My history class just finished a unit on the American Revolution. Our book said that as a way to weaken Britain’s military and cut the budgets they had to send equipment overseas to the battleground, France would start battles against Britain in Europe.

So imagine Arthur, during the middle of the revolution, completely exhausted.
He knows that Alfred has somewhat of a fighting chance, Alfred’s won a significant amount of battles and with his spirit, he’ll fight until the very end. Arthur’s so tired. He hasn’t gotten any sleep, between the revolution with Alfred and then having to go back home only to fight with Francis. And emotionally, he’s being destroyed. Because Arthur loves Alfred so much and fighting with Alfred is killing him.

Francis expects Arthur to be tired while theyre fighting, but he doesn’t expect this blubbering, red-eyed mess of a country trying to go to war with him. Even Arthur’s strategies are more than a little horribly planned.

In the end, even with how much Francis dislikes Arthur, he has to go a little easy on him.