pls bang me

  • me: hey
  • bias: *exists*
  • me: aww
  • biaswrecker: sup
on the origins of vampires

What if Sensei searched far and wide for the perfect candidates for his experiments?

The first one he found was a boy dying of wasting sickness, too weak to rise from the bed he’d lain in since the sickness took his entire family.  Sleepy Ash, he named him, as the boy recovered and snow drifted outside. The authorities came to the empty village and burned the bodies of the dead.

Next, a prince barely out of infancy, whose royal father just couldn’t spare the ransom.  The child took to the prospect of eternity with a verve the polar opposite of his predecessor, devouring any scrap of knowledge Sensei could provide.  He stomped imperiously around the lab ordering his big brother and his creator around, earning himself the name Old Child.

Third, a simple man who led a simple life.  He worked hard at his simple job and returned daily to his home.  And this family was simple as well, until a brother became determined to go to war.  Held back by this man who only wanted life to stay the same, the fighting between brothers escalated until only one of them remained standing.  The fallen brother rose again solitary and mistrustful and was named Doubt Doubt, as a reminder.

Fourth, the reckless general, slain in single combat as she tried to protect her soldiers.  Sensei was the only one left to recover her body after the two sides wiped each other out in the battle that followed her failure. When she rose again, her rage left no survivors behind, and she was nameless until Sensei found her again before the graves of those who had followed her.  “I am The Mother,” she said, “and I believe I am done with wars.”

Then he encountered a thief, a boy with fast hands and nimble feet, who stole only what he needed to keep himself alive, for he had no one but himself.  But he aimed too high one day after being taken in by a local gang; to prove his worth, he set out to steal a gem from a lady’s crown.  By the time Sensei found him, the hands with which he made his living were black in the too-tight manacles.  “I thought you were Death,” he said when he awoke.  “Is that what you think you deserve?  Lawless?”  Sensei responded.

Not too long after that, he found himself travelling through a country devastated by war.  Town after town he passed, searching for survivors. A skeletal young man, curled up among the scraps beneath the shattered wall of a school building.  He blossomed wonderfully to the influence of Sensei’s elixir, and as his second life began, as he was given the chance to take anything he wanted, all he ever asked for was food. Eat well, Gluttony, Sensei would say.  Eat well, World End.

Seven is a powerful number, and Sensei would allow no mistake in the creation of his final child. So he waited.  Decades and centuries he waited, travelling, experimenting, searching.  Until, on a warm spring evening, he passed beneath the open window of one of the city’s fine houses, and heard crying carried on the gentle breeze.  His master’s jealous lover, the dying man said, as his blood perfumed the pillows all around him.  The lover came for the children.  Where are the children?

“It’ll stop hurting soon, All of Love,” Sensei said, and he reached into his robes for a bottle.

Centuries passed.  His children left him, one by one.  Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, even gentle Lust.  

Lonely and forgotten, he took to the world again.

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We know Lance loves flirting, but imagine him being totally oblivious to anyone else returning the favor. Like, he antagonizes over whether someone likes him after they dropped subtle hints for a few days, then not-so-subtle hints, then just straight-up "fuck'n date me." Lance: "I'm not sure if they like me back though..." (sorry for this mess of an ask but oblivious lance leads to lance thinking no one likes him back when someone actually does)

keith: pls bang me
lance: ya idk if he’s interested in me

Koala Hug

Group: Big Bang

AN: This is my first Big Bang reaction, so I hope you like it!!


“Oh my gosh you’re so cute jagi.”

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“You’re just going to hang there aren’t you??”

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“Is it okay to love you because you’re such a cute little koala~?”

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“Come on come on we can go lay down and you can have all my attention baby.”

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“What are you doing sweetie??”

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this is definitely real footage of B.A.P playing the truth game trust me enjoy

idk what this is either buddy