The relationship between a Leo child and its Pisces parent is colorful as each member of this union brings a new dimension in each other`s lives. Since the Leo child possesses a strong personality he/she likes to take command of the proceedings. Pisces on the other hand, is more reserved and introspective. In many ways, their personalities contrast, yet both are dreamers at heart. They genuinely care for one another and are able to fulfill each other`s needs for emotional security. A Pisces parent is protective towards the child and also gives Leo the attention it needs. Pisces teaches Leo the lessons of humility and cooperation. Leo in turn, teaches Pisces to be more outgoing and assertive. Quarrels between the two are few. They can achieve a lot if they work together. The best aspect of this relationship is what they can give each other and learn from each other. Pisces teaches Leo the lessons of empathy and care, and Leo helps Pisces realize his/her dreams. Each gives the other what they need making theirs a truly reciprocal relationship.