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I feel so homesick right now… so I took my homesickness and gave it to Lance bc thinking about how homesick Lance must be somehow made me feel happier for a second before I started crying bc he must feel it at least 10x worse bc I know I’ll see them soon and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see his family again

Sorry if there are any typos, I can barely see through my tears

-at the garrison it was somehow different. he wasn’t with his family, but he knew he’d get to see them around the holidays and such things, plus skyping or texting or calling

-he still missed them and so he thought he knew what homesickness felt like: a tiny squeeze of your heart and a whispered voice reminding you of your family, but still fairly easy to ignore with the smallest distractions

-even then, if things got really bad for him at school he knew the worst they could do was send him back to his family, who would still accept him even if he was kicked out

-and then he was pulled into a giant space war

-which, unlike the garrison or literally any other school, has his schedule entirely unplanned

-was he going to eat breakfast tomorrow or were they going to have to fight something? was Allura going to surprise them with a crazy drill that they’d have to suffer through? was Hunk going to wake up later than usual and cause to Coran decide to make them disaster food? if he slept in, would the team let him sleep til lunch? who knows

-was he even going to live long enough to see his family? if Zarkon attacked earth, would they know? would they be able to stop him? what if his family is already dead? for all Lance knew, he could die in his sleep, but Allura dismissed him and said they couldn’t visit earth yet

-he has so much more time to think of things and at first he thought that would make him would feel better, but it doesn’t

-instead he notices that he can’t remember the way his sister parted her her hair, or where the freckle on his brother’s face was or if there even was one. he can’t quite remember the tune to the song his mother always sang, or the way his dad’s face lit up as he came home from his late shift at work only to find that everyone had stayed up late just to see him walk through the door

-his first thought is that it didn’t matter, that those were only the small things

-but then he noticed that he could barely breathe

-he was gasping and his lungs felt like they were full of cotton, his eyes stung as he tried not to cry, his head pounding out his erratic heartbeat. his hands and feet felt numb, his arms and legs like jelly. he felt nauseous too, and bile stung his throat as his mouth went completely dry. his heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest viciously

-he tried to think of something else, anything else, but now his head was screaming everything he must be missing back at home

-does his sister still make cookies every saturday? does his brother still pick flowers on his way home from school? does his mom still make ridiculous cards for him and his siblings? does his dad still insist that they take pictures everyday?

-do they think he’s dead?

-at this point Lance just needs to get out. he’s scared and just hopes that distracting himself will still work because it’s the only thing he could think of

-so he walks right down into the dining room where the rest of the team is and starts talking

-the others talk back, and everything goes back to normal for Lance

-but the longer he’s away from his family, the more often this occurs, until it’s a habit to just talk to everyone every time he has someone to talk to

-he talked to the paladins, he talked to the alteans, he talked to Blue (and any other lion, although he couldn’t tell if they were listening or not)

-and eventually the others found him to be more and more annoying

-which sucks, because he needs them more than ever now, because now everything he does reminds him of home

-bathing, eating, sleeping, practicing, laughing, even talking

-and there are things he never did in space like fighting, training, or using crazy machines, but it just helped remind him that he’s doing them because he’s not at home

-Lance wants to tell them, but no one else talks about being homesick so he decides he has to stay strong

-they all say he’s annoying (wether or not they mean it) so he slowly gets quieter and basically loses his only coping mechanism but no one seems to notice how much worse he’s getting

-they don’t notice how quiet he is now either, until he says something and someone asks him if he knows how to shut up before they realize that that was the first time they had heard him speak in days

-they see his face fall and his eyes fill with tears, and now they notice his eye bags and the way he seems to be ready to fall over at any given second

-they don’t say anything however, because they aren’t very social and don’t know what to say (only Hunk and Coran seem to have any skills socially, but they wouldn’t be telling Lance to shut up in the first place so it’s safe to say whoever said it wouldn’t be a feelings expert)

-so they leave it alone. Lance was probably just tired lately for some reason but they won’t make him go to sleep because they figure he’ll be fine (again, pretty sure Hunk and Coran are the only ones who know what sleeping is)

-they’re too lost in thought to notice Lance leave the room gasping for air

-they’re too busy moving on to notice that Lance won’t be fine


Do you ever just look into someone’s eyes…

Cute Dates With NCT Dream

AN: I hope I did this justice. I already feel so nervous about completing requests, but thank you so much for sending me this! I did specific date ideas for each individual member, so I hope that’s what you wanted! Also, these are sort of like first/second dates/early on in the relationship dates. Hope you enjoy!

And thank you SO SO much, it really means a lot to me!


Ice Cream Date. Mark is a nervous little fluff. He would have completely over-thought this. He wouldn’t want to be too formal with a dinner date-type setting and make everything seem too serious. He also wouldn’t want to do something too cliche like going to the movies because he does want to be able to actually sit and talk with you. So, he’d settle on the happy medium of an ice cream date. And he would sit there with this huge smile on his face, looking at you so happy because you’re smiling just as brightly. You start to feel a bit guilty though because Mark apparently has no idea that he’s had ice cream on the side of his mouth for a while now and you’re really trying to hold back a giggle. He just looks so cute and sweet and you can’t think of the best way to let him know without making him feel embarrassed. Eventually, you just take it upon yourself to wipe it off with your thumb without saying anything about it. He’s so overwhelmed by you touching his face that he doesn’t even process why you would have done it in the first place. You just continue smiling happily at his blushing cheeks.


Amusement Park. Renjun is so sweet, but also seems like just a really fun and spontaneous person. He would just love running around an amusement park with you all day. You would go on all the rides together and it first he would make it seem like you could hold onto him during the rides in case you got scared, but it actually turns out that he’s the one holding onto you the entire time, which you don’t mind. ( “Please just don’t tell Chenle about this, Y/N. He’ll never let me live it down.” ) During the middle of the day when you both got a bit tired, you’d go to one of the little cafe/restaurant type places and snack for a bit and it would feel like just a normal date. But pretty soon, it’s back to exploring the rest of the park. You take really cute couple pictures together and play all of the arcade/carnival type games. Renjun wins a stuffed bear holding a heart for you at one of the booths and he tells you it’s to make up for holding onto you during every ride. But everything is just really cute and sweet. And then when it starts to get dark, you go on some of the rides again because they’re even more terrifying in the dark (and you really don’t mind Renjun holding onto your arm). And then you two watch the parade that they hold at night sharing some cotton candy and leaning on each other from exhaustion.


Bowling. Listen, bowling dates are so cute and so is Jeno, so this just had to happen; I don’t make the rules. It could be just the two of you or maybe you decide to go with a group. If you weren’t dating yet, it’d definitely be a group thing, but otherwise, I think he’d want it to just be the two of you. The two of you would just wear cute bowling shoes and share a plate of fries and a milkshake like a cliché American teen movie. What could be better? One of their songs would likely start playing and you’d just look at him with a big smile on your face. He’d try so hard to keep a stone cold expression, but when you’re standing beside him jumping up and down and singing the song purposely off-key, he just can’t maintain composure.  There would probably be a bet between the two of you where whoever loses has to buy ice cream afterward or something.  And you know how some bowling alleys have arcades in them too? You’d probably spend more of your time there. Get ready for 50+ games of skeeball and an air hockey tournament. Even though you lost the bowling, you one in every arcade game, so you both agree to split the cost of the ice cream. And you’d sit side by side with your ice cream trying to stay warm all bundled in your jackets until you both give in and run into a coffee shop to get some hot chocolate to warm up.


Rollerblading. We’ve already seen Jaemin on a hoverboard, just take it a step forward (or back?) and imagine him on roller blades. In all actuality, this would turn into him becoming an expert in the first five minutes and you holding tightly onto him to stay standing up, which is just adorable. (Unless you yourself are an expert rollerblader, which is totally possible.) But either way, you’d hold hands and skate together for a while. He might get a bit excited and try to do some tricks to impress you. But you know, he’s not invincible, so he probably ends up falling in the middle of a turn. Being Jaemin, he laughs it off, but there’s no disguising how red his cheeks are. He feels okay about it though because once you’d checked to make sure he was alright, you started laughing so hard that you had to sit down next to him. Not wanting to get run over, you helped him up and went to find some tables to sit at. You decide it’s time for both of you to sit out for a bit and while Jaemin’s still pouting, you go grab some food and drinks. And it turns out that you might both enjoy just sitting and talking together more than you did being out on the rink anyway. You actually get to know each other (or just sit and laugh at his bad jokes). 


People Watching. Okay, so this would start as any normal coffee date, but it would slowly evolve into a people-watching session because of Haechan’s sense of humor and it would be sO FUNNY OK. Haechan can be equally sweet as he is sassy so the date would start off with the two of you just getting to know each other over coffee, or any other drink you prefer. Coffee shops just have some of the best energy and with both of you having more energetic personalities, you’d really feed off of that. But of course, since this is early on in your time knowing each other, there eventually is an awkward pause. You’re both slurping at whatever is left of your drink and then Haechan slaps his hand over his mouth in an attempt to not burst out laughing. You’d turn to look at whatever has caught his attention and muffle a laugh as well as you watch the frantic aftermath of a child bringing a small display of coffee down to try to keep from slipping. From that point on, the two of you are merciless. You use the funniest voices you can think of to act out the conversation between couples who will obviously not be having a second date. You judge the fashion choices of customers who act awful to the employees and you try to determine who the mom friend is in each group of people that walk in. In the end, you’d probably be asked to leave because you haven’t ordered anything else since your drinks you got two hours ago and you’re “making customers uncomfortable,” though you swear you were just trying to have some wholesome fun. 


Serenading. Chenle has such a beautiful voice and a very outward personality, so I feel like this would be the perfect date for him. The way I imagine this is that it doesn’t actually start out as a date. You’ve been working on a lot lately and you find yourself stressed out and purposely isolating yourself from everyone. And Chenle just won’t have it. He knows something’s wrong between the look on your face and his unanswered texts. He spends an hour or so trying to cheer you up and bring back the smile that he knows and loves. Despite all of his efforts, you still can’t find the energy to laugh at a joke or even give a complete response to anything he’s saying to you. Eventually, he just sits beside you and lets you lay your head on his shoulder, figuring that his support alone may be more effective than anything else right now. He softly starts singing and you can feel your worries start to wash away. Once he stops, you ask him if he can sing another song and he looks down to see you smiling, so of course he sings whatever you want and sometimes you join in and sing too, but in the end, it’s just you swaying along to his voice. With your spirits officially lifted, you both decide to go grab something to eat but not before asking him to sing just one more song. And then another. And okay, maybe just four more. 


Stargazing. Or anywhere where he wouldn’t have to face the ruthless teasing of his hyungs. ooooOOOOOOOHH I love this tiny sweetie, listen,,, Jisung would be so persistent on making sure you didn’t know where he was taking you. It wasn’t even that huge of a deal, but he still wanted it to be a surprise if only to make you feel special. You would have to go far from the city to actually see any stars so it would start with a car ride accompanied by purposely off-tune singing along to the radio and fast food that could be eaten in the car. About ten minutes before you arrive, he has you close your eyes. You don’t see the point since it’s already dark outside, but… have to keep the bean happy. “Okay! Stay here and don’t open your eyes.” Now you’re just confused because where is he going? It’s not long before he comes back and gets you, but he still makes you keep your eyes shut as he walks you over to somewhere you can sit. When he has you open your eyes, you really are amazed. Having lived in a city for most of your life, you’d never seen so many stars so clearly. “If you look really closely, you can actually see Jupiter. I’m not sure where, but apparently you can.” You giggle because the whole thing is just so cute. You lay on the blanket for a long time pointing out the constellations and enjoying quiet moments away from all the noise and bustle of the city.


havent really drawn anything properly in a while and im really out of this game asdfvjkl but im trying to get back into it tho so here some sketches ((maybe delete later if i correct them bc some are really not recognisable omg)) (((its 5am dont judge me pls i am not capable of doing good decisions im off to sleep)))

OK SO. I am on board the Min Hyuk x Do Bong Soon ship. I know they have a long way to go (it’s only been 2 episodes like? Anything could happen), but my GOD the potential!!!! THE POTENTIAL.

You have Do Bong Soon, who is physically powerful which already wins points because powerful woman? Say what? But guess what makes this even better? She’s still super feminine, and crushes on a boy, and jumps up and down when shes excited, and she EATS and it’s normal. And she’s not sexualised, and her strength isn’t looked down upon. It’s not made into this “ohhh woman is stronger than a man? SHOCKER!!!!” in a way that turns it into a joke and emphasises that it’s so wrong for a woman to be stronger than a man? (At least that’s the vibes i’m getting). She’s capable and fights back when needed, but I also like that she doesn’t always go head first saving people. She’s no superhero, and while that’s very much something she could do, she helps in smaller ways when the situation calls for it too. Bong Soon knows to hold back and uses her strength as a last resort.

SIDE NOTE: I like how this emphasises and shows you just how much people *cough* men, look down on women and treat women. Because they always underestimate her and think she’s weak and frail, until she proves them completely wrong.

Then you have Min Hyuk. He sees her strength and while he is amazed by it, it’s also no big deal? Like woah, girl with supernatural strength? I WANT HER AS MY BODY GUARD. And what’s even better is HE ENJOYS seeing her show off her strength AND helps her out at the police station no question. He doesn’t get all pissy and feel less of a man or emasculated(? Is that the right word)?. He relies on her, is sensitive, admits when he is scared, isn’t afraid to admit he needs her, and still instinctively wants to protect her despite knowing she is physically capable. He treats her like a girl/woman, without playing down her strength to make him feel manly/himself feel better.

They have this rhythm when they interact and I really like what they bring out in each other so far.

EDIT: did I also mention that she is a gamer? Bong Soon literally breaks every barrier. She’s physically strong, feminine, a GAMER and wants to develop games. Like!!!!! Her physical strength doesn’t mean she’s necessarily cut out to be a hero or that she can’t be both strong AND feminine. What are gender roles. Do they exist on this show? Nope? Good.

Pynch Playlist 1/?

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out | The Smiths

Driving in your car
I never, never want to go home
Because I haven’t got one anymore

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jake and amy, 21. best friends sibling au? i'm so desperate to see amy's brothers on the show!!


21. best friend’s sibling au


Amy’s head snaps up from where it was buried in her book. Not that she’s at all surprised by someone yelling in the house - growing up with seven brothers has left her mostly desensitised (and probably partially deaf) to loud noises coming from nowhere at all hours of the night. Over the years, Amy had learned to block out the incessant yammering of seven slightly insane extroverts, but this voice was different.

The disembodied voice coming from her kitchen didn’t belong to any of her brothers - four had moved out years ago and the twins were out of town, leaving just Amy and Manny at home. But Manny had class all morning and wouldn’t be home until later, which meant that – oh. She’s surprised she hadn’t recognised it immediately.

The unmistakable voice of one Jacob Peralta is echoing through her house.

Manny and Jake had met during their first semester of college and bonded instantly. Jake didn’t have a whole lot of family, and since Manny still lived at home he insisted on bringing him to all their family holiday celebrations (or as Peralta called them, Staying Up With the Santiagos) so he wouldn’t sit in his apartment watching football. It meant Jake and Amy had become… Acquainted. Out of necessity. Nothing genuine. Really.

“Manuel Victor Santiago, I will search this house –”

Dios mio,” she mutters under her breath. She bookmarks her page in A Brief History of US Politics - because not even under duress would she dog-ear a page, she’s not a savage - and slams the cover shut before crossing the room to her open door and sticking her head out to yell into the hallway. “Shut up, Peralta!”

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My boggart is skeletons... but like, I have literally no idea how to riddikulus it. All the usual stuff (put a hat on it! Make it dance!) doesn't help at all. 😭 (I fucking hate Halloween, seeing my boggart fucking everywhere all the time...)


That awkward moment when you find yourself amongst ~10,000 slobbering pups… and you’re made of bones.

(edit bc i forgot to put the link in like an idiot) Send me your boggarts!

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Do you actually think the new song could belong to jasper? because I think like many people that hte song is for lapis because you made a good point that jasper is trapped but lapis was trapped for far longer than jasper

id like to hope its jasper’s!!! but i wouldnt at all be surprised if it was someone else’s, too. obviously ive basically always got jasper on the mind, so when i saw the lyrics i immediately associated it with her and fit the lyrics into her story.

more extensive thoughts on this under the cut! (if theres any confusion, this is about the tags i put on my reblog of this post)

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