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*after following your blog for maby two weeks finally gose to your ask box and leaves a banana with a note that said's Hi I dont know how long I been following you less then years and I belive months but I finally wanted to say Hi to you but I'm too shy to acutally do it and I just wanted to tell you I love your sims each and all of them are really beautiful and super pretty and I love your sim storys and thank you for being so kind to answer wcif for people then runs and hides under a rock*

in loving memory of the banana that shed a shower of tears. OMFG BUT pls who are you, approach me please, i love MAKING FRIENDS ALTHOUGH I SUCK AT IT BUT PLEASE, this is so sweet just let me be your friend and annoy you with outdated memes <3 <3 <3 ;-; 

idk where my last commission post went so ill post it again since ive only gotten one (1) commission

hey im ryan and i do art and would like to get paid for it!!
if these prices are too much or you want something different come talk to me! im flexible!
hmu on tumblr or twitter or send me an email at!

more examples of my art here!

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Okay, so, I am looking for someone to do 1x1 with me on this plot - with our starting thread being in the bar. I’d like to play a male muse and use either Matthew Daddario or Dominic Sherwood. I’ve been dying to play against Kat Mcnamara, Emeraude Toubia, Jamie Chung, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Jenna Coleman, Emma Stone, Sarah Hyland, Freya Mavor and Carlson Young (bitch can’t remember any other fcs), so if ya wanna any of ‘em against me in this plot, please come at me. I’d really like to do this with someone who’s also into texting between them, just having chats without there being ten-thousand-words-ten-paragraphs threads at all times (WHICH DOES NOT EXCLUDE THESE OR DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THEM, BUT JUST, LET’S NOT HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THEY DON’T MOVE PLOT AHEAD AT ALL). Someone who wants to do one-liners and then shorter one-or-two paras, who’d write flashbacks and share headcanons and then those symbol/starter line memes and we’d write one-shots and just fawn over our ship and maybe have more of them and yeah. Someone who wants to actually do all of this and not just start talking about it and then have it not turn into anything. I wanna see it play out and not just discuss it. I want us getting to know our chars through them interacting and not always through us telling each other what they’re like. SO IF YOU’RE UP FOR THIS, FOR ALL THE FLUFF AND ANGST AND DRAMA, FOR EX’S AND FRIENDS MEDDLING, JOBS BEING A BOTHER, RELATIONSHIPS TAKING EFFORT, COME AT ME.