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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while aaand since ya girl’s birthday is in 2 days as well, I’m just feeling all the love for my beautiful, beautiful mutuals. I just want to say that I appreciate every notification from you all and always feel free to message me or drop in my ask box anytime! Even if you want to tell me about your day or go off about how your bias wrecks you, I’m so here for that!

Also if we talk or don’t talk just know that I love you so much from the bottom of my heart and you are important and deserve all the happiness ok?! I hope you all have a great day/night wherever you are. 

Ok I’m rambling, I love u all k bye. 

(This is going to be very long as I GO OFF, I have so much love to give u all!)

First of all here are some special mutuals who I treasure in my heart and love with every fibre of my soul!

@ilysoftjimin- Xim, my wifey. You radiate kindness and love and honestly I love our 2am conversations about the rain and our day. Thank you for always checking up on me and sending me the sweetest messages! Also you’re so freaking talented with your moodboards and I swoon everytiime! I love youu!

@jiminms & @blondepjm- My soul sisters, thank you for wrecking me on the daily with our special dedicated Jungkook hour and blessing me with pictures of Jimin on the daily. Gio, I love love love our conversations with just about anything, you are the definition of sweet and I’m glad we’re in this Hobi hell together lmao! Sidar, please why are you so freaking cuuute?! Your tags for Jimin and Jungkook are big moods all the time. I love you both!!

@parkesjimin- Do you guys mind if I love this angel with my whole heart? Cami you are too good for this world I swear! You never fail to bring a smile to my face and pls come to London soon for some overpriced tea and cakes! I love you!

@toughchim, @jimibi, @lucidjimin, @iwuvjimin, @lostmytae- Where do I start with you absolute angels? Honestly thank you for being there for my very soft Jimin moments and hype up my tags when I go offff lmaoo! Also I appreciate every tag and mention! I adore and love you gals!

@kth666- JO MY OG MUTUAL!! We always thank salad bowl Jungkook for the start of this glorious friendship. Even though I drag you on the daily, and harass you with random Yugyeom moodboards, do know it comes from the heart and ily v much!! 

Bolded-  I admire you guys so very much from afar and/or we have interacted and I love seeing you on my dash and notifications! 


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侵食レンアイ (Shinshoku Renai)

Bullet must really be into yanderes these days, because the theme of their newest series, comprised of three volumes, will revolve around relationships that become warped in some way—whether it’s due to jealousy, obsession, or plain desire. ( • v • );;

The synopses will follow under the cut.

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happy birthday boo♡
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Jason Todd as a dad/ finding out your pregnant headcannons? :))

Hey! I have another request like this for headcanons so I’m going to join them both together if that’s alright!

The other prompt: “Hi there, could you do a head canon for being pregnant with Jason’s baby and how he is during and after the pregnancy pls 👼🌙🎇 have a good day boo!”

aw thank you cutie! I hope you have a good day too!

Finding out:

- freaking out would be an understatement for what Jason did tbh. He freaked the fuck out man.

- When you first uttered those words he went into complete and utter shock. He froze and then pressed his head against your stomach and you swear that you felt tears.

- Que the long speech about how he wouldn’t make a good dad even though you know that he would.


- after he got over the initial shock he discover excitement for this whole this so he would do everything for you

- I swear to god you would’ve thought that you had broken all of you limbs because of the way Jason treated you

- He was a complete love sick puppy the entire time

- don’t even get me started on the first time the baby kicked. Jay had a complete breakdown about how the baby was real.

- whenever you were talking to someone he would slowly let both of his arms wrap around your waist and rub you bump.

- usually the both of you slept with jason on his stomach with your arm around his torso but since you got pregnant, jason would be the big spoon with his arm wrapped securely around your stomach


- after the labour (which Jason was a complete mess during) Jason would be in shock.

- since you’d given birth Jason hadn’t taken his eyes off of your little girl

- while you were asleep in the bed Jason talked to the little girl in his arms who the both of you already knew had jays eyes. He told her about what he does for a living and how he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

As a dad:

- it was completely unexpected by his brothers but Jason is literally the best dad ever

- He would do the school runs, make breakfast, and sure maybe he can’t do French braids properly but he sure as he’ll tries

- he would completely treasure both you and your daughter

- Jason also constantly hint about how he wants another baby by talking about how amazing your pregnancy was and always putting his hand on your stomach

- + god help any man who tries to be with your daughter when she’s older

I hope this is okay! ♥️

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Bts reaction to s/o biting their tail pls~ thanks boo

This will be up soon, Hun! I’m going to be combining this with another request as well: 

“Can you do a bts reaction to their s/o moving her tail when she’s needy?”

I really hope you guys like it ^-^

~ Admin Ellie ~

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v, today i got in one of the worst fights ever at a hockey game,, i didn't even hit first (i usually start fights) and i just feel so bad,, like i don't want to get up i just don't wanna do anything,, i have such a bad shiner (black eye) and it's hurt so bad i just feel gross idk why. today just wasn't my day i guess. i need to listen to some tunes draw and cuddle my doggos. can you hit me up with some headcanons about jonathan tryin to cheer his s/o up pls :)) thank you sm for everything ❤

i’m so sorry boo! jonathan would probably run a bath for you, make sure you’re all relaxed and when you’re done he’d probably give you a nice massage and if you need him to look at your eye he would and he’d be so CAREFUL and like the whole thing would be very intimate bc he’s so close and he’d probably get a lil flustered bc he’s FOCUSING ON YOUR EYE HE CAN’T BE THINKING ABOUT KISSING YOU THAT CAN COME LATER but you know you probably kiss him anyway

Attention to fellow boo seungkwan stans :

I need help with a smol seungkwan thing I’m doing.
it would be awesome if you could help me out.
It will only take a few minutes.
If you wanna help me pls do msg me.
Thank you in advance
Stay awesome ♡