pls dont cry cause if you do i will too

larryownthisass  asked:


ok tina first of all HOW DARE YOU.

TINA! it is a Known Fact that i’m in love with you ‘cause i never shut up about it. since the very beginning you could see me being embarassing and loving you and your blog sm. thank you for asking me to help you with that gc ‘cause honestly it’s the best gc that ever happened???? everyone is FRIENDS and so nice and so pure and i feel so loved and so much love for everyone WOW, AMAZING. i dont need to rant about how iconic your blog is ‘cause i feel like i’ve done this a million times already. but yea, you should know that i go into cardiac arrest everytime you call me Miss Yellow, ‘cause it’s so cute and i’m so gay, pls keep doing it. you are a lovely human and A VERY TALENTED ONE TOO. you make me cry on a daily and i love it, THANK YOU FOR MY DEATH TINA!!!!!!! also you have the best url in this website but that’s nothing new