plott wist

awesomedarkstudenttale  asked:

Hey! Can you do hcs watching the three's favorite shows with them? I feel like that would be hella cute.

heck yeahhh that sounds adorbs

even handsoap

  • i was gonna say he probably likes something cute but fucker probably likes painting with bob ross which is the best shit
  • happy lil trees
  • evan doesnt even paint
  • he just likes watching bc 
  • v calming
  • thank u bob ross
  • so sometimes when evans not feeling 2 great u just come over and u two cuddle
  • and watch
  • and its good times
  • evan has probably apologized because wow this probably isnt what u wanna watch we can watch whatever u wanna watch but ur like 
  • dude this is calming af
  • it probably becomes a thing where whenever one of u is stressed or not doing too good that u two just get together and watch bob ross
  • and probably fall asleep cuddling honestly

jared kleinmeme

  • aside from the fact i have 0 ideas for a better dumb name for jared
  • probably likes something like parks & rec or the office or b99
  • (jared 100% likes b99 u can pry that headcanon away from my cold, dead hands
  • u have never watched one of the above shows
  • jared is… insulted
  • time to fix that
  • so one weekend u two basically end up chilling in his basement and marathoning that shit
  • or at least as much as u can get done before falling asleep
  • neither of u want to get up to get snacks or anything
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • jared and u basically talk about the show all the time
  • everyone is like ‘do u two ever shut up’
  • no
  • its a good show
  • this is off topic but jared is also the person whos like ‘lets watch sharkboy and lavagirl and make out during the scary parts’ i s2g

conman murph

  • probably into stranger things
  • definitely into stranger things
  • u had been meaning to watch it but u never got around to it
  • so one weekend ur like ‘lets watch it’
  • ‘u sure’
  • ‘yeah’
  • so u watch
  • good shit
  • the two of u literally watch it in one day
  • its so good
  • ‘when will season 2 happen……..’
  • maybe one day
  • wait have u two eaten anything
  • …. no
  • gdi
  • u would probably still be talking about it over dinner and u just get connor basically just watching u ramble on about the show
  • its cute
  • u two have to watch more shit together since u get into it
  • u two get to cuddle while u watch shit and eventually u run out of snacks
  • neither of u care
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • and connor knows almost everything thats coming and plott wists but he doesn’t spoil that shit
  • thank u connor
  • (he did threaten to once. u would have fought him)


is all i got