pls be calm friend

Honestly I think bi problems can be summed up in 4 words: people in formal wear

man kids are fuckin savage sometimes im just talkin to this six year old about cars and she said she wanted a punch buggy and i said yeah but i’d want a bigger car to fit my friends in and she just fuckin completely deadpan “i thought u didnt have any friends” like pls . calm down

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So what? Befriending another Maria from another world? And another Molly? You're seriously desperate are you Shadow? They're just copies with so much bland personality and will drag you down. Don't make me remind you how they died previously and whose fault was it. You said it yourself; you will not go back to your past, so why now?


  Well gee,
    that would hit really hard
    if A) I had a choice in the matter
    and B) they were
    the exact same people.
    But you see there’s this funny thing
    called ‘the multiverse’
    where people of the same origin
    took different paths in life
    and ended up different.
    What a concept!

  The amount of sarcasm dripping off his voice had his partner in stitches, literally rolling from side to side on the bare mattress in the abandoned home as she tried to contain herself.

    Most people don’t get
    second chances
    when they’re
    older and wiser.
    I won’t make
    the same mistakes twice.

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okay okay okay pls calm down ily friend (part one and part two)

So a few of these are kinda ones @potatoangels and I came up with together so you should go follow them and see their amazing valdangelo art!! uwu

  • One day they make cookies or something together and Nico starts a flour fight just so he could give Leo a change of clothes in order to see what the dumb nerd looked like in punk clothes.
  • He’s really liking the outcome of it.
  • Nico’s attempts to flirt with Leo just go right over his head. Literally everyone notices it but Leo and Nico just wants to rip his hair out.
  • Even the teachers notice and they are like rip in pieces Nico.
  • They hang out at Nico’s place a lot and his mother fricken loves Leo okay!!! 
  • He is just really polite and offers to help cook dinner or wash dishes and she’s like “Maybe your good manners can rub off on Nico”
  • And of course Nico has to make a joke being like “hopefully that’s not the only thing” and Leo is just blushes madly after that but Mama di Angelo doesn’t understand why Leo is so red.
  • Leo is a huge weeb and drags Nico over to his house to watch anime.
  • Leo’s mom trying to relate to here son being like “Is Nico your senpai???” And Nico just laughing his ass off. I’m dead gOo d bYE.
  • Bonus since Valentine’s Day is coming up: Leo gets Nico some chocolates and Nico is a blushing mess because he just had to give it to him in front of all his punk friends who are totally going to give him hell about it later

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Can you link me the Vernon and Joshua's eng interview?

Yo! What’s the interview you were talking about when Hansol and Joshua talks in English?


ahh can u link the eng intervieww pls :oo i didnt kbow it existed also excuse ny spelling im half asleep

Can I get the link to the interview where they both speak in English for the whole interview?!

Link to the vernon Joshua speaking english video pls ((:

calm your trash hearts my friends, here is the video in all its glory

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I am really disappointed in people bashing Mary for the stupidest reasons
1) I hate the whole pitting female characters against each other and demonizing one in the name of a ship
2) hating a character because she could be a “possible threat” to a ship is just stupid (and I honestly don’t think that will even become the case like gray and her interacted in ice trail and now but I don’t see anything other than they’re friends they just talked PLS calm down)
3. Like honestly all the reasons are just Bc she’s a female who had a history with gray as children and now she’s there and they have talked thats it like all the reasons are Bc she could threaten another ship and its a horrible basis to dislike a character
I don’t ship MARY x gray and I don’t even have an opinion on MARY Bc we just met her but come on bashing her Bc she’s a possible threat to a ship is so immature let’s not do that
We aren’t the naruto fandom yall