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Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

Better things to do


  • Basically everyone graduated Garrison
  • Shiro and Keith are on a mission in space
  • They are also married to each other
  • Lance is now a teacher at Garrison and loves both of them

Lance sighed, he was tired but he couldn’t go to sleep yet since he had to finish grading for one of his class’s quizzes. He leaned back in his chair, stretching out his arms and back as far as he can.

Just three more to go and you can go to sleep Lance.’ He tried to motivate himself to stay awake, he grabbed his pen once again and marked the incorrect responses. As he put the final grade, he noticed the student forgot to put their name on it. He contemplated if he should take points off of it or not.

Before he could decide he heard his laptop ringing alerting him that he had an incoming video call. All the tiredness and irritation he was feeling before was gone, he sat right up with a smile. It was Keith and Shiro. They were currently in space on a mission just to go on a exploration of a planet that Galaxy Garrison had discovered ten years ago.

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In last days, I recieved some sweet messages, like I’m the ray of sunshine, and I’m amazing, and all these cute stuff that made me squeak uncontrollably. I was supposed to send those messages to other people and “not break the chain”, but since every single one of you is my ray of amazing, important, talented, lovely sunshine, I instead decided to spill my soft heart in this post for you. It’s gonna be slightly long. Sorry. 

First of, dear mutuals: ~~

@mochishake ♥♥♥ @sheloveskook@parkesjimin@heyhosam@run-sober-wolf@lovehobs@kaliheartsjikook@jimiinnah@simplycomplicatedparadox@gongjumin@tacity (don’t think I forgot about you! I’m glad you’re going to be at least on/off here ^^) ♥ @nini17 :) ♥ @mimibtsghost@ppphmsbtsblog (I know we never really talked, but you were one of the first blogs I followed, and I love everything you post :3) ♥ @trickholic@jikookdetails@harunyany@caughtinjimin@jungkookjimins@bananacookies1

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, it’s not because I hate you! I’m just pretty lame and forgetful, so please, remind me of you, so I can add you/tell me it’s you, in case you follow me from other blog (I’m pretty lost in these things :D) 


All of my lovely followers. 

I know I don’t say it very often. I’m probably used to feel things more than constantly talk about them - ok, there are exceptions, but on the internet I’m like that. I don’t want to repeat some words over and over again, so they feel meaningless at the end. I feel love for all of you very deeply, and when I say it, like this, I really mean it. I wish I could know you and your stories and worries and silly little things that happen to you every day. I wish I could hug you when you’re feeling down, bake you a cake and say nothing at all when you need company. (Now I realized that the “bake a cake” sounds a little like that thing from Mean Girls :D Sorry, for me, being cheesy little trash.)
I’m so, so thankful that I fell into the BTS hole all those months ago and that I became part of this family. Even now I want to cry. Despite some fights, and some people being mean, we still manage to stand together, love our boys, entertain one another, form friendships - not only over BTS, but over our lives. I think it’s so, so amazing. Also this fandom is so talented. I love how all of us add a little something - fan arts, videos, gifs, compilations, cracks, fanfictions, moodboards, graphics, translations, theories… all of it, done by lovely, talented people who want to share part of their hearts to make other people happy. And even if someone don’t create ‘content’, it’s those people who love it, support other people that make it all worth it. Just… amazing

I love every one of you, my mutuals and followers. I know I *suck* at replying (I scold myself because of it a lot :D) but I’m trying. I also never forgot my promises - all those analyses I promised I’ll do, I’ll do. I just had no idea how hectic my life will become around this time. Still, if you want to talk about anything - literally, anything, I don’t mind if it’s sad or weird - I’m here. I promise. And despite my shiteus, I will try to support you and be here for you. And if you just want to send memes and random jokes, I’m all about that, too :D Just… yeah.

Thank you all for making me feel like I belong for probably the first time in my life. Thank you for letting me know some of you. Thank you for being amazing human beings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. And if you’re struggling sometimes (like I do) remember that I love you, and try to allow yourselves to love you, too.

Sorry for being so soft, cheesy and… yeah. But you know, this is me. I couldn’t tell you my thoughts and feelings in another way. Have an amazing week. 


the members of b.a.p just feel so trustworthy like they could tell me to just trust them for something and i’d be like ‘okay sure yeah what you need’ no questions asked

except youngjae

youngjae is a shady bitch

While beautiful wives (and husband) fliers are being drawn, I’m just here busting a lung doodling Lon’Qu

Or should I say Lon’Chuu? ( ˘ ³˘)♥