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more gymnast!keith headcanons for ur reads (both in normal verse & modern):

  • keith started gymnastics at the young age of 5 after watching numerous televised gymnastics competitions on the tv - mama shirogane was obviously happy to comply. he continued to learn and compete until he was around 13; that’s when he took up martial arts like aikido and kung-fu (i’m an avid believer in keith being super active outside of school)
  • keith finds himself lounging around in some pretty wild ass positions. sometimes he’ll be watching tv with his leg straight up when he’s on the couch, other times he’s doing the box splits as he studies
  • keith still likes to do most of his training barefoot and when he’s not feeling so lazy he’ll take the time to tape his feet as he used to do in gym - he also tapes his hands in training a looooot 
  • shiro once dared keith to attempt a double backflip in the kitchen and he broke a cabinet - their mama was not happy
  • while alluras pretty flexible herself, keith also gives her tips and training for certain moves and stretches. bonus: they sometimes even compete to see who can hold their positions the longest 
  • shiro and their parents all would attend keiths competitions and cheer him on - shiro even made a big sign with his name on it (he’s always so proud of his baby brother)
  • imagine lance being into yoga and keith finds out and decides to join him. lance is pretty surprised by this but you know he wouldn’t argue, he just smiles all wide and gives him that “sure! i mean.. if you can handle it”   
  • plot twist: lance turns out being the one who can’t handle it

“keith i– how are you doing that???”
“doing what?”
oh my god…….”

  • lance pulls several muscles trying to copy him
Smuttyfairy Group Chat

Hey yall Admin Kookfairy here and Im here to open up a groupchat with all the admins to celebrate the blog hitting 15k!! You can get a real look at how we communicate with each other and see our love for each other 😂

Its also super simple to join!! We all use the app Kakao Talk, if you dont have kkt (kakao) you can just download it and hella easy to set up! Just have a phone number you can sign up with!!

[Compatible with iphone & android]

Once you have KKT just go ahead and add me, my user is LovelyDevas, and shoot me a quick message saying you want to join the chat! Im once this is posted ill probably go to sleep and start adding whoever messaged me in the morning!

But about like chat limit, it depends on how many people want to join, a chat of 70 people can be a bit…overwhelming..we know from experience. But we will try to add as many of you as possible!!!

Just to reiterate how to join:

1. login or make a kakao talk account

2. Add me as LovelyDevas

3. Shoot me a message telling me youre interested

4. Wait to be added!

Super simple so lets go and have fun :D

-Admin Kookfairy

Originally posted by taesscripts

Why in the past 3 days are people trying so hard to make the guys look bad? like first people were shitting themselves over billie and the phone thing, then tre and the meeting people thing, now people are questioning billie’s personal identity (as if they would know what goes on inside his head???) there is no need to be so toxic, can we go back to being a supportive fandom again

I want to redo my mods folder….. again.

Les Amis + Co as Bruce Springsteen songs 4/14

Jehan + Jungleland

And the poets down here
Don’t write nothing at all
They just stand back and let it all be
And in the quick of the night
They reach for their moment
And try to make an honest stand
But they wind up wounded
Not even dead
Tonight in Jungleland