pls come back forever

“I just got a call from my mom telling me that my little sister got into my video game collection back home. I’m torn between letting her play them and having my mom send it all to me, because how on earth did I forget them all?”

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thank you for showing me the beauty that is tododenki

afkafbasfmafkk I’M SCREAMING (no seriously I am, I think I woke up my grandpa oops)

I’m so glad someone else can see the beauty of this ship; I could cry tbh.

But omg  omg hello, Anon. Please join me in TodoDenki hell. I mean, isn’t there just something strangely cute with how adorably awkward these two can get as a ship?

Here, we have Todoroki who have no idea what feelings are, and then we have Kaminari who have some idea of feelings but don’t know how to deal with Todoroki.

Let’s also not forget Bakugou, the best (albeit reluctant) wing-man who totally did not sign up for anything but ends up doing everything because Todoroki and Kaminari kept interrupting his precious sleep for “crush matters.”

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tbh i wish i made a skam blog bc i couldve maybe ended up being friends with all of you or maybe even ended up in the icONIC carrot 🥕 trash squad (TM by the orig6) bc i love all your blogs honestly and you guys genuinely seem like people i would hang out with irl. you guys are such dorks but so cute at the same time. all your accounts are amazing and i love it stay like this forever pls i need to come back in 63 years and see that the group chat is still alive keep us updated on your frandship

im ?????????? shook,,,,,,,,,this is SO CUTE WTH I LOVE YOU WE ALL LOVE YOU THANK YOU

♕ The part where I'm emotionally compromised.

Wow, I seriously can’t believe I have almost 250 followers already. I just joined a few days ago, and never expected to have any success whatsoever. I just felt bogged down and pressured on my other blogs, wasn’t having fun anymore, and decided to make a fairly large fandom leap. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at Erik, and I’m so glad that I did. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming…It’s really all I can do to flail and throw smooches at all of you. I figure there will be an influx of Erik’s after the new movie comes out, and then you’ll all realize you’ve been tricked into thinking I’m quality somehow. xD But for now, I’m clinging to every last one of you.

This is just a list of folks who I’ve written with and/or stalked so far. It’s a small list for now since I haven’t had much time to get to know many of you, but you’re all precious! If you aren’t on here I do apologize, and I assure you I would 1000% love to interact with you, ic and ooc. Anyone is welcome to jump on me at any time; in fact, I encourage it! c:

тнαηк уσυ 

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taylorswift Hi Taylor, I’m Ong. I’ve been your biggest fan since 2010, after I listened to You Belong With Me on radio that day. I’ve been in love with you and all your songs ever since. I got a chance to see you live in KL last year. Time flies. It’s almost been a year after RED Tour KL, the best night of my life. It feels like it was yesterday, when I saw the prettiest girl alive, singing live, in front of my own eyes. No words can describe the happiness, for meeting my goddess. I hope you can follow me back. I love you so much. I cannot live without you and your songs. Your songs helped me through my toughest times. Heartbreaks, mostly. Thank you so much, for making good songs. What you doing here is something good. Haters will try to knock you down everytime they see there’s a chance. But keep doing what you’re doing. It’s what you’re meant to do. You save lives, through your songs. Stay beautiful. Love you forever and always. Pls come back to Malaysia. I hope I can see you again in the future. Please, please, please follow me. I love you so much. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that but it’s never enough to fully express how much I love you. (Sorry if I’ve made any mistakes or errors. Grammar is a tough thing to learn. Lol)

art by Ro

Honestly, this is a little bit overdue already, but, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I fell into Naruto fandom a year ago, I cannot believe. And it’s been such an amazing one at that. I’ve met so so many amazing people, so many friends, I’ve seen so many great writers and so many talented people all together. This fandom often gets a lot of bashing, it’s not perfect, no fandom is, but if I’ve been surrounded by people so kind and sweet, I wouldn’t say this fandom is bad, personally. It’s filled with so many kindhearted people, you guys overflow the bad so easily. Thank you so much for sticking with me through so much time. Thank you if you just started following me recently!

This really means a lot to me, I never thought I’d make this far with Naruto. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to this blog, all this kinda came as a surprise and when I realized, I was already too deep down the rabbit hole. I feel like I’m just getting started and I can’t wait to be in this fandom for years to come, like most of you have! Thank you!! (●´∀`●)

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I already apologize if I forgot someone!

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