • maybe some wild missionary tho??? like against a wall?? backseat of his car??
  • let’s just say if you ain’t gotta do missionary you ain’t doing missionary
  • anyways jiyong would start to please you as well
  • lots of oral tbh
  • you’re doing his laundry?? oral
  • watching the news?? oral
  • reading a book?? oral
  • brushing your teeth?? oral
  • jiyong would love being able to do that to you just by using his tongue
  • tbh he couldn’t get enough of how you tasted or how his name sounded when it rolled off of your tongue in breathless, broken whimpers
  • he couldn’t get over the feeling of your fingers pulling at the strands of his hair or your thighs softly squeezing his head
  • he loves watching you come undone just by his touch
  • he’d always say something stupid like “well I am a rapper and rappers have to have quick mouths ;-))”
  • and u would just be like “get out of me im going home”
  • then he’d start apologizing and get up to grab your wrist but he’ll probably trip bc his pants are around his ankles
  • he would usually give but sometimes receive body worship
  • he probs had a long, stressful day so he comes home and you’re just chilling in one of his shirts and underwear and you’d tell just by his presence if something was wrong
  • so you’d slide his jacket off of his shoulders as you’d kiss his neck and occasionally whisper how everything would be ok and that u are gonna take care of him today
  • he would probably try to protest but he’s so whipped for you he would nod his head and follow you to the bedroom–signaling that he was giving up dominance for tonight
  • it’d be passionate and a lot slower than usual
  • body worship=whiny jiyong
  • you’d kiss and lick all over his body
  • you’d ride him fo sho
  • he’d be really tired from the long day (((plus you made him cum like three times already))) so you’d just sink yourself down on to him and let it happen at your own pace
  • imagine if you were staying in a suite before MAMA’s and there is like a jacuzzi/hot tub
  • SHIT
  • it’d start by like sipping champagne or something and gasping as the warm jets hit your tense/sensitive muscles
  • obviously your making noises like this would make ji all !!!!!???!?!?!!!!?
  • so he’d move over to your side and be like “can you be a little louder baby girl??? I like the way you sound”
  • you’d say some cheeky shit like “I need your help to be louder ji….”
  • it’d result in you riding him in the hot tub while he sips a glass of champagne
  • bdsm everywhere
  • not too crazy tho like
  • dominance is his main thing
  • light bondage like maybe he has a chain that matches your collar but he wouldn’t have handcuffs
  • he thinks the metal of the handcuffs would be too rough against your wrists so he’d use a scarf or tie bc he still wants his baby girl to be comfortable while being punished
  • spanking for days gtg
  • he just really likes your butt
  • even if you weren’t having sex he’d probably just like grabbing it bc hey you’re his and only he can touch ur butt
  • tbh just assplay in general is his thing???
  • sorry but he would so be down for anal and princess buttplugs ((only with your consent ofc))
  • “can you dance for me baby girl??”
  • “that’s it move your hips just like that”
  • his favorite thing would be whenever you took one of his jackets ((preferably one of his fur coats)) and wore it with linergie
  • imagine that big black fur coat with lilac lace or the pink coat with black or white satin yes pls
  • he would make bets like “if you can make me cum in three minutes I’ll buy you four saint laurent bags”
  • bitch pls he’s so whipped for you you could make it happen twice in three minutes
  • he’d be all sweaty and out of breath so you’d run your hands up his tan skin to his head where you run your fingers through the hair sticking to his forhead and just lick your lips bc there’s a lil bit of cum on the corner of your mouth and he would just start laughing bc holy shit did u really just do that
  • he would get his phone out and you’d be looking on the saint laurent website together and his cart would probably be like $16,000
  • this is so long why turn back now,,,,,
  • anyways
  • I feel like YG would find out about what your relastionship and be a little judgemental towards it
  • when YG talks to ji about it, jiyong will start to wonder if this is a lifestyle you don’t want to continue living
  • he would come home and you’d notice he is upset so you try to relax him with maybe a couple neck kisses but he would reject any sexual advances
  • he would just come out and ask you “are you okay with living this way?? are you happy??”
  • the pain in his voice would break your heart and you’d be like “of course ji,,,this is the happiest I’ve ever been”
  • then he’d tell you why he asked and you’d just be like aw baby come here and you’d like just be sitting on the floor of the living room holding him in your arms bc some times he needs the attention and love
  • after like a year of your relationship, he would start to realize that he was developing actual feelings for you
  • he knew that this wasn’t a typical sd/sb relationship, but he didn’t think this would happen
  • you were close to his age and returned the emotional needs of love–not just physical pleasures
  • he probably realized that he geuninely loved you the day YG invited both of you out to dinner
  • YG was bashing your relationship saying things like “if this gets out to the public your image will be ruined” and shit like that
  • you would grab his hand under the table and lace your fingers with his to comfort him
  • bam
  • that is the moment where he is like “wow i love this girl”
  • this would scare him tho
  • your relationship was supposed to be strictly sex and money and now he is freaking out and panicky bc holy shit he loves you
  • he would think that you loved him too bc of some of your gestures towards him
  • he would keep this to himself for awhile and one night he was driving you to his parents house for dinner bc he’s the type of sugar daddy to introduce you to his parents and you’d aske him about why he’s been so distant lately
  • he’d get nervous and start denying it but the moment you place a hand on his thigh and whisper “c'mon ji whats wrong?” he would feel your breath on his neck and just blurt it out
  • “I love you”
  • he’d try to explain what he is feeling and his face would turn red and he’d be stumbling over his words so you’d kiss him to shut up and be like “jiyong it’s ok I love you too”
  • then he’d be like “no no no no I love you like I’m in loVE WITH YOU!!”
  • “yeah ji me too I’m in love with you not your money”
  • the he’d just be like “well I gtg see you tomorrow”
  • “jiyong I’m in your car and we’re going to your parents’ house”
  • “oh yeAH”
  • then at his parents’ house he would introduce you as his girlfriend and be all smiley and blushing and inside you’re dying bc he’s so cute but also ur daddy so don’t tell him you think he’s cute
  • if you ever tell him he’s cute make sure you aren’t wearing your favorite underwear bc,,,,,
  • pretty much life as jiyong’s sugar baby would be wonderful bc one day you’ll only be known as his wife and he will love and take care of you ((same thing with the 2578 dogs he bought you in an exchange for oral))

idea credit to @hyoliin

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DW JJINOMU I WON'T BE LAZY THIS YEAR AND YOU'LL GET A PRESENT unless school buries me bc public school is a thing for me now if you didn't know???

HECK YEAH im kidding u really dont have to HAHEHEHE i was just joking about the present thing pls do not Force urself i don’t even think i’ll be able to shit out a gift for my son may this year either n it makes me very very sad

but OH YEAH i’ve seen ur posts about it!!! how is it dude wat the heck
i’ve always been a public school kid so i’m used to the terrors of public school omg, but are u comfortable are u doing ok my pal???

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Carol pls helppp There's a rly cute guy in my class he's my best friend's friend and he's kinda quiet and I'm kinda not but we are friends anyway we get along really well and chat all the timeee He sits next to me in computing class Idk how to act cause obvs I don't wanna tell the world "guys I like THIS GUY" but at the same time what if he likes me?? And isnt doing anything cause we're friends??? Carol you are like advice anGEL pls help ily

ur rly overthinking things dude like,,, i dont think u need to worry so much about how to act around him?? he obviously already likes u as a friend since u get along well and chat a lot so like… just don’t be weird by overthinking everything bc more likely than not, it will show and it’ll make him and other people feel weird/think there’s something going on so literally just be urself and stop worrying about it!!

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i voted for the Declan & boba one !! also eli pls lof urself & delete some urls my dude

thank you for voting! (smh ur not my mother dont tell me what to do)

tala: flowy maxi dresses and sunhats. eating ice cream too fast and getting a headache. reading the same poems all the time even though you have them completely memorized. rubbing your lips together after putting on chapstick

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