pls be happy forever and ever

also like man im so glad taako is down with barry and lup getting together like sure hes gonna tease them about it for ever but hes totally ok with it like i mean after 21+ years he likes barry but like for some reason i was expecting like a shovel talk or whatever but instead we just got a “pls go for it be happy we have maybe forever pls be happy” and like he was just so happy they were happy

I Missed You

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Request:  since your requests are open: can you write something with pietro? something happy without mentioning his death or (even better) him coming back having faked his death? if you prefer the “faked his death”-version, it could be a little angsty? but a happy ending pls ^^

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: Ever since Pietro died you had been slowly crumbling under the weight of the world. Once simple tasks take you forever to even start and you need Pietro more than ever, little did you know that he needed you just as much. (we’re also going to pretend the twins were a part of the avengers before everything hit the fan)

Words Count: 1295

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

This is my first request, hope you all like ^-^


  “Pietro!” you wake with a start. As you regain your bearings, you notice that the clock reads 3:42 am and groan. It had been like this ever since he died. The bed you once shared felt like an ocean of sheets now, cold and all too big. Don’t get me wrong, You’re proud and grateful of Pietro for protecting his friends, but how could he?  As you lean back into your bed, you start remembering that day, the day where the love of your life, your husband, your soulmate died.

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;sunday mornings + eternal sunrises (pt. III)

“You’re right, I wouldn’t. You mean too much to me.”
“Are you sure this wasn’t just an excuse for you to touch my butt?”
“Well, maybe that too.”

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

-  -  - ; ;
birthday mush-mush:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FOREVER FRIEND, PLUMBABY. i tried super hard to keep this a secret, so i hope you were thoroughly surprised xoxo. 💖🏝💖🏝💖🏝 i don’t even know where to start.. we’ve been friends for about 2 years now? LIKE.. that sounds like a long time, but it seriously feels like you’ve been in my life forever. you’re such an amazing friend- you constantly radiate positivity and your ability to turn every situation around is just.. feoifoi i love you ;—;; 💖✨ alright. lemme stop here before i get emo (too late). i hope your day is filled with love, cake, presents, and sweet n’ spicy memes!! 🔥✨ here’s to many more birthdays to celebrate forever ever ever!!

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What fic?

i;m literally sobbing i just wish i was you if i had a time machine i swear i would go back to watch the tmh tour and then go to otra and then i would go back to right before i read this fic and then i would read it and then i’d go back in time again to re-read it again and then maybe go to otra again and then i’d go back to before i read it and then re-read it again like on a time loop fOREVER listen ok that was a long preamble but it’s seriously like it’s that good READ IT TRUST ME JUST READ IT

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oh look it me again in all my anxious gloriness (is that how you even- no i dont give a fuck anymore) JUST TAG ME IN EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EVER WRITE JUST- pls ily and murderous boo.

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omg. this is the best thing ever. did you know that you get an automatic follow from me when you tell me you love me and the murderous boo? look how happy he is!…. on the inside. YOU HAVE MADE THE BOTH OF US VERY VERY HAPPY. OH MY GOD.

if it wasn’t 1:30 in the morning, i’d skip. I WOULD FUCKING SKIP.

you are so fucking cute. ah. you have been forever tagged, my love. which is fortuitous timing on your part since only the forever tag people will be tagged in tomorrow’s new ficccccc. OKAY WELL THEN.

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meme & accepting


              ;; okay listen up friends!! ais has gotta be one of my favorite people ever!! they were one of my first friends on this blog, and they even have an amazing Beetlejuice oc!! they’re one of the kindest people i have ever met, and i’m so happy to have someone like them in m life. they deserve to be showered in love forever, this site wouldn’t be the same without them, and if you don’t follow them already, then do it!! you wont regret it!!!

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ur the best child honestly, ur so lovely and pure and u do things for other people and make them happy and im forever grateful for u,,, adopting u was the best decision ever ily and pls remember im always here for u!!!<3

i love you to padre!! youre amazing, never forget that


• Long haired Yuuri pls Kubo-sensei
- It doesn’t even have to be Teenage Victor Long but like pls

• On that note, longer haired Yurio
- plsplsplsplsplsplspls

• Otabek shows up in Russia a lot to see Yurio
- Make him a more recurring character pleasepleasepleaseplease

• I know I don’t really have control over this but maybe more episodes?
- imaaaaagine what they could do with 25 episodes guyyyyysssss
• like we could have so many more cups and competitions before the next Grand Prix?? Like guys

- and women’s singles means MORE LADIES. MORE LADIES DOIN THE SKATE

• I wanna know who Chris’ man is? His boyfriend?? Husband??? 2nd Coach????Friend?????
- at least his name. Also what’s his cats name?

• victuri wedding
- and/or JJ/Isabella wedding
• I just want a wedding

• o shit I just had a thought. Only one Russian can go onto the Grand Prix. Yurio and Victor can’t both skate in next years Grand Prix. Shit son that’s heavy
- #suspense

• at least one new character
- I know we have so many already but I just want to fall in love with a new character(s) again it’s so fun

- especially for Victor bc we got FUCK all backstory on him
• I wanna meet his relatives (if he has any)

• I want Yakov and Yuuri to bond
- love Yuuri like u love ur Russian children Yakov pls. Love ur son in law

• Do my boy seung-gil justice please
- I want him to be happy and to have more development please
• he has so much Potential it’s just sitting there

• phichit. Always more phichit forever and ever amen

• there was lots of wonky stuff with the skating. I want them to take their time with season 2 so we have the most beautiful animation their budget will allow

• speaking of skating, I wanna see an even more diverse library of music that the boys (and girls 🙏🏾🤞🏾) skate to
- also even m o r e exciting/interesting/cool routines
• also also. Keep it up with those outfits bc hell yeah

• A L L T H E S U G A R
- Victor and Yuuri are obviously living together so this is my #1 expectation of season 2

• more food porn

• we’re in Russia now so it’s inevitable that we’re gonna get more Georgi and Mila but I’ll say it anyway: more Georgi and Mila
- and any other Russian skaters that train under Yakov
• especially other skaters
- New characters pls I’m beggin

And probably more but this is all I can think of. What else do you guys wanna see?

Hi hello I know I come on and off every now and then but still! Love 1D and Louis and Larry an you guys. I’ve only had this blog for a year I believe so getting 1430 followers in that year is kinda wild? Especially with my busy periods where I haven’t been on, so I appreciate you guys and love you guys and hopefully next year treats all of us (and our boys) a whole  lot better than this year has!

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hey pals! there’s not much i can say because i’m really bad at doing these introduction type stuff but i’ve come to appreciate a lot of people, places and things in my life this past year. this is just one way i can show my gratitude toward you guys because even if some of us don’t talk, it’s your presence and overall being just makes me so happy. if you wanna be friends, pls mssg me because i love friends but i’m also shy.

special shoutout to @doverpt. anna made this little graphic above and is just the sweetest flower blossom angel gem that anyone could ever ask for! thank you so much. forever #blessed.


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boop so this is my first follow forever ever. it’s a LITTLE late but its ok.

first off happy new year! i hope you guys had a good one and i hope this year is kind to you too. basically you guys made my dashboard a great place and i loved seeing you on my dash this year (and will enjoy this year too!) you guys are pretty awesome.

this year went pretty ok w/ me. went to school, played video games, then more video games.. yknow

all my mutuals are on here + some cool blogs. if i forgot you pLS message me i’ll add you right away.

(just realized this list is so short. me and my tiny blog)

also special shoutout to my friend @themiketroid for being a cool friend and hearing me ramble about things

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carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Yuuri,” Victor started to gain his attention. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure?” Yuuri replied, a little uncertain because… since when did Victor ever ask for permission to barrage him with questions?

Tilting his head to the side in a way that made his silver hair swipe from his forehead, Victor looked at him with rapt interest.

“So now that we reminded you of the banquet last year…” Yuuri was already groaning before he even listened to the rest. “Can you tell me where you learned pole dancing?”

“Victor,” he whined, but Victor didn’t take it back.

“Come on, Yuuri,” he probed. “You looked amazing up there on the pole, I’m just curious.” And when that didn’t seem to work either, he added: “You know, spouses shouldn’t keep secrets from each other.”

And Yuuri was ready to die.

“Is it really that important?” Yuuri tried to wiggle out of it for the last time, with little success.

“I want to get some lessons, too,” Victor announced. “So that next time we can dance together! Wouldn’t that be super fun?”

Yuuri laughed, more of a choked coughing than laughter. Yeah, fun.

“I…” he finally started. “Okay, okay, fine. I can teach you. If you… want?”

“Yes, I’d love to!”

Before Yuuri could gather what was happening, Victor was holding him in his arms and crushing him in one of his famous bear hugs that left Yuuri winded for more than one reason. Just as Yuuri was bringing himself to return the hug, Victor was already moving away, skipping, all bubbling joy and smiles.

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile at him as well. There was just no way to resist it when Victor was this contagiously happy.

“Hey, hey, Yuuri,” Victor started again and Yuuri hummed to let him know he was listening. “We should install a pole at home. To practice with, you know.”

“Where would we even fit that–”

One look at Victor’s face was enough to tell him all he needed to know.

“Victor, no.”

“Victor, yes,” Victor said, almost making Yuuri laugh. Almost.

“I’m not moving to Russia with you,” Yuuri insisted like it was a conversation they already had countless times before.

And they did. Twice. Once when Victor was showing him around St. Petersburg, a careless comment made and laughed off. And once more in Barcelona, right before Yuuri took off to the rink at the Grand Prix Final. Really great timing, Yuuri thought with an embarrassed flush at the memory.

“But Yuuri–”

“You can move to Japan just as easily,” Yuuri cut the whine off with no shred of mercy. “You said it yourself, you love Hasetsu.”

Victor hummed. “That wouldn’t be so bad.”

Yuuri nodded, smiling a little. No, it wouldn’t be so bad. Not bad at all.

“So where would we put the pole?”

Yuuri groaned.  

“Oh, that made me think! Yuuri!”

Victor swirled in place and caught Yuuri by the arms. His eyes sparkled and shone so bright it was impossible to look away, but also blinding.

“My stag night!” Victor was all childish excitement and bright eyes, which made him so cute that Yuuri almost agreed to whatever he was going to say without thinking, but… “You’ll dance for me, right?”

His face must have betrayed his confusion, reluctance and sheer fear, because Victor’s smile widened. Just like Yuuri’s eyes did.

“It’s tradition, Yuuri,” Victor said.

And in that moment Katsuki Yuuri swore never to take a drop of alcohol in his mouth ever again. Because the consequences were haunting and Yuuri was scared for his sanity. For real.