Historical Supercorp AU: The Lost Queen

This morning I listened to a podcast called What Really Happened (which is really great and you should listen to it), and this one episode was about King John II of France, who was captured by the Black Prince of Wales and spent a third of his reign as an extravagant prisoner of war. There’s a part of his story where he actually goes back to France for a while, but then returns to England at the slightest provocation to resume his POW status.

I dunno what it is about this story, but it makes me want a Supercorp AU where Lena is the Black Prince and Kara is the captured king of France and Lena is instantly smitten and proceeds to shower her prisoner with lavish meals and jubilant parades.

She makes it her singular mission to give Kara every reason to stay in England with her, up to and including setting steep ransoms that the French can’t possibly hope to raise.

But when Kara insists she can raise the 3mil crowns if she can go back to oversee the efforts to raise funds herself, Lena is all “fine then, go, see if I care.” And the instant Kara sets foot in France she realizes how much she misses England. Not just the food or the celebrations– but the nights she spent discussing politics and strategy with her captor the Black Prince, and the quiet moments they stole in the woods during the hunts Lena hosted.

When it becomes obvious the burden her ransom and release is putting on her people, Kara nopes back to England with a new solution she hopes the Black Prince will accept.

In the great hall of King Lionel III, Kara kneels before the Black Prince and explains the plight of her people. Lena listens, expression dour (royals shouldn’t pout, but the Black Prince does).

“I fail to see how breaking the treaty you insisted upon is my problem,” Lena says finally. “You would break your oath?”

“No,” Kara assures her. “My people are unable to pay the agreed ransom, and so I surrender myself unto you in good faith and honor.”

Lena doesn’t look convinced. She looks like she wants to raze a village or two, and Kara is desperate to ensure its not her villages in the Black Prince’s sights.

“And I propose a new treaty, to bring our lands together in alliance for perpetuity.”


Kara can’t help the smile that curls her lips ever so slightly. “My hand, in holy matrimony, to the Prince of Wales.”

When Lena’s cheeks immediately flush a deep crimson, Kara knows she has her.


  • HAUNTED HOUSE ! one of the muses gets scared while the other does their best to comfort them through the ride
  • TRICK OR TREATING ! giving out candy to all the kids and rating which one had the best costume once the front door is closed
  • CORN MAZE ! getting lost in the maze for hours ( bonus points if they just give up and end up making out or maybe even smutty times ? )
  • COSTUME PARTY ! going as matching costumes or just meeting there, two bonus points if they sneak off to have their own fun !
  • SERIAL KILLER AU ! think of the movie friday the 13th. what was supposed to be a relaxing camping trip between a group of friends suddenly turns deadly when a serial killer threatens their safety. 
  • GHOSTS ! honestly just think of ryan and shane ghost hunting , i want it !
  • PUMPKIN CARVING ! pretty self-explanatory but imagine if they got into a cute little pumpkin fight ? ? throwing the insides at each other until their entire apartment is a mess !

anonymous asked:

What's your headcanon body type for all of the sides? Like how does their body look when you think about them

I always imagine Patton to be thick. Like imagine a Dad! (Cause that’s what he’s called) and at least a couple of inches shorter than Roman and Logan but taller than Virgil

Roman is the tallest for me and his body type is the most muscular. I feel he’s the kind to wanna look like those really fit Celebs that train for a role.

Logan is a bit shorter than Roman and I imagine him being lean and muscular

And then there’s Virgil who I picture being the shortest of the Sides and in my hc he has a dancer’s body cause, you know, I hc that he’s.. a that.

protector / protectee starters

  • “no. you can’t go, it’s too dangerous.”
  • “it’s not dangerous. i’ll be fine.”
  • “i’m not going to let anything happen to you.” 
  • “you can’t keep me safe from everything.”
  • “just be careful.” 
  • “i’m always careful.”
  • “you’re going to get yourself hurt.”
  • “i won’t get hurt, i promise.”
  • “i won’t let them hurt you.”
  • “you can’t save me from this.”
  • “please try and stay out of trouble.”
  • “if anything happened to you…” 
  • “i’m not sure how to keep you safe.”
  • “i’m not going to let you out of my sight.”
  • “this is the only way to keep you safe.”
  • “you can’t keep an eye on me twenty four seven.”
  • “everywhere you go, i go.”
  • “it’s not your job to protect me.”
  • “it’s my job to protect you.”
  • “don’t worry, i’ve got you.”
  • “no one will hurt you as long as i’m breathing.”
  • “you don’t understand how dangerous this is.”
  • “please come back in one piece.”
T’s Masterlist of AU Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next fanfic? Here are a list of ideas I’ve compiled to help you get started! There are also a few sub-AUs I included just because :)



  • Apocalypse AU
  • Dystopian AU
  • Fairy Tale AU
    • 12 Dancing Princesses
    • Aladdin / Arabian Nights
    • Beauty & the Beast
    • Cinderella
    • Hansel & Gretel
    • Jack & the Beanstalk
    • Peter Pan
    • Rapunzel
    • Rumplestiltskin
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Snow Queen
    • Snow White
    • The Frog Prince
    • The Little Mermaid
    • The Prince/Princess & the Pauper
    • The Princess & the Pea
    • Thumbelina
  • High Fantasy AU
  • Horror AU
  • Mafia AU
  • Military AU
  • Musical AU
  • Mystery AU
  • Noir AU
  • Pirate AU
  • Sci-Fi AU
  • Shakespeare AU
  • Superhero AU
  • Supernatural/Paranormal AU
  • Time Travel AU
  • Urban Fantasy AU
  • Utopian AU
  • Wild West AU


  • Airplane Passengers AU
  • Aristocrat/Commoner AU
  • Arranged Marriage AU
  • Artist/Muse AU
  • Author/Publisher AU
  • Body Swap AU
  • Childhood Sweethearts AU
  • Chosen One & Sidekick AU
  • Complete Opposites AU
  • Doctor/Patient AU
  • Hades & Persephone AU
  • Handcuffed Together AU
  • Lab Partners AU
  • Neighbors AU
  • Pen Pals AU
  • Personality Switch AU
  • Rockstar/Groupie AU
  • Roommates AU
  • Royalty/Servant AU
  • Soldier/Nurse AU
  • Soulmates AU
  • Teacher/Student AU
  • Tourist/Native AU



  • Android AU
  • Archaeologist AU
  • Assassin AU
  • Astronaut AU
  • Celebrity AU
  • Cosplayer AU
  • Criminal AU
  • Dancer AU
  • Demon Slayer AU
  • Detective AU
  • Disabled AU
  • Double Agent AU
  • Explorer AU
  • Fallen Angel AU
  • Fighter Pilot AU
  • Guardian Angel AU
  • Hacker AU
  • Musician AU
  • Nerd/Geek AU
  • Olympic Athlete AU
  • Photographer AU
  • Private Eye AU
  • Punk AU
  • Race Car Driver AU
  • Revolutionary AU
  • Royalty AU
  • Street Performer AU
  • Tsundere AU
  • Tutor AU
  • Viking AU
  • Yandere AU


  • Atlantis AU
  • Egyptian Gods AU
  • El Dorado AU
  • Fountain of Youth AU
  • Greek Gods AU
  • King Arthur AU
  • Norse Gods AU
  • Robin Hood AU


  • Angel AU
  • Banshee AU
  • Demigod AU
  • Demon AU
  • Genie AU
  • Ghost AU
  • Mermaid AU
  • Siren AU
  • Werewolf AU
  • Vampire AU
  • Zombie AU


  • Christmas AU
  • Fourth of July AU
  • Halloween AU
  • Hanukkah AU
  • New Years AU
  • Spring Break AU
  • Thanksgiving AU


  • Backpacking Across Europe AU
  • Battle of the Bands AU
  • Bookshop AU
  • Carnival AU
  • Circus AU
  • Coffeeshop AU
  • College AU
    • “We got paired up for a group project but none of us know what we’re doing”
  • Conspiracy AU
  • Dragons AU
  • Heist AU
  • High School AU
    • Summer School
  • Immortal AU
  • Kidnapped AU
  • Prison AU
  • Reincarnation AU
  • Road Trip AU
  • Seven Deadly Sins AU
  • Summer Camp AU
  • Time Travel AU


  • “Marry me because my green card expired” AU
  • “Why does by neighbor have to be an aspiring opera singer?” AU
  • “I’m a server and you’re a frequent customer and you flirt with me but YOU NEVER TIP ME, WHAT THE HELL MAN?” AU
  • “I never break the law but I was asked to be part of a massive heist and damn, I really need to pay off my student debt…” AU
  • “I lied and said I could speak a different language to impress my crush but now he wants me to tutor him so I need to become fluent in Mandarin in 3 days HELP” AU
  • “We are fictional characters that know we are fictional characters and so we decided to have a little fun and mess with the author by not following any of the tropes they’re writing” AU

[Updated 8/21/17]

ok but someone give me that cute bartender storyline though? like this guy tends bar at a restaurant or a pub or something and always sees this cute girl hanging out there, but she’s always either with friends or with some guy so he never really gets the time to talk to her BUT ONE DAY she walks into the place alone and orders so many drinks until she’s so bloody drunk, screaming about how her boyfriend cheated on her, that the bartender had to bring her home himself. she wakes up with a horrible hangover, stumbles out the room to find the bartender cooking breakfast and rolling his eyes, laughing. “first of all, you’re an idiot. second, we didn’t have sex if that’s what you’re wondering. third, breakfast will be ready soon. sit.” and fluff commences HELP PLZ

CAN I GET A BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS PLOT ?? like not even an instant one, but like one with the gradual build up. like MUSE A comes to them after a fight with their significant. MUSE B knocks on their window after a horrible date. no one gets me like you. inside jokes no one understand. maybe even a secret handshake ?? just chemistry so strong it melts your heart. so innocent & pure. bonus points if people used to say they’d get married one day and they both laughed at the idea. but here they are. laughing about what their lives have become. how at the end of the day they’ve always had each other. and now they can’t help but wonder.

masterlist of creepy setting ideas
  • a sideshow / freakshow;
  • a ghost town;
  • a convenience store;
  • a big city at 4am;
  • a river neighborhood;
  • an abandoned high school;
  • the last train car;
  • the spot under a big bridge that time doesn’t touch;
  • an airport in the dead of night;
  • a gas station off a turnpike;
  • a supermarket during a snowstorm;
  • an old mansion near a southern swamp;
  • a beach where strange things keep washing ashore;
  • a driveway in suburbia at midnight.

Y’all. I need an ‘I’ve got no where to live, so I went to a fancy hotel pretending I’m rich & fancy AF, and pretended to be your wife in order to get the key to your room. But please don’t yell and kick me out when you see me laying in your bed with your robe on while watching pay per view on the TV and eating the mini bar snacks. But wait, this works out in your favor? Now I have to actually pretend to be your wife so your crazy mother will get off your back about marriage? As long as I get to keep all the clothes you buy me’ plot.

I want baby plots;

  • I want a woman who’s wanted to have a child for so long and she’s yet to find the right man and she has herself artificially inseminated
  • I want friends who are desperate to have children that they decide to have one together
  •  I want a couple who have been together for years and are now beginning to want children and can have them
  •  I want couples who have been together for years and can’t have children
  • I want one night stands ending in pregnancy
  •  I want people starting their lives and careers only to find out their pregnant
  •  I want exes finding out they’re having children together
  • I want parents raising their children at all ages
  • I want same sex couples wanting children and finding surrogates and looking after them
  •  I want adoptions and surrogacy and everything you could imagine.

 I want baby plots!!!!!

I really want a one night stand where she snuck out before he woke up and he tried looking her up but he didn’t even know her full name, so he moved on. Move on years down the road and he’s just gotten engaged and at the engagement part he’s introduced to her sister that’s been living overseas for the past few days, but who is it, that girl from all those years ago. Better yet, meet her child, wait, why do they his eyes.

Secretly Dating/Fucking Plots
  • We’re coworkers and usually that wouldn’t be a problem but I’m your boss, so stop looking at me like that
  • We’re roommates and I swear if anyone else we live with found out we’d be tormented until the lease was up
  • You used to be my teacher/professor and it’s totally cool that we’re seeing each other now, not weird at all- not even when we run into people- maybe this should be kept quiet
  • You’re my RA and you signed a contract saying you wouldn’t hook up with your residents but can we overlook that for just tonight? and next week? and for the rest of the semester, maybe?
  • We hooked up after the office party even though there’s a strict no dating rule and honestly? we shouldn’t keep doing this but it was really fun
  • I’m your ex’s new roommate and you were only coming by to pick up your stuff and you walked in on me dancing around in my underwear
  • We’re in group therapy together
  • We’re competing against one another for valedictorian/that promotion
  • Your sibling is my significant other
  • We’re part of a trio of friends but we don’t want our friend to feel like the third wheel
  • You’re my best friend’s ex
  • We’re both camp counselors at a sleep-away camp
  • Our kids are dating
  • I’m your boss’s child
  • You’re a really close friend of my sibling/parent/cousin/roommate but we also really hit it off?
  • We were high school sweethearts that grew apart and into our own lives, but now we live in the same town/we work at the same place/our kids go to the same school/your significant other is my work bestie

cliche plots i’m always a slut for

  • the summer road trip
  • bad boy / good girl
  • bad girl / good girl
  • TA / college student
  • penpals that become best friends and maybe more through letters
  • rich ceo’s kid / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • actually, rich ceo / rich ceo’s beleaguered employee
  • people on a movie set who are love interests in the movie but hate each other irl
  • arranged marriage
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • popular kid / nerd
  • breakfast club style all day detention
  • blind dates
  • friends with benefits
  • rich guy / trophy wife
  • bonnie and clyde plots
  • the goody-goody and the juvenile delinquent that are actually best friends and will fuck u up if you mess with the other one

(feel free to add more)

forget the fake dating plots, give me the fake engagement plots because it’s a hundred times more angst i mean?

  • when muse a has been telling their parents they’ve been seeing somebody and finally say they’re engaged to get them off their back, and then surprise!! the whole family ships out to meet the lucky person and they gotta suddenly scramble for a fake fiance/fiancee
  • when the person they ask is their friend and muse b has been secretly hiding that they actually have feelings but say yes just to get close to muse a and hopefully get rid of the feelings but god knows that doesn’t work
  • the moving in together and having to get used to sleepy faces and sleeping in the same room and awkwardly brushing their teeth in the morning but it eventually becomes very familiar and natural
  • meeting the family!!! listening to embarrassing stories and cute naked baby pics while muse a sits around moping bc “mooomm why are you showing these i asked you to burn these”
  • having to practice being affectionate so it looks real
  • “what do you mean kiss? right now? in front of the whole family?”
  • “kiss me right now in front of the whole family”
  • what becomes normal hand holding and touching even when they’re not in public
  • mom/grandmother bringing their old wedding dress and insisting muse b trying it on and it’s huge on her but the mom/grandmother is crying and muse a comes in and the dress is literally falling off muse b and their family members are crying in the corner
  • the family throwing a bridal shower and the couple casually cheating to win the newlywed game
  • actual bridal dress shopping!!! when muse b tries on ‘the dress’ and everybody is like omg…and muse a is like “shit shit these are real feelings ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION
  • when the family leaves and the two try and go back to normal but deny there are any real feelings :(
  • when muse a starts dating somebody else and their family is like “they’re okay but i liked muse b better”
  • A N G S T

send me a ….

  • for my muses reaction to yours bringing them breakfast in bed.
  • for my muses reaction to your muse getting my muses’ name tattooed on them. 
  • for my muse showing your muse their new tattoo of your muses name.
  • for my muses reaction to finding yours in a hospital bed. 
  • for my muses reaction to waking up in a hospital bed and finding yours asleep in the chair beside them.
  • for my muses reaction to seeing them as your muses phone wallpaper. 
  • for my muses reaction to accidentally slamming your muses hand in the door. 
  • for my muses reaction to finding a cute love note from your muse. (bonus points: tell me what the note says)
  • for my muse to get nervous on a plane and seek comfort from your muse. 
  • for my muses reaction to getting hit with a snowball thrown by your muse.

*screams* i want a plot where a guy goes on a roadtrip just wandering around the state trying to find meaning of life with his big ass doggo and one day he comes to diner where this shy young woman works and like her boss is always yelling at her and she has abusive boyfriend and her father used to be abusive as well and this guy he is the first man who ever treated her nicely and he just asks her completely out of the blue if she doesn’t want to leave with him and she’s like “why not?” so she takes all of her things and leaves with him. pleaseee!

okay but im really in the mood for “we’re both shitty people” plots like consider

  • you’re my sibling’s new spouse but damn when you kiss me it feels like i’m on fire
  • hi when i saw you at that bachelor/bachelorettes party i didn’t realize it was thrown for you or maybe i did and we slept together and oh shit you’re getting married in literally two days
  • my twin is dating you and i might have tricked you into thinking she was me just to get some but now i find out that you knew the whole time
  • why is this couple vigorously making out in front of us — oh shit did you just throw popcorn at them? and now i’m laughing so i look like the asshole that did it
  • you were the person my ex cheated on me with so i dumped a drink on you but turns out you didn’t know about me either and i came to apologize
  • walked in on my roommate and you screwing except i know you from class and i freaked out a little
  • i was hustling you in pool for money but you were hustling me for free drinks so who’s the real winner here?
  • i was swerving on the road but i’m not drunk it’s because i thought i saw a squirrel and you’re the cop that pulled me over except damn you’re hot, and you’re making eyes at me too

someone give me one or all of these, we good? we good.

Give me a vampire couple that’s been on and off again for like hundreds of years. Like they fight like crazy and break up and not see each other again for a long time but then come back together like nothing has changed and are all over each other in love. They won’t admit it but they’ll love each other forever no matter what, even if they’re not always together. 

ok but a plot where muse a is the leader/part of this really dangerous and famous gang and almost everyone knows who muse a is, the horrible things they have done, how skilled they are at whatever weapon they like the most, how they have no mercy and will either kill you in matters of seconds or torture you until you’re begging for death. they’re cold, they’re calculating, rumor has it they lack a heart and soul,, but then, THEN, there’s muse b; pure, innocent, maybe shy and awkward ( or not, up to u?? ) personality is cute as fuck, a marshmallow that needs to be protected, and well, muse a really wants to protect them in the moment their eyes land on muse b, even if they don’t know them at all because ‘dude they look so fucking fragile someone is going to hurt them wtf the fuck’. and one day, after days ( or weeks ) of muse a admiring muse b from afar they decide to approach them someway somehow, and poor muse b is clueless abt who muse a really is at first. this could be so angsty and fluffy and just !!!!! i Want

OK SO what about a plot where muse a is a waitress or something and she’s working a shift one night and like this group of super hot cops come in and she has to be their waitress and she’s trying to not act weird but she can’t help it and they notice it and are teasing her about it, but muse b is doing it a lot more than the other too and like maybe the diner requires her to wear skates and maybe she like stumbles and ends up spilling like soda, water, etc. on muse b’s crotch and she’s like ‘omigod omigod omigod’ and he just thinks it’s cute and funny and so he leaves her his number on a napkin and maybe she panics and doesn’t text him because she thinks he’s intimidating AND THEN MAYBE THE NIGHT DAY SHE LIKE LOST A BET OR SOMETHING AND HER FRIENDS MAKE HER GO SKINNY DIPPING IN THE LAKE EVEN THOUGH IT’S TRESPASSING AND THEN THE POLICE COME AND HER FRIENDS DITCH HER AND OH SHIT IT’S MUSE B AND SHE LIKE COMES OUT OF THE WATER TO SEE HIM STANDING ON THE DOCK AND HE’S LIKE ‘why didn’t you text me?’