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Your mycorft meta was excellent! I could never imagine him dying but your analogy to the protector character totally convinced me. But I was wondering, will Mycroft be the one to reveal it to Sherlock that Moriarty was actively trying to create a wedge between him and John all this time and also tell him Jim's true goal? Or Maybe like Sherlock Mycroft hasn't figured it out? If not then how do you think Shelock and John learn "what it is all for"?

I do think it’s very, very likely that Mycroft will drop John - and us - some major, major hints about The Final Problem AKA what it’s all for.

You know I think Jim will reveal to John that Sherlock knew the whole time that Mary was Moran and didn’t tell him and this (among other things) will cause John to leave Sherlock temporarily at the end of S4. You also know I think John is currently plotting with Mycroft about Mary. And that I think at the very end S4, Jim will reveal to Sherlock that someone close to Sherlock has been working for Jim this whole time.

So I think at the beginning of 5x1, I think John will be drinking and brooding alone as per, and thinking about how Sherlock knew Mary was Moran and didn’t tell him, and how obvious it is that Mary worked for Jim in hindsight … and then he’s going to realize that if Sherlock knew Mary worked for Jim, there’s someone else, just as clever as Sherlock, who would’ve known, too: Mycroft. And John and Mycroft were working together about Mary, and Mycroft still didn’t tell him. And if this isn’t a neon sign that Mycroft is the one under Jim’s thumb, IDK what is.

So that’s how I think John is going to be the one to figure out Mycroft is under Jim’s thumb. I think John will spend 5x1 awkwardly trying to convince Sherlock of this, and Sherlock will be like “What’s that? Suddenly, I can’t hear you.” The fact that John thinks Mycroft is the one working for Jim will probably not help John and Sherlock’s reconciliation go great LOL.

At some point in 5x1, I think John is going to confront Mycroft about being under Jim’s thumb. How that goes may depend a bit on what John thinks are the specifics:

  1. “Maybe Mycroft is working for Jim, but I’m not sure; maybe Mycroft’s playing Jim”
  2. “Mycroft is under Jim’s thumb, but he definitely loves Sherlock, so Jim’s got to be blackmailing him in some way”
  3. “I always thought Mycroft was a tool; he’s probably working for Jim of his own volition”

Regardless, I think Mycroft is going to use this opportunity to drop some extremely pointed hints to John about what Jim’s goal is. Mycroft has to have always suspected he might end up dead from this game with Jim, and by the time 5x1 gets going, he’s got to be thinking there’s a possibility he’ll be dead within the month (which, in fact, he will). So anything that he knows that will protect Sherlock from Jim, he’s got start talking about now. But he can’t really just say “John, you have to shag Sherlock for the safety of the free world” because it doesn’t work unless John and Sherlock deal with their problems themselves. Otherwise, Sherlock is still vulnerable to Jim. So I think Mycroft will try to strongly point John in the right direction:

“James Moriarty is obsessed. He promised to burn the heart out of Sherlock. His heart, John.”

“Yeah, I was there when he said that.”

“Yes, I believe you were. About to get … scorched, as I recall.”

Possibly Mycroft will have some extremely choice words to say to John if John hasn’t already reconciled with Sherlock by this conversation. I suspect either Mycroft or Molly is going to give John a dressing-down about leaving Sherlock (and the other will give Sherlock a dressing-down about doing stuff that made John leave). So possibly Mycroft is the one who gets John to go back to Sherlock:

“There wasn’t one moment, not one, through any of it, that he wasn’t thinking only of you.”

Also, John is going to be so pissed off at Mycroft; the newspapers in TRF were just a warm-up for this one:

“Have you ever done anything for Sherlock that didn’t hurt him?”

Anyway, you can tell this is going to be a great scene.

I think that John is going to be the one to figure out The Final Problem in 5x3, or at least say something major that triggers Sherlock figuring it out, because of what Mycroft tells him in this scene. Sherlock and John have to defeat Jim together; that’s the whole point. And IDK if Sherlock could ever figure out that Jim’s whole scheme is about sex and romance, but John has probably at least subconsciously done so already:

JOHN (bitterly): I hope you’ll be very happy together.

Until Sherlock realizes that he and Jim are not playing chess, they’re playing Operation (until he solves The Final Problem), he’s never going to be able to win. I think John is finally going to put his jealousy to good use and figure out what Jim wants from Sherlock:

“But what does Moriarty want, John?! This makes no sense!”

“He … wants to shag you? I thought this was obvious. He wants to make you like him and then play creepy games with you, both of the sexual and world-domination types.”

(I actually have a sneaking suspicion that this conversation may take place in their bed immediately post-shag, and this is when we’ll see them in bed together (not having sex, obviously, just in bed). People have made some very solid predictions that we’ll see them in bed together, and I think this might be it.)

More about 5x1>>

The Final Problem>>

Sherlock series 4: Everything we know about so far including filming schedule, air dates and plots

Oh, Sherlock. What one hand giveth, the other taketh away, or something – while we’re ecstatic to hear that series four’s filming dates have been confirmed, we’re less ecstatic that it likely won’t air until 2017.

That’s a three-year gap between series three and four, the longest the show has had to date, although this time we will have the non-canon Victorian special to tide us over (expect that to air sometime in the 2015 festive period, possibly, maybe).

It’s early days, but below we’ve rounded up all the information we have so far about Sherlock’s fourth run.

When will it air?
No air date has been confirmed, and it likely won’t be until weeks beforehand. But based on previous transmission dates, we feel fairly confident in saying that Sherlock series four, episode one will premiere on Sunday January 1, 2017, with episodes two and three following on January 8 and 15.

Steven Moffat announced last weekend that series four will begin filming in spring 2016, presumably to carry on into summer, which fits with the shooting schedule for series 2 and 3 in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Both series went on to air from New Year’s Day in the following year, so this feels like a safe bet.

What are the plots?
We don’t know yet. Traditionally, Moffat and Gatiss release a trio of teaser words in the summer prior to filming, which gesture towards the episodes’ full titles (“Woman/Hound/Fall” for series two, “Rat/Wedding/Bow” for series three).

Going by that pattern, we could expect to get series four’s key words unveiled this year either at Comic-Con in July or the Edinburgh TV Festival in August.

The consistent theme throughout everything we’ve heard so far is dark – after the comparatively light third series, series four has been described as a devastating emotional upheaval focused on Sherlock and John being forced to confront consequences.

“Chickens come to roost,” Moffat has teased, “It’s dark in some ways - obviously it’s great fun and a Sherlock Holmes romp and all that - but there’s a sense of things coming back to bite you.”

If you’re still hungry for more specifics, we’ve got a whole lot of season four predictions and speculation over here.

Will there be a time jump?
Sherlock series premieres don’t traditionally take place directly after the series finale – ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ quickly dispenses with the Moriarty swimming pool cliffhanger in a single pre-credits scene before jumping several months forward to get into its central plot. Meanwhile 'The Empty Hearse’ follows Doyle canon by picking up three years after Sherlock’s apparent death.

But given the mind-bogglingly high stakes established in the final moments of 'His Last Vow’, it’s hard to imagine how the series four premiere could get away with doing anything but picking up directly afterwards. Sherlock kills a man, goes into exile and is brought back to London by the revelation that Jim Moriarty is seemingly still at large.

Then there’s the small matter of Mary being pregnant with John’s baby (a notable and very unusual divergence from the canon), and John choosing not to find out the details of her dark past (which surely has to provoke some of the “consequences” Moffat’s talking about). These are all things that need to be addressed pretty immediately and in some depth, so a time jump feels unlikely.

Will this be the last series?
Nope. While fans will understandably always be anxious – given Cumberbatch and Freeman’s now absurdly busy schedules – that the show’s days are numbered, both actors have made it clear repeatedly that they’re in for the long haul.

That’s because a) Moffat and Gatiss work hard to make the series an “irresistible” prospect for both actors, and b) the three-episode structure makes it relatively easy to fit other projects (say a trilogy of blockbusters, or a Marvel movie, or Hamlet) around Sherlock’s intermittent shooting schedule.

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Exhausted, but In love

read it on the AO3 at

by greenjello94

After an exhausting case, all John wants to do is relax

Words: 1030, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of The Kink List

read it on the AO3 at
Want to write for television?

I found a few things that can help you on your way.

Did you know the BBC has a Script Library?

These are real scripts from their shows, films, and radio plays. You can use them for reference to get a feel for the construct of a television episode.

Also, keep an eye on their opportunities page. A lot of great TV shows produced by the BBC have been picked up by the channel after the writers submitted the ideas through their talent searches. Like In the Flesh.

Want to write a script but don’t have space on your computer for the software?

On a budget?

There’s a lot of free software for download if you search for it.

You can also use PlotBot in your browser.

With PlotBot you can invite others to work on your project with you for a collaborative effort, or you can create private projects of your own. They have tutorials on site and break down the script construction into easy to understand points for beginners.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Fluff, bit of angst, Domesticity, Domestic Johnlock, New Relationship, Johnlock - Freeform, Happy, they’re happy, just a teensy bit of angst, nothing to separate them, John Loves Sherlock, Sherlock Loves John, also some porn, Rimming, Anal Sex, sherlock gets a bit injured, Porn Without Plot, sherlock is so fucking lazy

John really doesn’t notice how much has changed since he and Sherlock became…whatever it is they are now.

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Just to be clear it wasn't mark who said that about what happened in Karachi between Sherlock and Irene it was Moffat (Mark has actually been more supportive of it since a recent comic con interview in India a while back) and most agree he was joking because even Sue (nor Mark) didn't know about it. Nothing has been confirmed but Benedict is very insistent something did happen. Just an FYI on what the crew has been saying so far about that.

I was asking rather about your headcanons. There’s always so much understatement in  the script, its’s fun to invent your own plots.

Do you think Sherlock and Irene were shagging after he saved her life in Pakistan? 

Exhausted, but In love

read it on the AO3 at

by greenjello94

After an exhausting case, all John wants to do is relax

Words: 1030, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of The Kink List

read it on the AO3 at

I have thick hair and when I don’t have my hair extensions in I swear to you I could have the same hair cut as Sherlock. Plot twist I’ve never cut my hair in my entire life but it’s still short. 😁

Dear @doctorwhoatson

Stumbled across this snippet on Pinterest, and had my mind thoroughly blown. My friend did too, when I showed her. A few days later, when I asked her to suggest a one-shot writing prompt, she suggested this, and I decided to try my hand at it. Thank you for the inspiration; I hope you enjoy.

“Thank God, it’s you,” Sally gasps as I duck under the police tape and stride onto the scene.

“Of course it’s me.” I’m surprised Mycroft let it last this long. Seventeen unsolved serial murders, twelve missing persons with more cases every day, yet there wasn’t a single lead. Scotland Yard was up to their necks in blood, London was in lockdown – and finally this. “There’s no one else left.”

Sally’s too stricken to fire off the scathing retort I’d come to expect. There are dark bags beneath her eyes, I notice, and her hands are jittery with caffeine and anxiety.

           “Are we sure it’s him?” I ask, nodding in the direction of the warehouse sulking in the shadows of the London fog. The building was bathed with the harsh beams of the floodlights trained on its stark metal façade. The evening was thick with the wail of sirens and the heavy throb of helicopter propellers.

           She nods, just once. “We already lost two men trying to get in. I – I knew one,” she hiccups. “We went to training together. I was friends with his w-wife.”

           Something icy settles uneasily in the pit of my stomach. Two officers dead, with snipers trained on this building? One hell of a shot.

           One hell of a marksman.

           “Right,” I mutter, already walking away, mind whirring, eyes fixed on the warehouse before me, already searching for the monster within.

           “He asked for you,” Sally calls after me.

           I pause.


           “He radioed in once we had the building surrounded, asking for you and no one else. You, specifically. We didn’t even know you were–”

           “Alive?” I finish. Of course they didn’t. Only a select few knew that little secret. Mycroft, and a few of his blathering henchmen. Molly. To everyone else – to all of London – I was supposed to be dead. “Surprise,” I retort, stalking off towards the warehouse. The killer had asked for him to come, knew he was alive.

           And soon, he would wish I wasn’t.


The air is stale.


It presses against my face, filling my mouth and nose with the scent of dust and wet metal as I take a cautious step into the room, then another. The harsh light from outside throws stark shadows across the room, making it impossible to see clearly. Was this room empty too? Well then, on to the next–

“S-Sherlock…” a hoarse voice chokes out.

I turn back and freeze, eyes straining against the darkness for the source of the sound and finding nothing but–

There. There in the center, a chair hidden in the shadows, a silhouette seen only in the passing light cast by the helicopters’ floodlights hovering outside. When the angle is right, I catch a glimpse of a man, limbs strapped to the chair, eye blackened, nose broken, teeth straining around a filthy gag.


           My body is moving before I have the chance to think, halving the distance between the inspector and me in a few quick strides. Who could have done this? My mind shrieks as I take in the scrapes on his knuckles, the dark stain above his collarbone, the blood trickling from a cut above his left temple. This man could hold his own against some of the toughest bastards in the London underground – who could have taken him and done this?


           I’m stopped in my tracks by the sound of the gun.

           “Not another word from you, Lestrade,” a man growls from somewhere in the darkness. The voice is low and rough – intentionally disguised. And well. I grimace. “Although I must say I’m impressed with your squad. I didn’t think they’d find a dead man so quickly.”

           Step. Step. Thud. The man in the shadows takes a shuffling step forward. Was that…

           …a cane?

           “They didn’t find me,” I retort. “I came to them.”

           “Just like I knew you would,” the man replies. There’s an edge to his voice now. A smirk.

           Like he knew I would? My mind is racing, thoughts throbbing through my head.

           Lestrade stares at me in horror, gray eyes wide with fear.

           “You did all this just to lure a dead man out of hiding?” I ask.

           “You were never dead in the first place,” the man retorts. “I always knew you were out there. Somewhere.”

           “So you murdered seventeen people to bring me back.”

           The man laughs – a harsh, bitter sound. “Seventeen people? No, no, Sherlock. Thirty-five people.”

Something like cold metal slides through my veins. Eighteen unsolved murders? Undiscovered cases? How long had these been occurring? Just how good of a killer did one have to be to go under the radar for so long?

He’d have to be trained. A trained killer.

With working knowledge of forensics.

“That’s right, thirty-five serial murders, and the kidnapping of one Scotland Yard inspector,” the man muses. “I almost considered sending a note, but I decided against it. It’s not Christmas yet, after all.”

           Four serial suicides and now a note…

           “Sherlock!” Lestrade gasps, spitting and gasping around the gag between his teeth. “Sherlock, it’s–!”


           Lestrade slumps forward, shards of his skull splattered across the floor.

           “Shut the fuck up, Lestrade,” the man murmurs, reloading his gun.

           For once in my life, I have nothing to say. I just stare, blankly, into the darkness beyond the cooling body of one of the men I’d given almost everything to protect.

           “Do you know how long it took him to block my number?”

           Blood pools onto the floor in short, sputtering bursts.

           “I called almost every day, after they buried you. Every day for four months – for… anything. Any hint that you were still out there, any hint that you were still alive, just like I knew you were. After four months, he blocked my number. Rerouted it to the emergency call center. Told them to hang up if I wasn’t in danger. Just four months.”

           Drops of warm liquid slip down my hands.

           “I just knew you weren’t dead,” he breathes, voice catching. “I just knew you were out there, somewhere – it was the only thing keeping me from swallowing a gun and following you myself. I just knew it.”

           There’s blood spattered on my face. I can smell the iron, feel the heat.

           “But you never came back.”

           “I’m back now,” I whisper.

           The man laughs, and as he does, his voice changes. Becomes familiar. “And what would be a more fitting welcome than this?”

           Light floods the room, bathing it in a harsh, blinding light. The room goes momentarily black as I flinch, eyes readjusting.

           When my sight returns, I’m met with a gruesome scene.

           The world is red.

The walls are splattered in the gore from the bodies strewn across the floor. Blood seeps slowly across the old wood, pooling in the center where John Watson stands, smirking, cane in one hand, weapon in the other.

           “Welcome back, Sherlock.”

Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?

Sherlock. John/Sherlock. Explicit. AU. Movie World. Oscars. Coming Out. 200k.

This has to be one of the most perfect stories in the whole of Sherlock-fandom. Despite it being a total AU, with John and Sherlock both being actors, the characterization is absolutely perfect. They are recognizable, they each have their issues - and the setting in Hollywood and real-life stars with all of its secrets, lies and duplicity works perfectly. As do the plots of the movies Sherlock and John starred in before this one… I’d love to see those in the cinema.

This is on the one hand an epic fluff-fest (with outside angsty moments only far in between - mind you, the character-angst is top-notch), on the other hand a beautiful and profound love story that relegates the rest of the plot, mainly the question about the Awards, to the sideline. Which is perhaps my main (minuscule!) point of criticism.

Don’t hesitate to read this story: the love and affection between Sherlock and John pours out of every word, you laugh out loud at one scene, tear up at the next and keep smiling from start to finish line. Definitely the best out of the Sherlock-fanfics I’ve read so far - and right up there with my favourites from other fandoms. And there’s a sequel, too. Thumbs-Up!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Retirementlock, Retirement!lock, Johnlock - Freeform, Established Relationship, Married idiots, bit of angst, sherlock really has the worst self-esteem, John Loves Sherlock, Sherlock Loves John, sherlock loves bees, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, but a bit of plot, Top John, Bottom Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock has a brand new knee, Fluff, Fluff and Smut, omg the fluff

“What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat.

“I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement.

“And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.


Some retirement!lock fluff.