pls benny


↳ Dean is just a Knight in King Cain’s Court. The secret affair he shares with the King means little in regard of what is expected from them but still, it’s a comfort to know that Cain loves and cherishes him behind closed doors - even if it will come to an end when the King will find a Queen. They are under no illusion: their love was doomed since the beginning.

Things aren’t as easy with Benny gets in the picture. Charming and loyal to a fault Benny who only seems to have eyes for Dean and not an ounce of shyness as he begins to court the young Knight. The hardest part? Maybe Dean isn’t too keen on rejecting Benny’s advances as he grows fonder of his fellow Knight.

At the risk of bringing upon them the King’s jealousy.

REASON #1 why y'all should respect benny fucking lafitte

ok but now ya don’t go abt forgetting how rational and intelligent and strong and brave and overall great benny is
like every monster in purgatory wanted to kill dean except benny.
but most importantly, when he met dean, //he already had a plan on how to leave purgatory. //
and also he knew abt the human portal before he met dean. he knew abt the spell before he met dean. u bet ur ass that boi did his research which also implies that he didn’t spend all his time in purgatory aimlessly fighting monsters- he was ready for whatever oppurtunity may strike. a true strategist.
next, he was manipulative when he presented dean with an offer he knew he couldn’t refuse, negotiating well with him abt cas despite having his reservations later (also even tho he barely talks to cas in canon so i guess he was perceptive enough to see he was trouble)
also pls remember that benny was with the only human and the only angel in purgatory, both with their own prices on their heads. he was the only one who knew how to get them out- they were dependent on him. and he survived and managed to get out. a fuckign legend if there ever was one
he let his love for andrea and the need for revenge give him purpose but never once did he blame dean for killing her bc he knew it was the right thing and andrea would’ve killed him otherwise.

(also it is my personal headcanon that he had an intuition from the beginning that something was wrong with andrea because she hadn’t aged? idk how long benny was gone but it was long enough right. also I’m not sure when he figured out that she was a vampire so ignore this little titbit.)

moving on , whatever timeline benny may have died in you can be p sure blood banks and blood donation wasn’t as commonplace as it is now. which means he actually tried to find out ways in which he could stay clean on earth. now if you’re me you’d also think “hey we don’t see him drinking anyone’s blood do we” and then “maybe he was trying to stay clean in
purgatory as well bc earth would definitely be easier right??”

i mean. can u beLieve this guy’s thought process. there are times he is so unbelieavbly raw and then he’s such a stable rational well planned out character

what a pity he was killed by shitty writing

what a pity its 2:24 am and i am ready to be killed too
(in the eloquent words of @envydean , i am sleep-writing.)

(might be continued if i think of more stuff)