I’m so tired of scrolling through the Shadowhunters tag and seeing negativity.

I am a fan who read all the books, more than once, and know them quite well. But yet, I still find myself in love with the show. The characters are true and even the small changes to their personalities make sense. The relationships are honest, and the plot revisions can be over looked with an open mind.

Basically? If you don’t like the show, or are too closed minded and sucked into the world of the books to appreciate other adaptations and outlooks on the story, then fine. But, you can not like something and also not fill the tag with hate. It’s so disgusting for me, who loves the books and the show dearly, to be searching through the tag and finding all this hate, some fairly misguided and just plain out picky.

Have your own opinions, please! But, writing an essay about what you hate about the show and tagging it in the tag filled with people who love it? Yeah, not cool.

But hey, what do I know.