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just as a heads up i probably wont do aesthetics for ships that are my notps or squick me out, so i won’t do:

  • any polys with vax/keyleth sorry
  • percy/lillith
  • pike/grog (they’re siblings even if they don’t share blood so i Can’t)
  • cassandra/any established characters, especially men, bc i headcanon her as a lesbian and am super squicked out by ships involving severely traumatized 19 yos with much older people
  • that includes cass/kaylie unfortunately bc gnomes have weird aging and the possibility of kaylie being way older makes me uncomfortable
  • scanlan/vex
  • kash/zahra
  • raishan/percy or raishan/keyleth
  • ripley/percy

anonymous asked:

do you have any seventeen fanfiction recs? i don't care what ship it is. thanks, and i love your blog :3c

This is a very late response anon, but I hope you forgive me for that! <3 Here are a couple of my favorite fics for my favorite ships: Meanie, Jihan, and Jicheol! MOST are..uh…DIRTY LMAO so please proceed with caution okay!



    *Puppy Dog Tails - To put lightly, Mingyu is a very selfish puppy and wants his owner’s attention all to himself but, between school life and friends, Wonwoo has been a little negligent to Mingyu’s needs. If there’s one thing Mingyu is, however; is cunning and comes up with an idea to get Wonwoo’s attention. And it involves a pair of panties and stockings. 


    I Have a Confession - Jisoo has more than one problem when a pretty male named Yoon Jeonghan opens an adult novelty store next to his bookstore.
    • thoughts: For the first chapter, this story has me hooked. The first chapter is pretty lengthy which gets me excited because I adore writers who can write so much and spoil their readers with so much content in each update! It’s Top!Jisoo which gets me more intrigued~
    I’m Waiting Just For You - Jeonghan knows what the tattoos mean – he’s been taught about them his whole life, but no one tells him what to do when his soulmates name starts fading from his wrist.
    • thoughts: I realized I was a masochist when i read this story ok this hurts me but it’s so good and well written and I’m just patiently waiting for an update oh man this is just…wow amazing.
    *Hufflepuffs Can Dominate Too - Hufflepuff Jisoo feels little butterflies in his stomach when he sees that beautiful Slytherin.
    ✮✮✮✮✮ Deal? - Deal? - Junghan-centric, Jihan, awkwardness(?), fluff. Written by the talented Maja aka @minghaon!
    • thoughts: I don’t usually read fluff since I love reading sin BUT this story was so lovely and refreshing! I thoroughly enjoyed this because pizza…jihan…confessing? SOUNDS LIKE A MASTERPIECE ALREADY!
    ✮✮✮✮✮ Green is Not My Color - authored by the talented Ocean @saltyjeonghan Jisoo could list at least five reasons why he knew for sure, that he wasn’t jealous.
    • thoughts: This was so realistic omg I wonder if this happened irl…Ocean does an excellent job in capturing Jihan. Their dynamics, personas, and more! Ocean successfully captures them and executes them well in her fanfics, and all of her fanfics are a masterpiece really, I adore them to bits, and the realness of this one gave me feels…
    ✮✮✮✮✮ Caught - another masterpiece by Ocean, this fic was inspired by this gif.
    • thoughts: this was my FAVORITE BECAUSE I LOVE 2 SIN AND READ TASTEFUL SMUT AND THIS IS WHAT IT WAS EXACTLY! The scenario was once again so perfectly captured I’m convinced this is what happened!


    Cute and Rough = Sexy AF - Jicheol smut in different situations and au’s, taking requests (add as much detail and get as creative as you want)
    • thoughts: very detailed yet also tasteful! This author takes requests so if you want to see jicheol get freaky you can send a request to this author! :) definitely the place to go for your jicheol fix haha
    During the Night - Seungcheol and Jihoon had this agreement that they only met in the night, and that was okay. But one day Jihoon woke up in an empty bed, and suddenly it wasn’t okay.
    • thoughts: heartbreaking…but I really love how the author captures the infidelity in this fic in such a captivating way, you’re really able to see Seungcheol’s conflict as well as Jihoon’s pain.
    For the Universe to Decide - witten by the lovely @cutiecoups​! On his way to work, Lee Jihoon witnesses the aftermath of a suicide; the lost soul is of one Choi Seungcheol, a man he has never met. Saddening as it may be, he dismisses it as an unfortunate tragedy and continues to follow his daily schedule—for much longer than he had originally planned. Though time seems to pass, his clock continues to read January 11, 2016. Countless attempts to escape the date yield no desirable result, and so it is that Jihoon’s life has become an unbearable cycle—wake up, tie the tie, watch him fall, untie the tie, go to sleep—that is, until a single phrase sparks a revolution: he wasn’t supposed to die. 
    • thoughts: wonderfully worded, wonderfully expressed. This is one of my favorite works of Abi, it’s such a heartbreaking story that takes it time but leaves you on your toes with each update. It gave me vibes of the next ‘Anterograde Tomorrow’ in a way? Abi is so talented, please love this fic and cry with me!
    ✮✮✮✮✮ In the Closet - Jihoon came home one day to Choi Seungcheol, the popular, HOT, captain of the basketball team, and new stepbrother.  Problem is not that Seungcheol wanted nothing to do with him (Jihoon could live with that), but Jihoon couldn’t stop peeping through the hole in his closet…
    • thoughts: the concept is to taboo but the author does a good job of like..idk executing it so it doesn’t turn raunchy? Also, there’s so much mystery in here it gets me very angsty I JUST WANT JICHEOL BABIES TO BE HAPPY

this is the first fic i’ve ever written so maybe don’t yell @ me :-)
it’s also on ao3 here i guess so that’s cool, 3.5k

The first time that Jensen meets Misha, he doesn’t spare the new actor a second thought. Misha was scheduled for a couple of episodes, so Jensen didn’t bother to get too cozy with him. Honestly, if you asked Jensen to recount the weeks following Misha’s first day, he couldn’t tell you much. But he could tell you about the first day in vivid detail. And he would. Over and over again.

He remembers watching with piqued interest as Misha pitched his voice low and fixed a steely gaze on Jensen. The wonder in Jensen’s gaze was equal parts his own amazement as it was Dean’s. I guess you could say that art does, in fact, imitate life.

When Jared asked Jensen about the new guy later the same day, Jensen couldn’t think of any other adjective to use other than “strange”. He didn’t mean it in a negative way – honestly, he didn’t know the guy enough to judge – but it was what it was. Misha was strange.

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fandom-asks  asked:

A-Z Favs: C L X H K

ooooh these are cool! apologies for some of em being super unspecific (i literally just got into this fanbase a month ago sweats)

C- Cronus (from Homestuck)

L- Lizzy (from Black Butler)

X- Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, and Xion (ok pls dont be mean i literally just got into this series a month ago and dont yet know completely who is my super ultimate faves bc i love them all so much so im just doing the organization cuties w x names)

H- Hans (was there any doubt ^^; )

K- Kaede Akamatsu (from Dangan Ronpa)

Thank you so much for the ask!

Michael Clifford smut - Tease

okay, so i had that requested “stripping for michael” from anon,… but i had no idea how to make it long and nice to read… i kinda transformed it into this… hope you enjoy.



You had been alone for the past 3 hours in your appartment because your bestfriend Michael left to band pratice. Let’s say, between you and mike it was more a ‘Friends with benefit ’ type of thing lately. Can not say you didnt like it though, he was a really good shot.

When he was not in your shared flat, you would usually clean because he never does. Today was not the exception, you decided to clean your shared walk-in. While you were cleaning you found an old sexy kit you bought for fun a while ago. You decided to try it to see if it was still fit. You got undessed and then dressed again with the kit, it was a sexy police officer thingy.(i could have said a nurse to more cliché.. but naaah) You looked at yourself in the mirror placing the plastic gun where it belongs while playing with the fuzzy handcoffs who comes with it. You took some back heels in your wardrobe and while walking in your room you were practicing to handcuff and unhandcuff your own hands.  As you were doing that, you didn’t notice Michael standing in the door frame. You jumped when he said “ i’d like you to arrest me ” with a smirk on his face. You quickly took whatever you found to cover yourself from the really revealing costume. “ No need to hide (y/n). I like it ” he smiled

“Michael please, go away ” you shyly pleased him. he shook his head as a No. “Im not going anywhere because you’re way to hot ” he smiked again

“Mike come on, just leave” he nooded a no again. “ FINE” you grumbled “ then we’ll do this my way ” you pushed him on the bed, while handcuffing his hand to the bedhead. He begged you not to do this because it’d be unfair, but you didn’t care.

“Oh michael…” you whispered in a sexy voice while tracing random shapes on his stomach, totally ignoring his begs “ you know it’s not right to spy on someone ”. you stared at him with your evil look.

“ I swear i won’t do it again. please dont do this ” he knew what you wanted to do and it scared him cause you’re really good at it. He was laying on his back and you had a leg each side of him, kinda sitting on his lap near the scroth area.

Not listenning to his begs, you slowly started undressing. You threw you heels away and got your top off quickly revealing you cute black lace bra and leaving you hair in a mess (a sexy mess). You then got up on the bed to remove your skirt. Once done, you sat back on his lap. he moaned at his view bitting his lip. You smiled felling him becoming hard. You started dirty talking to make him please you. “ Please (y/n), stop being such a tea- ” “a what michael? what were you gonna call me? ” you cut him off grabing his obvious bulge trought his skinny jeans. “You’re a fucking tease (y/n), i hate you ” he moaned. You started undoing his belt and kissing him right above the end of his jean. He let out a satisfied moan. As he was moaning your name pleasing you to go further, you got up and started walking to the door. Seeing you were not coming back, he started shouting “ hey, what are you doing?’'  ’'don’t leave me like that. you have no rights.” which made you even more satisfied. he couldn’t see your face but you were smiling. You found yourself quite funny to be honest. you then thought “Let’s end this right” to yourself. As your back was facing him, you undone you bra letting it fall on the floor just before passing the door and going downstairs, not turning back a second. You giggled as you heard michael yelling that it was not fair and you had to finish what you started.

After all, maybe you actually were a tease…