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[in a super important Ravkan meeting]

The King: The Second Army is far too intimidating compared to the First. We must rectify this.

The Darkling: And what, exactly, do you have in mind?

Nikolai: *leans forward* I have an idea where they can be both dangerous and…cute. 

The Darkling: Cute?

The King: Go on, son. I trust in your decision. 

[the following morning]

Nikolai: I’ve done it! Look outside!

The Second Army:

TONYS 2017

LETS ALL AGREE THAT EVERY SHOW NOMINATED, (AND EVEN SOME SHOWS THAT WEREN’T) ARE BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!!!! I have seen so much hate aimed toward specific musicals/plays recently on tumblr and it is breaking my heart! Broadway is about appreciating each divine work of art! A huge controversy right now is DEH being nominated for best show! I know many people want other shows to win, but I think we should all acknowledge the beauty that each show has encased, before deliberately rioting against the nomination/winning of another.
Thank you, and goodnight!!!

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Episode 1, Obi Wan didn’t even want Anakin to be trained and barely acknowledged him. Episode 2, Obi Wan spends most of the movie criticizing Anakin and belittling him to/around others. Episode 3, Obi Wan barely sees Anakin because he’s off on his own mission, then shows up with the intention of killing him and doesn’t really try talking to him before their fight.

this!!!! i think a lot of the weird skewed fanon version is because of tcw where obi wan is much more fun/laidback and less uptight than he is in the movies and his relationship with anakin is very jokey banter buddy-buddy, as opposed to the distinct master/padawan power dynamic we get in the movies (mostly aotc). the thing is, they just don’t get each other on a fundamental level. i remember reading a really interesting meta post about how part of the disconnect between anakin and obi wan is that obi wan respects authority (because he grew up being taught that the jedi council is wise and righteous) and anakin fears it (because he grew up as a slave), so they just aren’t able to relate to each other. obi wan doesn’t understand why anakin butts heads with the council/himself/authority figures in general so often, and anakin doesn’t understand why obi wan blindly agrees with everything the council does.

think about it. whenever anakin clashed with the council, obi wan ALWAYS took the council’s side. he didn’t say a word in ahsoka’s defense when they put her on trial (he didn’t say anything against her either, but doing nothing is just as bad as actively working against her). when the council assigned anakin to spy on palpatine, his longtime friend and mentor, obi wan didn’t tell them “hey maybe that’s not a good idea, anakin’s going to be upset about this.” instead he dutifully passed on the assignment to anakin and when anakin predictably got mad obi wan was all like “well the COUNCIL’S asking you to do it not ME” but guess what obi wan, as long as you are complicit in the council’s decisions, you ARE the council. fandom has a tendency to blame everything on “the council minus obi wan” even tho obi wan was just as much a part of the council as any of the others.

obi wan does show affection for anakin in a few scenes early in rots and teeny moments here and there in aotc (”i do hope he’s all right”) but his attitude towards anakin in the MOVIES is generally one of annoyance/disapproval. again, not saying i don’t think obi wan didn’t love anakin (because he did!!) just that he was really REALLY bad at showing it which is why fandom’s portrayal of him as this loving supportive mentor figure is so bizarre.

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Hi Mikki, sorry if I'm being dumb or something.. but I just don't get all this hate around Isak?? Like, I've been reading so many comments of disappointed people after today's clip, and I don't get why!! Isak was such a bean for taking all the blame <3 Also some people think that he wasn't the right person to give Sana a lesson, and that Jamilla would have been a better joice.. but like: he has all the right to tell sana his opinions?? p.s. English isn't my first language so pls don't hate me

my angel! You are not dumb, please don’t ever apologise for asking a question or sharing your opinions. I love you <3 no such thing as dumb questions. 

okay so many people interpret the discussion differently and have different opinions on it and that’s okay! I think people feel like Isak had no right to talk to Sana about racism and oppression when he has no understanding of it personally. 

But I personally feel like this was the point. This entire season has been about Sana being torn between two worlds that are both equally hers. she has been struggling to find a balance and fight for them both to be in her life. Lately she has given up fighting. She is withdrawing herself from this world that she loves so much, from her friends, the buss, everything that is important to her, she has stepped away from because of ignorance and prejudice from pepsi max. She has decided that there is no point in being an active part in a world that will never accept her and allow her to be a true part of it. 

so she is backing out of it

and Isak (the representation in this scene of a connection she has to that world) can see this. and he asks her “why are you so cold Sana?” and so she tells him. 

she tells him what it feels like to be oppressed and like she doesn’t belong just because of a piece of fabric she wears. how people see her different and assume she is being oppressed by her religion. And she tells him that there is no point in trying anymore to be a part of this world when most people are racist and won’t give her a chance…so she is done. 

So Isak tells her that it’s bullshit to think like that (not because her oppression is invalid like many think) but because it’s not fair for Sana to isolate herself from this world that is just as much hers as anyone elses. it’s not fair for her to let herself give up on people she loves just because she feels like it’s impossible for anyone not muslim to understand her. 

and you know what?

Isak proved this by listening. He tried to understand, he heard her and showed her that it is possible for her to have both. 

Here we have a young muslim girl and a young gay boy, actually opening up, connecting and listening to each others struggles. 

this is what it feels like to have both. To listen to each other and try to understand one another despite your differences. I personally think this conversation was important to be between Isak and Sana because 

How different can you get between these two.

on paper they seem like completely different people, don’t they? the media would argue a friendship and discussion about racism and ignorance would never happen between the two

but skam has shown us that these two are so alike, so much that we forget how different they supposedly are. We forget about their religion, sexuality, gender and race. 

they are just Isak and Sana

two incredible human souls

and that’s exactly how it should always be in this world. 

and that’s how I interpret the clip and i’m sticking with it <3 

I really loved this clip and I could discuss it forever but i’ll end it here. Also your english is absolutely beautiful, never apologise for it. <3 I could never hate you angel. 

Who To Fight - Choices Stories You Play Edition - Part II
  • For Part I:
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • Professor Vasquez: He's already dead. You can't fight him, anymore...
  • Zig: This dude's already a badass and you wanna fight him? You're gonna be left with scars and bruises. Or worse, lying on the ground, not moving at all.
  • Rachel: Same as Natasha.
  • Amara: She's on your side and also why would you wanna fight her?
  • Arjun: Poor Arjun being beaten up by you. He doesn't do anything wrong.
  • Yasmin Udoka: You better fight her. She's already sexual harrasing James.
  • Cassandra Leigh: Don't you dare to fight this precious cinnamon roll. She's already being held hostage by John Tull and Hayley Rose and she needs to be protected. Don't fight her, please.
  • Ryan Summers: Again, this guy didn't do anything wrong to you. There's no reason to fight him. Unless, if you're the antagonist/hero in the movie that you're starring alongside him and he's the hero/antagonist.
  • Alyssa Griffin: She'll call her lawyers if you wanna fight her.
  • Capt. Dana Beckham: You dare to fight with a superior of the Los Angeles Police Department? You're gonna be thrown into jail for sure.
  • Officer Rebecca McKenzie: Don't fight with a freaking police officer. You'll end up in jail. You can't run from your crimes.
  • Severin Cale: You're gonna lose if you're not careful with him "playing dirty", but sure fight him.
  • Prince Tevan Drammir: He'll fight you if you wanna fight him.
  • Adder: Queen of daggers, bad idea.
  • Kailani Keawe: She and her brother Noa will have their combo move and you had no chance on winning.
  • Noa Keawe: Same as Kailani.
  • Anu Rhuka: This fire master would probably burn you to death. No kidding.
  • Hex: FIGHT HER. (bruh this was before she has a sudden change of heart) Ok, maybe bad idea.
  • Leon Stirling: Heh, he'll beat you up first. Now that he's dead...
  • Gabriel Amarne: He's dead...
  • The Mechateur from The Foundry: Bad idea. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • The Bear recruited from Aurelia: The Bear will eat you before you could even fight it. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • Mama Kraken: Like I said above for the Baby Kraken.
  • Party Twin: Why do you want to fight with your own sister? There's no sibling rivalry in your family. Unless, there's a cookie left... maybe?
  • Smart Twin: Same as Party Twin.
  • The Brother: He's your own brother... he will protect you for those people who wants to fight you. Unless when it comes down to "only one left" piece of food... maybe?
  • Elena Sanchez: Elena is just a precious cinnamon roll that there's no reason to fight with her. Unless you mess with her, she looks like she can break your bones.
  • Blake Yasuda: You're gonna get fired from Nomade. Lmao.
  • Carter: There's nothing to fight with him. Why bother?
  • Evil Aunt: She's trying to fail you and your siblings for the inheritance. GO FIGHT HER.
  • Claire Pierce: FIGHT THIS BITCH.
  • William Sloan, Rich Businessman: He's a sweetheart. Why would you want to fight him? He has lawyers too.
  • Prince Leo of Cordonia, RoE: No comment, honestly.
  • The Bartender: Um... he used to be in the military so I guess he knows how to fight so...
  • Audrey: There's completely no reason to fight with her.
  • Paolo: Fight him for being a fricking arse.
  • Blaire Hall: Um...
  • Diego Ortiz Soto: You'll regret this for the rest of your lives. Don't fight him, please. If you still want to fight him, -1000000 friendship points with Diego.
  • Jake McKenzie: Hahahahahaha... ha... ha... sure, if you DARE, Princess/Boy Scout.
  • Quinn Kelly: DON'T FIGHT THIS PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL. If you do, -1000000 friendship points with Quinn.
  • Sean Gayle: Wait you really want to fight this quarterback? Here's a story, Sean has hard abs and looks like he can crush your trachea. RIP you. Cause of death is asphyxiation because Sean crushed your trachea.
  • Michelle Nguyen: You fight her, you get -1000000 friendship points with Michelle.
  • Craig Hsiao: If you win, Craig will praise you. If Craig wins, you have to do his betting.
  • Raj Bhandarkar: Again, why would you want to do it so? -1000000 friendship points with Raj.
  • Zahra Namazi: Heh. No big deal for her. *smirks like Zahra*
  • Aleister Rourke II: He's up for a challenge.
  • Grace Hall: -1000000 friendship points with Grace and Aleister. Also, Aleister will fight you if you dare to fight Grace.
  • Estela Montoya: You and her are gonna fight. A probability of 1/2 for you to win and another 1/2 for Estela to win. Dare to do it?
  • Lila: Woah, if you get on her bad side, she'll probably electrocute you with her traps.
  • The Watchers: You HAD to.
  • Sabertooth: Same as the Watchers.
  • Giant Crabs: Same as the Watchers and Sabertooth.
  • Everett A. Rourke I: Ok but fight him because he's the one who trapped y'all in La Huerta but then again, he's hibernating in a pod so...
  • Mark Collins: I seriously don't know dude. Maybe you guys fight in a game of Scrabble or something. No physical strength involve.
  • Sereena: You wanna fight her? She also wants to fight you. *plays Wild West fight scenario music*
  • Brooke: But... why? Poor Brooke.
  • C. Coleman: Did Cole did anything wrong to you? Right, he was drunk and casually said that Mark's in love with Dani. Uh...
  • Horatio Santos: Why do you wanna fight this cinnamon roll? Horatio didn't do anything wrong to you. How dare you? Did I mention that he's really jacked up?
  • Ben: Poor Ben.
  • Leah: Poor Leah.
  • Martin: FIGHT HIM AND TJ.
  • Felix: Maybe you guys challenge each other in a spicy food eating contest.
  • Isabel: Isabel looks like she can break your bones.
  • Eleanor Waverley: Um, she's dead. (in my game)
  • Simon Waverley: He's dead and if he was alive, you still can't fight him because he's a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs.
  • Clarissa Waverley: Same as Simon.
  • Thomas Waverley: Same as his siblings.
  • Victor: Victor's been nothing but a love interest/best friend to you and being in a fight with him is just... not right.
  • Rose Waverley: She's dead but if she was alive, FIGHT HER FOR WHAT SHE DID TO HER CHILDREN.
  • Hana: She just came here to have a good time and honestly feeling so attacked right now. No, don't fight her.
  • Olivia: Or Zenobia Nevrakis? Jk, she's a descendant. Fight her I guess?
  • Drake: *casually has Hotline Bling in my head* I dunno. Some of y'all still dislike/hate him and some of y'all had a change of heart. Ok let me tell you what, you and him should race down the snowy hills, which you guys did.
  • Prince Liam of Cordonia, from TRR: I don't think there's even a reason to fight with him...
  • Maxwell: There's no reason for you to fight him, unless PB will cause a plot twist to his character like I've seen there's a "Maxwell is evil" theory. As long as he's still the guy who loves cronuts, please do not fight him.

I keep getting messages and whatnot on both Tumblr and Instagram from people claiming I’m mean to Tamlin, or unfair to Tamlin, etc. Seeing as this happens pretty often, I thought I’d address it: 

I don’t hate Tamlin. Hell, I actually find his character intriguing. Could I love the man? Hell no. But he’s an interesting character, tool or not. I’ll give him that. I’m perfectly aware that he was made out to be a “villain” but he’s far from the worst person in the ACOTAR series. 

So why do you make fun of him, Ava?

Well, kids, because it’s funny.

While it’s never okay to blatantly make fun of real-life people, with fictional characters there is more lenience because they don’t actually exist. My headcanons are designed to be amusing, to hyperbolize Tamlin as a massive tool and a real piece of work…because it is comical. Because it’s funny to go through all of these wonderful High Lords and give them funny quirks, and then get to the end and have it be a funny twist about Tamlin. I don’t hate him; but I enjoy poking fun at him, and I’m not going to apologize for it. Sorry if that’s what you read this for.

Oh, and I’m not even giving anyone an explanation for portraying Beron as a huge asshole. Some of you claim we don’t know enough about him for me to be mean to him; we know he canonically beats and rapes his wife, has been abusing his sons for their entire lives, and he publicly shamed Rhys for being Amarantha’s Whore. So if you want me to not be rude to Beron, you’re fresh out of luck because he’s a total dick.

Rant Over

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back


I’m going to start by saying that this is MY opinion and if you don’t like it, then fine! If you want to ask me questions and or discuss Shawn’s new song then hmu, but please don’t be rude or anything like that. ANYWAYYYYY

I will just say that I’m a little disappointed that this new single isn’t the snippet of that other song that we thought it might be. I was really hoping for that song BUT it’s okay, bc There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back is a legit BOP

I’m a good girl, so in my eyes, the lyrics to this song are a little scandalous 😂 I like it though, and it kinda is giving me bad boy vibes you know? I could totally base an imagine/fic off this song about bad boy Shawn, running away with Y/N bc that’s literally what the lyrics make me think of.

So, I like the song a lot. I like the beat, the lyrics are fine, BUT they’re just different for Shawn in my opinion. I know that Shawn is maturing and his music is going to change as he gets older and all that, but I’m worried his music is going to turn into like, all the songs we hear on the radio that weren’t even written by the people who sing them, you know? I’ve loved Shawn since day one because he’s so genuine, and I love that his music is so real and it’s based on real life experiences and all that. This song kinda doesn’t sound 100% from Shawn to me, and maybe I’m wrong idk, but that’s just what I think and it makes me nervous. I get that he works with other people and not all his songs will be only from him, but I just don’t want Shawn to not be himself anymore just because certain producers/other writers tell him to he different so that way the media likes him, and blah blah. I could get further into that but I won’t bc I really don’t feel like being attacked so

Okay so I also don’t understand why they made this song a part of Illuminate Deluxe?? Like what? Shawn I love you but why not just make it a single???

I loooovveeeeee the way Shawn sings this new song and holy shit I can’t wait to see him perform it. Seeing the way he performs Mercy, makes me think of how LIT it will be when he performs this song. The rasp in his voice IS REALLLLLL and this song shows it a lot and it sounds so good. I’m so proud of Shawn and I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE NEW MUSIC


Teens React to Attack on Titan


First taste of my fluff/smut (smuff? sluff?). 

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Characters: Park Chanyeol x OC/reader. 

Setting: Headcanon, cis/het relationship.

Warnings: Well, I said it’s smut. Implied sex in this chapter, future chapters to be updated accordingly.

Word Count: 701

Teaser: Whether by nature or coincidence, here you were. FINALLY. Two whole weeks away from work, from the daily hustle, and the constant hiding.

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fantasy au!: hinata gets possessed by an demon/evil spirit. Kageyama has to go after him

Kingdom of Crows: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 - FINAL

“Your Majesty, you can’t!” Yachi said–shrieked, more like. The other three men in the room stared at her, shocked. She went bright pink, but didn’t stop speaking. “You can’t go after him. It’s too dangerous. I’ve…” Her whole face paled, and she looked like her next words pained her greatly. “I’ve seen things. Terrible things, in the water…”

Kageyama frowned deeply, tapping his fingers on the armrests of his wooden throne. His seer was not known to be wrong, especially when it came to water divination–but he had known this would be dangerous. He was willing to risk it.

He would risk anything to bring Hinata back. 

“She’s right,” Yamaguchi said quietly. He appeared calm, but the mage was clutching his staff so tightly that his knuckles had turned white. “What happens if you don’t come back?”

“Then I know my kingdom will be in very good hands,” Kageyama said, looking around at the other three. 

“You speak of abandoning your people so easily,” the last person in the room said, finally speaking up. Tsukishima had been silent for most of their discussion, but now he stared Kageyama down, even as Yamaguchi sighed and Yachi whipped her head back and forth between them, eyes wide.

Kageyama narrowed his eyes. “I’m not abandoning anyone.”

“If you die,” Tsukishima said, “that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.”

They never got along, never had, and probably never would. Fully half of all court meetings were guaranteed to be Tsukishima disagreeing with the king. This was why he was Kageyama’s advisor.  

Yachi let out a tiny squeak as Kageyama stood from the throne. “Do you truly, even with that cold heart of yours, expect me to leave him?” 

“You have a duty to this place,” Tsukishima said, blandly.

“I have a duty to him,” Kageyama growled. 

For a long moment, neither spoke. Then Tsukishima said, “If you don’t come back, I’m going to tell everyone what an enormous idiot you were.” 

The king’s face split into a grin. “Since when do you care so much for duty, Tsukki?” 

“Since I’ve been forced to watch you make a mess of it for so many years,” Tsukishima replied. “Go. And don’t come back with nothing to show for it.”

“I won’t,” Kageyama replied grimly. He would make sure of that. 

Even if all he managed to bring back was a body.

That had been many months ago. Many months since he’d last seen the fading silhouette of his castle in the distance, or the rolling green lands of Corvus. Months since he’d heard the voice of a friend, or felt the warmth of sunlight on his face. Months since he had stopped for rest.

Months since he’d slept. Months since he’d eaten or drank. 

Months since he’d last been truly alive.

For now he had passed into the Realm of Shade, that let none who walked there truly live or die.

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What made you ship Allena so much? (The manga or anime, and what scene?)

me rn:

oh boy i don’t even know where to start

(under a cut because i’m afraid i’m gonna ramble a lot, anon, i hope you are prepared to take responsability for the consequences of your question, i also apologize for my english as it isn’t my mothertongue)

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Unexpected Portrait of a Star”

Let’s just say photographer Miyuki was adjusting the lights and the camera before a session on a balcony and while taking an experimental shot , this kid pops in the frame by accident. at first Miyuki doesn’t think much of it but when he sees the picture…welp the kid is gone and he’s left with a perfect picture for his project but since he doesn’t have the model’s permission he can’t use it. Hence he starts the chase. although he didn’t have to look too far; apparently the kid was rising baseball star.

Sawamura Eijun I hate you because I love you. first time I try this kind of painting and it took me an awful long time since I was not happy with it but I am now and I feel proud of the result :’)

(Also: thIS WAS HELL!! I TRIED SO HARD. PRAISE MEEE _:(´□`」 ∠):_  )

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you rlly asking me to think abt this more?????? // uhhh yes??? bc its Daddy Magnus™ and he’s the kind that would either make sweet love or suck a clit dirty until you’re raw and cumming all over that goatee of his while your thighs are clamped around his head like he doesn’t half ass eating out he knows what he's doing if it was an olympic sport he'd be winning gold every fucking time


okay so is it late enough to answer this👀

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I love you (Platonically) Seriously you give me inspiration and your art style is distinguishable. I have a questions though (pls don't hate me) How old do you think someone must be to have a tumblr? In your opinion? ANYWAYS ILY

Anonymous said:let me dive back to my first sentence for how I think of this entire blog and all your art and all your videos and all your everything ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “Me lovie - Me lovie you”


BTS as things my friends say
  • Seokjin: "Step out of the sun bitch, I hate the smell of burning plastic."
  • Yoongi: "I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you."
  • Namjoon: "Call me papi"
  • Jimin: "Your ass is like Kim K's, not because it's huge, but because you need surgery to get one."
  • Taehyung: "I saw these hobos in LA and I screamed LET'S ALL BE HOBOS"
  • Jungkook: "If you think it's so funny, then WHY AREN'T YOU FUCKING LAUGHING HUH"
Me while watching the x-men movies
  • me: erik don't
  • me: erik pls
  • me: come on erik stop
  • me: what the fuck erik
  • me: how stupid can you be erik
  • me: magneto more like shut the fuck up
  • me: what an asshole, calls himself magneto thinks he is cool
  • me: put that stadium down or so help me you fucking idiot
  • my friends: wow you really hate magneto right?
  • me: ...
  • me: why the fuck would you think that?? i love him okay? how dare you

An ugly blurb (okay it’s like a thousand words so not really a blurb lmao) I prepared for @hemmocrat & @tragicash‘s breakup!5sos blurb night !! It’s a bit all over the place and I suck at writing angst ok I’m a fluff chick but ??? It’s based on a prompt from here and I’m really sorry this is late omg ok bye enjoy !!

Cushioned slippers provided relief for your aching feet as you groggily climbed out of bed, murmured curses falling from between your tired lips. Whomever decided to knock upon your door at three in the morning was about to get an earful from you; your brain racking against your skull as it throbbed with an aching to sleep.

You were almost certain you were in the midst of a nightmare when you hastily pulled open the door to reveal the one and only boy you thought you had left in the past. Heart stammering and face burning red, you felt your brain avert it’s focus from sleep, sleep, sleep to Calum, Calum, Calum.

“What the fuck is this?” Your eyes trailed to the formal piece of cardboard that was curled between the slender fingers Calum held up before you, the sight enough to make them almost pop from their safe haven inside your head.

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