pls come back to teen wolf

scott mccall deserves a happy ending where he has his best friend by his side,
he lost allison
he lost kira
he doesn’t deserve to lose his brother too, the person who has been through everything with him, who he has an unbreakable bond with, it would destroy him if his ending didn’t include his best friend.

lydia martin deserves a happy ending where the love of her life is by her side,
she lost jackson
she lost aiden
she lost allison
she finally realises how much she loves him and it would be painful to watch if another person she loves leaves her, the person who loves her the most, who always believed in her, her emotional tether, she would be destroyed if her ending didn’t include her soul mate.

the sheriff deserves a happy ending where his son is by his side,
his abusive father is lost to dementia,
he lost the real claudia,
stiles is the only family he has, who he loves and is loved by, stiles is the only thing that keeps him hanging on, a reason for him to live after his wife died, stiles is his son who he would do anything for, he would be destroyed if his ending didn’t include his son.

stiles stilinski deserves a happy ending with the people he loves,
he should be with his father,
he should be with his brother,
he should be with the love of his life,
he should be with the pack,
his story can not end with death, if he has to leave let him do so alive so he can come back in the finale.

we all deserve a happy ending

Isaac being in season 5 would include:

-Isaac writing Erica and Boyd’s initials on the shelf

-Isaac inappropriate/over obvious statements (as usual)

-Isaac not trusting Theo, ever.

-Isaac not being here for Theo’s manipulation

-Trusting Scott

-Scott: “this time I’ve lost everyone”
Isaac: *standing in the doorway* “Not everyone”

-Isaac literally having to restrain himself from kicking Theo’s ass for killing/hurting Scott (actually come to think of it Theo would be a dead man, but shh)

Things that need to happen in season 5: 

-Lydia is the absolute centre of attention all the time

-Stiles and Malia break up because literally? that pairing has 3 fans JEFF JUST LISTEN TO THE MASSES OKAY

-We finally see the Stydia smooch on “Previously on Teen Wolf”


-Isaac returns

-Allison comes back to life

-Malia has some of her own character development that doesn’t include being a love interest :)