pls can i have it back

I can’t believe how stupid some of y'all are. We know that Supercorp will never happen! That’s not why we’re fucking mad! We’re mad because we were being mocked, it’s like they took away our lil fantasy that we had ya feel? even tho it’s not canon in our world it is because we can see how they look at each other how they act etc.

also please save odette chyler and katie pls

and i can’t believe that we have the slave owner come back for s3 😭😭😭😭 they’re forcing karamel whatever u call their ship name down our throats.

all offense it’s an unhealthy relationship also an abusive one. but the writers don’t care obviously

anyways s2 was a mess the only thing that is saving this show is Lena Luthor Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers

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so I just read this cute thing and can you make a thing where reader and a member (of your choice) have been dating for a while and they live together and everything. And they just do a bunch of cute and stupid shit together and it's like adorable ? Pls and thank you doll :)

Genre: Drabble, Fluff, Couple Life! SVT, Fiancé! SVT

Word Count: 1000+

|| Admin Angel

WARNING/NOTES: The scenario is in the neighbor’s point of view! 

They had been a regular couple, two young adults in their early twenties; working constantly, leaving when the sun rose and returning back to the condo adjacent to mine when the sun was setting. I remember hearing the loud chatter from my open window as her fiancé returned, his friends who gave him a lift back once in a while playing music quite loudly in the hushed neighborhood of large condominiums. And later, when she pulled into our shared driveway, the squeal of her brakes sounding and her car door slamming shut as per usual, he had always been there. No matter how late she had gotten back, he always seemed to be sitting on the steps in front of their door, waiting for her return. There were times when I watched unknowingly as I sat on my bed, gazing through the open as he jumped from off the step and towards the driver side of her car that had yet to be shut off. He’d open the door for her and as she stepped out he welcomed her with a hug and ask for a kiss. And after helping her grab any belongings, he’d wrap his arm around her shoulder and ask her how her day had been. 

They had shared many kisses, not that I had seen, but heard mostly. I’d be closing my bedroom window when they both shared their goodbye kisses, his tone sleepy as he walked her out to her car. Once in a while, you’d be able to hear her giggle as her fiancé leaned down to kiss her through the opened car window. And a “drive safely babe, have fun at work” followed by a kiss as soon as she finished. 

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// hey guys! I don’t know if you have noticed (or care ahaha *laughs into oblivion*) but I have to put this on semi-hiatus until next week at some point. I’m moving back to America and as such I’m stressed to the max with cleaning, packing, and looking for jobs on top of trying to do some mental health, meeting friends for the last time, and spending time with the boi. So sorry guys, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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8 reasons why you should watch Sense8


Most people probably know by now that Sense8 fans just pulled off the impossible and brought the ridiculously expensive and technical/organizational nightmare that is this show back from the death for a 2 hour special.

We believe we can get more than that, so does Lana Wachowski, creator of the show, who wrote: ‘It’s my great pleasure (…) to announce that there will be another two hour special released next year. After that… if this experience has thought me anything, you NEVER know

Netflix says it needs a bigger audience to be profitable, I’m here to fix that problem, here’s why you need to watch Sense8:

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I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3

hey im sorry for asking but i really need money to get my meds im getting the shakes and hot flashes and ive been sleeping like 15 hours straight please donate if you can is my paypal. im a nb lesbian and im unable to work or drive. i dont have any health inusrance so i have to pay out of pocket 


day of atonement

“it’s the jewish day of atonement. essentially, you don’t eat anything to atone for your sins for the past year. and judging on my last year, i have a lot to atone for.”

Has there ever been a name more fitting than Malware for this boy? Sorry, I’m just really proud of having thought of it hahah, pls don’t judge;;

Physical Restoration, the ability to literally restore an object back to its original, pristine condition. What a shame that it only works on technology, not people.

A technological aura also allows him to form a mental (and subconsciously emotional) link with gadgets and weapons. Think telekinesis, but limited to objects filled with electricity, wires, gears, and/or bolts. Still though, an arsenal of floating guns pointed right at your face is a frightening thought. Do whatever you can to avoid ending up on his bad side: this man will not hesitate to kill.

@cynnicynni, bless your beautiful soul, and thank you so much for lending me both your time and effort in helping make this boy’s hella costume ❤️❤️


170320 x daily dose of day6 

alright so everyone is theorizing that since shiro’s gone Keith will take his place as the black paladin which would mean lance would take the red lion and most likely allura take up the blue lion

and usually ppl think that the red lion will give lance a hard time considering all those bonding moments she and Keith have had in the last season

but consider this: blue outright refuses to move with allura in the cockpit

and allura is really confused because the blue lion is supposed the most fluid and easy going of the lions but she gets flat out rejected from the drivers seat

allura tries to reason with her, begs her to let her be her pilot but blue stays completely silent

it’s not until lance comes and asks to speak to blue alone and just sits together for a while, enjoying the quiet lance knows blue is angry and he takes a deep breath and says “listen blue….you’re my girl and I’m /your/ paladin. that’s a fact from now until the end of time. but right now our leader is missing and we have to get him back. once we get him back I’ll come back. so please blue, let the princess be your pilot until then.” he can feel the whine of reluctance from his lion and it makes him smile “no ofc I won’t be mad. i know I’m the only one for you. and don’t worry, red lion is nice and all but she doesn’t compare to you” lance feels the satisfied and flattered purr in his very being and he knows allura wont have any more trouble


Ezekiel Jones + Drinking

You know, we see a lot of cisswap aus for Disney, but can we have more role reversals pls?

I want to see Jasmine as the sly street rat, enchanting passersby with a bat of her eyelashes and the swing of her hips - before robbing them blind and disappearing over a rooftop before they even know what’s hit them.

Flynn as the sheltered prince bored out of his skull, ready to jump out of his tower if only to sate his restlessness. Then in comes the small and spunky Rapunzel, long, wispy blond hair braided in a thick rope down her back, arms wrapped in lean muscle and a white palace horse following her like a lovesick puppy, despite her being a known criminal.

Big, burly Kristoff, so shy and awkward despite his stature. Kristoff who adores his big sister to the ends of the Earth, who desperately longs for the days of closeness they used to share when they were younger. Kristoff who always thought it was his duty to protect his petite, delicate little big sister, with her soft pale skin like fine white lace, her dainty fingers and gentle smile. Kristoff who blames himself for not being able to protect her when she accidentally freezes her entire country in an eternal winter. Kristoff who is enchanted by Anna and somewhat terrifying reindeer, Sven. Anna who is strong and capable, but still ditzy enough to make Kristoff toss and turn at night with worry for his airheaded new friend.

Tarzan as the cultured, eloquent young man, on a study trip with his eccentric mother to learn more about the gorillas. Tarzan meeting the mysterious, half-feral Jane, draped in animal skins and hair cut short and choppy around her face, lest it get snagged on tree branches or tugged out by ferocious predators as she flies through the forest on her vines.

Phillip as the naive, sheltered young prince raised as a simple village boy, meeting the alluring Aurora and her horse in the woods one day as they hunt for game. Her long golden hair is tied back in a neat knot high on her head to keep it out of the way, her fingers sure and unflinching as she strings up her prey. Aurora facing the dragon to save her prince charming; befriending the poor creature, soothing her ferocious rage borne of pain love - the rage of a mother separated from her hatchlings. Aurora promising the dragon to help find her babies, if only she can first be let through to save her prince charming.


Finn Balor on being injured at SummerSlam: “I realized, ‘shit, my shoulders dislocated.I’m on my back on the floor outside the ring. At that moment I said, 'while you can lay here, wait for the doctors to do something, the match will end and you will forever be known as the person that blotted here the opportunity. 

Or… you can pop your shoulder back in and get back in the ring.”