pls chuck i love you

you know what? that’s the way destiel should become canon in my mind. no kissing, no ‘i love yous’, no nothing. this. actors wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with it (Jensen mostly) and it would become canon for 100%. this way, no other. it could be possible for writers to do that. i think i’m going to tell them that one day when i find the courage to do it. well then. 

Misnamed Fate

bee1arw said: OMG that was too beautiful and amazing!! I know you just post this part, but I certainly need the next one!! Please *puppy pleading eyes*

Anonymous said: The latest piece of Accidents Happen is so brilliant #chuckisgod yessss!!! I can’t wait for the final piece, your writing breaks my heart it’s all so fantastic and coherent! Keep up the good work honey!!

Anonymous said: WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!?????? I’m shaking I need to know how Endless Love ends so bad. You are such an amazing writer I’m literally about to explode!

Anonymous said: half way through endless love i got so mad bc everything was sad and dean and then chuck showed up and i love you again pls write another one

blogofthefangirls said: Is there going to be a part two of “Endless Love”?

A/N: Ah, the ending of something is always hard isn’t it? But well, I truly enjoyed writing this, so I hope you guys liked reading it.

Word count: 2,110

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: gun pointed at reader.

“True love stories never have endings.”- Richard Bach

The “Accidents Happen” series

Endless Love (Previous Part)


A hint of wet dirt accompanied the air that suddenly ran into your nose, scorching and scratching at the flesh of your nose and throat as you took a breath–your first true breath in months. Your lungs expanded and contracted as you gasped, eyes flying open and pupils dilating to try to identify any source of light in the darkness that surrounded you. However, the overwhelming obscurity did not bother you in the least, in fact, it made your heart beat hard with excitement. You were alive.  

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