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90% of Love Triangles™ are best resolved by the rivals ditching the fulcrum, and hooking up with each other

Held Gaze: Bob and Alice have been spending a lot of time together, causing people to comment on their relationshipbut so far nothing has resulted from it. Often though, they will find themselves gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, one indication of their UST. This can often precede an Almost Kiss, as this is usually what is happening before that. If this is an extremely intense gaze into the other’s eyes, this might be an indication that a Big Damn Kiss is on the horizon.

So something I noticed during my third viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy is that every time some major shit went down, Peter and Gamora looked at each other first. As in, “oh shit, we’re about to get shot or get our asses kicked, are you ready to fight?” Seriously, I don’t even think they noticed it. It was totally unconscious, but it starts right after Peter talks Drax down from killing her. It’s kind of amazing.

I mean, they’ve known each other a matter of hours and they slowly starting building this unsaid attachment. Let me show you some examples:

  • When the slave girl at the Collector’s place went for the Infinity Stone, Gamora immediately tackles Peter out of harm’s way. 
  • When Ronan shows up after Drax called him, they look at each other and then both bolt.
  • Gamora is the first person to catch Peter’s gaze and commit to dying among her friends when he gives them his 12% plan.
  • Once the smoke clears and Ronan is still alive after his ship crashes, Peter and Gamora still meet eyes first as they revel in the horror and try to figure out what to do.
  • Peter “throws it” to Gamora while he’s dancing (and my God, that might’ve been the funniest scene she had when she just honestly shook her head.) to distract Ronan while Rocket reassembled the device to take him down.
  • Gamora was the first to take Peter’s hand after he grabbed the stone, even though she knew she would probably die by doing so.
  • After they killed Ronan and saved the day, there was a seriously heavy gaze and they might have even shared a little victory kiss if Yondu hadn’t interrupted them.
  • Yet again, we have that strong gaze after Peter says Yondu was probably the only family he had and Gamora says that’s not true.
  • After Peter reads his mother’s letter and puts on Awesome Mix 2, there is this incredibly sweet, fond look and smile between the two of them as they listen to the music.

I love that this thing between them is just a thread. It’s not a huge romantic plot tumor. It’s a tease. It’s a taste of what might develop into something in later movies, and in a movie where NOTHING is subtle, I think it’s fantastic that their chemistry has actual layers to it. He comes on strong at first, but then you notice that he sees past the beauty and the anger in Gamora and realizes she’s worth fighting and dying for. Aside from the gut-busting one-liners, I think this Held Gaze theme might be my favorite thing in the movie.

Ahem. Or I’m just a dork who thinks too much. Either way, these two idiots make me unspeakably happy.

Friendly reminder that JNPR are literally the biggest time sink in the show to date and they didnt add anything to the main plot until MKG tumorized the plot to make Jaune and Pyrrha central to it, and the cost of that was Ruby’s already flaky protagonist status.

Hostile reminder that Sun and Neptune added more to the plot until MKG decided to derail Monty’s favorite team into useless jokes.

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What are some mistakes young writers often make?

Young writers usually means beginning writer, but a beginning writer of any age can make these mistakes. Italicized items are mistakes I see most often.


  • Not using proper grammar
  • Not using proper punctuation
  • Not using paragraph breaks
  • No scene breaks or chapter breaks
  • Improper formatting, especially with dialogue
  • No consistent tense



  • Similar plot to other series (e.g. Eragon and Star Wars)
  • Conflict is suborned to other plots the author thinks are more important (e.g. romantic subplot)
  • No subplots
  • Deus Ex Machinas
  • Plot holes
  • Idiot ball
  • Misunderstanding as a plot device
  • Withholding information from characters for no good reason


  • “Talking heads”, characters talk to each other, but don’t move, express emotions, or think while they do
  • Filler scenes
  • Romantic plot tumor
  • Bad love triangles
  • Viewpoint switching
  • Romanticization of time periods, mental illness, gang activity, etc.


  • White people. White people everywhere.
  • Bad conlangs
  • No consistent magic rules
  • The common tongue
  • Hidden magic without any real explanation
  • Inconsistent technology levels

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Do you think the trope "Romantic Plot Tumor" applies to Yuuri and Viktor with how their relationship is handled at the finale? Sad fridge moment: Since Yuuri didn't stay at St. Petersburg, Viktor can now be interpreted as an antagonist. Coaches don't need to stay with skaters 24/7 but Viktor is competing again too. In-universe, Viktor will be seen to have "used" Yuuri and is now sabotaging him. Him being called selfish and Chris' accusation of him hurting Yuuri in the end is now justified. T-T

Mmm my understanding of that trope is that it applies when a romance is unnecessary and hinders the main plot, which I don’t think is the case with Victuuri at all. More lick the plot interfered with the romance this time, considering the lack of resolution. Lots of things seem to be interfering with Victuuri these days. ISN’T THAT RIGHT Japanese publishers who are censoring the rings on official art??? 

Now, as for the rest of your ask. I wouldn’t say antagonist but yes, making Victor go back to competing makes him a rival. And it’s such a terrible change for the story. If they are going to take a realistic route here, Victor and Yuuri’s relationship will certainly suffer from this. How do you balance being in a romantic relationship with being coach and student with being rivals? And while we’re on that train of thought, how do you coach someone you’re directly competing against??? It’s prime material for relationship drama and conflict. @soobaki​ actually made a post about this that I recommend you read (x) <- linking that one because it has good additional commentary

Making Victor go back to competing is a terrible decision for the story, a disservice for his character and really comes down to be nothing but fanservice for the people who want to see him skating more. It’s like you say and how I have pointed out in my post-finale mega meta. The finale ends up justifying everyone who ever mocked or disbelieved Victor’s decision to coach throughout the season. And it’s a shame. 

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Hi! I'm currently writing a story that has romance in it. The thing is, the romance isn't all that crucial to the main plot but is important character development-wise. How do I avoid the dreaded "romantic plot tumor" trope so the romance doesn't stray away from the main plot?

Remember - every scene has to, in some way, drive the main plot forward. This includes your romantic scenes. 

Be sure that when romance is happening, we - the audience - are directly seeing how that romance is affecting the character development, and therefore the plot, in your story. 

Also remember that when romance is a subplot, it’s okay to have a lot of stuff happen after the cut or behind-the-scenes. So long as the reader has enough information to draw conclusions about how the romance is developing, it won’t feel weird or jarring to them to see only the “big” moments without a lot of fluff thrown in.

Avatar: The Last Airbender did a pretty great job with its romantic subplot, in that you only see it on the screen when it’s showing the characters’ emotional states or mindset. You may get little teasers here and there about Aang’s crush, but there are really only a handful of big moments that relate to the overall romance (that finally comes to fruition only in the very last episode). 

Likewise with Harry Potter - even though Harry and Ginny get together in Book 6 (after Harry crushes on her for a little while), the most that we really see of their relationship is what pertains to the war that’s growing around them. (For example, Harry leaving her behind and realizing she’s at Hogwarts when the battle’s about to start.)

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Is there a character that is up there with Pearl as a plot tumor character? I would say Peridot got a lot more of focused episodes than Garnet and Amethyst. Which I guess makes sense considering the whole redemption arc, but still it was the peri-show for a while

I don’t really love the term “plot tumor” but, like, I understand the increased focus on Peridot and Lapis. They’re the New Guys and the other characters have sort of a character development head start on them, so it makes sense that they’d put a lot of focus on them right at the beginning. 

What doesn’t make sense to me is why, when the show added new characters to the main cast, Amethyst and Garnet’s limelight had to take a major hit but Pearl’s seemed to actually get a boost. 

Also, like, I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a Pearl Arc that’s more like Peridot’s arc, where she starts getting held accountable, where Steven sides against her and she doesn’t have “this fight is making Steven sad” as a get-out-of-jail-free card that makes the other person decide to Just Drop It for Steven’s sake, and she actually does the necessary work to earn everyone’s forgiveness. 

In the arc where Peridot was trying to earn everyone’s forgiveness, she got punched in the face, poofed, locked up, chased by a helicopter, and at a certain point even Steven wasn’t on her side, and the responsibility was all on her to do the right thing and earn everyone’s trust. In the arc where Pearl manipulated Garnet in a deeply personal and violating way, Garnet forgave her because Steven was upset they were fighting. In the arc where Pearl had been absolutely horrible to Greg for 20 years for something that was no one’s fault but her own, Greg ended up apologizing to her, and then forgave her because Steven was upset they were fighting. 

Personally, I think Pearl deserves much better writing than she’s getting, and I don’t think she can get that as long as the narrative keeps treating her like this:

The movie Avengers: Age of Ultron was a heavily fictionalized account of the “Sokovia Incident” and originally tried to be as closely true to the facts as it possibly could.

It failed.  Miserably. 

The Black Widow’s reaction to the apparent Romantic Plot Tumor (inserted to appeal to female audiences - insisted movie executives), was a flat glare.  She and her male teammates had a perfectly good professional and personal relationship.  No romance necessary. 

Dr. Banner’s reaction to said Plot Tumor was something between befuddlement and bemusement, considering that he was, in fact, happily reunited with Dr. Betty Ross. 

Tony Stark is a great fan of Robert Downey Jr. and totally denies that they both got their NOT HIGH HEELED SHOES at the same source. 

Sam Wilson was just happy that he was mentioned in this movie at all. Considering that he was actually the reason why a certain other New Avenger survived the battle.

“But I’m not dead,” said a bewildered Pietro Maximoff.

His sister Wanda shook her head at the apparently ridiculous need for drama, considering that nobody stayed dead in these movies anyway. 

“I wasn’t even in this one,” said Bucky Barnes… but then he wasn’t supposed to be around for the Sokovian Incident.  Officially speaking.  And nope, that wasn’t a well-timed headshot at ULTRON’s head that saved Steve’s life, courtesy of Bucky’s Big Fuck Off Sniper Rifle™ affectionately named Tallulah. 

Colonel James Rhodes just rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of it all - since War Machine also had very little screentime, despite actual events - and just passed the popcorn.

JARVIS who was actually enjoying himself with his “superhero alter ego” Vision was disappointed that this was not touched on in the movie with anything approaching accuracy. 

Thor was firmly of the belief that his classically written Epic in Ancient Asgardian written to commemorate the battle was far more truthful.

However, everyone applauded the acting talents of “Chris Evans” - actually Steve Rogers - and had a good laugh at his ridiculously lame “I just really work out” excuse to explain away how he tore up that log.  He delivered it with such a straight face that the movie’s director believed him.


The Real Explanation for Age of Ultron, the Blanket Fort  Headcanon

ETA Postcript:  Clint Barton was in actual Tahiti with his complicated family of choice, which included one Phil Coulson.  Natasha was still disappointed that soon-to-be-born Natasha was really going to be Nathaniel.

However, she was vindicated when a few years later, Nathaniel declared that he was really a girl and she wanted to be a ballerina like Godmomma Nat when she grew up.

(Yeah, this last bit is inspired by that gorgeous artwork of Godmommy Nat and Natasha being reblogged around!)

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What are some things you wish you could see more of in books/movies?


  • Here
  • The death of the first 27 of these
  • Plots centered around female characters interaction with each other (that are not “chick flicks”, Devil Wears Prada, or some independent film no one’s heard of)
  • Awesome plot twists
  • Stories without a romantic plot tumor subplot
  • Governments that aren’t evil or shining paragons of virtue (or, worse, governments that seem utopic but turn out to be a product of the evil oppressive upper class)
  • Rebellions that cover after the rebellion succeeds, because too often we’re treated to, “The hero has won and will install a government that is utopic!” There’s no mention of how the hero will do this
  • Romance stories that cover after the grand annunciation of love, because it often ends at, “And they lived happily ever after.” Please show me after that - show them fighting, growing old, having children, dealing with money problems, and being something other than their youthful, pretty selves
  • On one hand, I want more happy endings where you leave the theater or end the book with a feeling of hope - that’s one of the reasons I liked LOTR (movies and books) so much. On the other hand, I also like crushing defeats and pain and bittersweet endings eheheheheheh


  • Here
  • Non-stereotypical depictions of gay and bisexual characters
  • Inclusion of trans and asexual characters (also in non-stereotypical ways, but I would like to strongly stress their inclusion)
  • New fantasy races
  • Characters with happy childhoods, who have good relationships with their parents (neither of which died in horrible deaths only serving to motivate the protagonist)
  • Diversity in skin color, sexuality, religion, ability, appearance, occupation, gender, mental abilities, etc. and not just one token POC as “representation”
  • Would it cause the death of the firstborns to show a really intelligent character who is not male, dark-haired, thin, and/or mildly autistic? the female, short and average-sized, neurotypical blogger seethes.
  • People with non-neurotypical behavior or behavioral problems that are not treated as comic relief.

This list also covers some other things I’d like to see.

What gets me about YiBi fans who are likely teenagers who think the toxic dishonest romance drama is exciting -or worse, not teenagers- is not only do they not seem to understand what a healthy pairing dynamic is but they actually think fans of tae Kwang are so shallow as to pair him with Eun Bi “because of our vagina” like did it even occur to you that some of us don’t care about the gender or the characters, and perhaps are bi/pan sexual? Some of us feel for Tae Kwang more than they do for Eun Bi, so no, Eun Bi is not a self insert. Especially not me?? 

I’ve identified with Tae Kwang the same way I do for Alice of Pandora Hearts, or Korra from Legend of Korra, and all I can say is that I am tired, so tired of the writers using him for ratings because they KNOW 99% of the fanbase loves him and watches the show only for him, but they’re so disgustingly self-absorbed into their abusive (if you don’t see his actions as abusive you need to take off the blinders, not fans of Tae Kwang) and selfish self-insert Han Yi Ahn who honestly doesn’t deserve either of the twins. And contrary to the belief of YiBi fans, it’s not Eun Byul who doesn’t deserve/lost Yi Ahn, it’s Yi Ahn who never deserved Eun Byul in the first place.

Tae Kwang and Eun Bi have a connection, it’s only natural that people would want them to end up together. They never had to ask each other who they are in each others presence. A story is a promise made to the reader and the writers keep breaking it, and the worst part is they know what they’re doing. They built the story this way, and they want to yank out the carpet from underneath their fans the last minute. The thing is though, I can guarantee that if that’s the case all people will remember about 2015 is the Han Yicancer and love line plot tumor that ruined the plot, these fans they’re using for ratings via Tae Kwang scenes? Will they ever want to rewatch this series or recommend it? I doubt it. It will become forgotten all because of their weird whims.

Even if you DON’T want Eun Bi with Tae Kwang, and say we shouldn’t, which, what are you even watching a kdrama with a loveline for? This show abandoned plot a loong time ago. People are literally only watching it for tae Kwang and the writers know this and they are planning to milk him for all he’s worth while still intending to make YiBi happen even though 99% of people DO NOT WANT IT. After all of this pointless drama the only significant ending, not because of fans but because of the way writers wrote it, would be a romantic ending, and the most developed characters are the first to deserve that, which first and foremost means TAE KWANG…… why would you condone a pairing like YiBi? Ship whatever you like but to condone it when there are literally fifteen year old girls watching this and this is just going to be another drama that may teach them that the only attention that matters is from the passive aggressive and abusive guy, is so wrong. This could have been a drama about self discovery, but the writers killed that. The least they could do is insert everyone into the healthiest relationships they have. Even other kdramas wherein the female lead ends up with the shitty guy at least has the “monogamy” aspect going on, Han Yi Ahn literally likes Eun Bi because she was a calmer version of the girl he “loved” for ten years, whom he couldn’t control. Why do you want that? Why don’t you love yourself??

(I still feel bitter because Yi Ahn and Eun Byul was honestly such a beautiful pair up until post-discovery episodes, where Han Yi Ahn’s character went progressive deeper into the abyss. And now he’s staring back at you, having become the black hole of this series because plot, what plot?)


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (&Tauriel)

Dateline: Laketown Refugee Camp (24/40)

re: total drama and sexuality

apparently (understatement ahead) there’s been a backlash against noah and emma because so many people have latched onto the idea of noah being gay. some people have even gone as far as to say that he’s been coded as gay. as a gay man? that’s so messed up it makes me laugh before immediately cringing.

long thoughts ahead

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Are you seeing this? whitecocoamocha(.)tumblr(.)com/post/107127644937/i-wished-naruto-went-the-way-of-avatar-legend-of

You know what I gotta do now right?

“I wished Naruto went the way of Avatar: Legend of Korra. I doubt they planned Korra and Asami to be together.”

And by flipping the switch and deciding to stick em together in the end screams pandering to the emergent fanbase that Bryke are VERY much aware of.

“Kishi probably did planned Sasusaku and Naruhina to be. But Bryan and Mike, they probably had a much different ending in mind.”

Bryan and Mike are even worse at romance than Kishi and they made it a habit to deliberately fuck with the fanbase since the whole Zutara debacle and the story suffers for it.

“Maybe even Korra and Mako to be the endgame but then the story became its own and they realised they wouldn’t work.”

No, they knew exactly what they wanted with Korra and Mako by design.

“They grew too far apart and it made no sense to bring them together after everything. After all the character development they made.”

Or the horrendously written trainwreck that was Mako’s relationships with them both because Bryke SUCKS at romance.

“There would of course be doubts, especially with Asami and Mako even that one moment of slip with Mako and Korra and it could have happened for Sakura and Sasuke(just one slip with Sakura still believing she is still in love with Sasuke but realising she never knew him. Not really.)”

Except Sakura knew him well enough to know he’d leave that night. Sympathized with the loss of his family. Kept faith he’d find his way back even without knowing the truth of why he turned against Konoha in the first place.

“Even Asami realise there was no point fighting for a man like Mako, no point fighting Korra for a love that was not meant to be. Then a new pairing was formed from nothing but very strong friendship and understanding.”

And a regression of Korra’s friendships with everyone else to paint Asami as someone special. Seems more like Kishi’s treatment of SasuNaru to me.

“And Korra and Asami became canon because it made so much sense.”

More like it did because Bryke knew it would cause controversy and ratings.

“And I believe that is what Kishi couldn’t see. I believe he did expect Sasusaku and naruhina to end up together way before shipudden but then the story became its own.”

The only element Kishi let run its own course is Sasuke’s development and while he became a plot tumor and it kinda muddied SasuSaku, it holds no lasting effect on the other two pairings since even if Sasuke was evil it wasn’t inspiring romantic affection for Naruto in Sakura, nor does it impact Naruto’s fondness for Hinata whasoever.

“His characters took life on their own and formed strong bonds and friendship with other people. Sakura with Naruto. Naruto with Sasuke.”

Incorrect. Naruto & Sakura’s bond was the weakest link at the end of Part 1 and needed some focus. Sasuke & Naruto’s bond was more telling than showing even up to their final battle. The actual strong bonds developed in Part 1 that we see are actually SasuSaku & NaruHina hilariously enough.

“Sasuke with Karin.”

*Spits out drink from laughter*

“Sasusaku and Naruhina no longer made sense, barely had any development.”

So…you just cast aside the events of Part 1 without which Naruto & Sakura would have nothing to bond over to begin with?

““I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mutually inspire each other to live - if I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.” Quote by Hayao Miyazaki.”

This applies in the case of a feature where the characters involved don’t end up with anyone, and their relationship is THE most prominent factor of the story. NaruSaku does not fit this at all. The focus of the story us Team 7/ Sasuke & Naruto’s rivalry/Naruto’s gaining acknowledgment.

“And he may have even wavered.”

He did not. He gave it thought and realized how much it would suck.

“He gave parallels consciously.”

To mislead. He said this outright.

“But then he went back to the old mindset because he wasn’t strong enough to let his characters dictate their own stories,”

Bullshit excuse. You can’t draw the conclusion that the characters dictating their own stories would result in a NaruSaku/SasuKarin ending. Your interpretation of things was wrong.

“Sakura and Hinata became stuck with who they used to be and is now permanently stuck in the past”

Sakura is still Konoha’s Strongest Medic while still remaining devoted to Sasuke while he does his atonement journey. She’s a Cool Big Sis to Naruto & Hinata. She used to be a bratty fangirl only interested in romance totally ignorant to the profession she was getting into and totally despised Naruto for being a moron towards her [which he was at the time]. Hinata gains the strength to be acknowledged as Neji’s equal by her father. She used to fail and cry and think of herself as worthless. Stuck in the past? Their academy selves would gawk at their adult selves in AWE at the women they’ve become.

“and Naruto and Sasuke became collateral.”

Two orphan boys ending the cycle of hatred and finding love and family in women who have stood by them through all the hell they’ve been through is collateral damage? What?

“Pretending everything is just ‘red herring’. And everything was tied with a pretty bow. I’m so disappointed.”

Everything? Just the implication that Kushina’s last words would have any actual bearing on the end pairs. I mean really, how in the fuck did you think that comment was supposed to impact Naruto & Sakura?

“And Naruto saying that “He finally realised what he wanted to protect.” for Hinata. It makes me so depressed. I don’t recognise this Naruto who would say such a thing, disregarding everybody else he promised to protect.”

Someone’s forgetting Haku’s words “If someone who accepted you from the bottom of their heart appeared, wouldn’t that person become the most important person in the world to you?”

Naruto comes to the realization that Hinata has loved him since he was a total nobody who thought he had no one. Not even Iruka. Before he and Sasuke were even on each other’s radar. Its not invalidating his bonds with his other friends, but any person in love can tell you there’s a stark contrast between friends and the ONE person you want as your lifelong companion.

“Disregarding everything that he fought for. The person whose childhood made me cry as a child, just as Gaara’s did. Just because you planned for the end, it does not mean it is what you should get. It does not mean it is what you deserve. Just because something is planned from the start doesn’t mean it should end that way. Sometimes you need to let it go. And I’m truly tired of people saying “He planned it from the start!”

To those people, I’ll reply,


This just sounds like a big whine about why couldn’t he let his story structure go all to hell so my OTP could asspull its way into existence. Someone doesn’t understand there was a point to Sakura’s love enduring. There’s a point to Hinata loving Naruto from when he was invisible. These are much stronger love stories than forcing Sakura with Naruto because Sasuke’s gone and Hinata should just get over it because reasons. Nothing of value is lost in killing NaruSaku when Naruto never invested in his crush beyond chapter 3 anyway. So even if you let the characters choose their own destiny Sakura will remain devoted to Sasuke & Naruto would grow fonder and fonder of Hinata who has never been given any legitimate reason to not go after what she wants.

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Like how do you love a ship or a character when you cant see the full picture. Especially if you say you love a character. Imperfect characters are the ones who tend to be complex, therefore making them perfect, at least to me.

I love flawed characters because you see them struggle and learn. The conflict they live or cause are usually the fuel to keep most readership and storylines going.

If team 7 had been perfect, the manga would have flopped. Facts are facts. There would have been no conflict to further a plot surrounding these characters.

Sasuke ‘the plot tumor’ with his unforgivable flaws (to his poor haters lol), kept the story flowing as well.

Sakura, who bless fuck isn’t from a clan, was an “ordinary girl” with her initial brattiness and all, gathered lots of fans because of the humanity in her flaws, weaknesses and later growth that she worked her butt off for. (Did I already say how happy I am that she ISN’T from a clan and became so powerful through hard work already? Tehehe. Not sorry for the clan wankers.)

We know what is what and we still love these characters with their flaws and all. In fact, sometimes their flaws draws us to them because we may see a part of ourselves in them, including things we hate admitting.

They’re perfect because they’re IMPERFECT.

If they had been all sunshine and rainbows, without a single dislikeable trait, I would have smashed my head through a wall in boredom.

Perfection is overrated.

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what do you dislike so much about the season 1 ending and this season?

I ahve a lot of pent-up rage regarded episode 12, mainly around the fact that Rin wasn’t given any chance to mature at all and learn to deal with setbacks.  Instead of reacting to a mature way to the setbacks he experiences, he…throws a huge bitchbaby tantrum and everyone gives him asspats and relies on Rei’s self-sacrifice just to make Rin feel better about problems that were caused entirely by Rin himself.

It was just generally awful and I was so upset because there was such a good lesson in there for Rin to learn how to handle these things maturely and a lesson about how teams don’t decide friendship and it would have been so heartwarming for him to go “no they’re YOUR team now butterfly boy, go swim for them!” and cheer with Gou for Iwatobi on the sidelines.

But no, bitchbaby tantrum and Haru regressing like nine episodes in character progression because it’s ALL ABOUT RIN, and.

I hate episode 12 don’t get me started.

As for this season, it’s just been…lackluster.  Like I said earlier, it really gives off the feeling of those fanfics that have their plot tumor with the author’s favorite characters and OCs taking over the plot.  Nagisa gets one episode of contrived drama, Makoto and Haru are falling prey to the oldest drama trick in the book of just not bothering to talk to each other, and Rin is treated so goddamn shallowly it’s awful (I am so upset with how they’ve been handling his being captain, you have no idea).  Not to mention the drama with Sousuke doesn’t even feel like it has a direction - we’re past halfway, and we still have no real idea of what Sousuke’s problem is, and it just looms in the background.  Like, there’s material for educated guesses, but it still feels weird to not have the main conflict of the series even have a solid shape.  In season 1 we knew Rin’s general problem by episode 4, even if we didn’t know the reasons or motivations behind it yet.  With Sousuke it’s like, we get that he has…some problem with swimming?  And not seeing the worth of friends ins wimming?  Something maybe??  With Haru???  Shoulder pains????  Who the fuck knows?????

Basically the only light points are Rei and Momotarou, so far (although that makes sense since both are anime-original, so there’s no chance of weird out-of-character moments that plague Haru or reduction of character depth like Rin)

I just don’t feel this season like I did the first…but who knows.  Maybe coming episodes will improve it.  Maybe it will have an excellent ending and be the opposite of season 1, which had a really strong plotline and then imploded on itself at the end.

I’m just watching to the end just to see what happens at this point.  Hopefully KyoAni will surprise and craft a good ending, but I’m not going to bother with optimism.

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Rem, I wanna ask what you think about Hinata. I know your otp os NaruHina, but don't you think Hinata is a bit Narutocentric? I thought she needed more background story. I thought she needed more her time and not something that revolves around Naruto.

The short answer is no, I don’t think she is ‘too Narutocentric’ BUT I do think she could have used more time spent. I think her background story is fine, however that what she has is Naruto focused does not really bother me. I won’t go into too much depth on this about how her characters as that is really the point, but I will spend at least some time discussing her and why I also fully understand WHY she doesn’t have more time.

First off, to discuss her and her focus on Naruto. Remember that she is, of course, a side character. She is also the love interest of the main character. If one was to describe her back story in Part 1, I’d say it’s 'a shy and gentle girl lacking in confidence due to an overbearing and even abusive noble family, but who was the first to recognize and find inspiration from Naruto, and used him as a model for self improvement. This also led to her having romantic affections for him.“

For comparison, a fair Part 1 description of Sakura would be ’ a young and extremely intelligent girl with a boisterous personality who has a deep crush on Sasuke, and a deep dislike to the point of hate Naruto. Struggles with confidence and capabilities in comparison to Naruto and Sasuke.’

Keeping in mind that Sakura is a main character, and Hinata is a side character, I’d argue that Sakura in Part 1 is pretty much as focused on Sasuke as Hinata is, though one could say that, at least early on, Hinata’s affections and focus are at least significantly more positive. IE: they are derived from her admiring Naruto’s character, and then her attempting to help him, and so on. Sakura’s is a crush that grows into love. Both are entirely fine in my opinion, both were told fairly well.

I’ve heard complaints that Hinata was somehow selfish for attempting to help Naruto, particularly in the first exam test, though the irony that some people have said her attempting to just make it so he could read her test while sitting next to him was so bad in a thing where Tenten has set up a complex network of mirrors connected to wires and somehow doesn’t get caught sort of astounds me. They’ve also tried to say she somehow 'didn’t know’ Naruto so she was somehow wrong for giving him ointment first rather than rushing to the side of Kiba, or not openly cheering for Kiba over Naruto, etc. Most of these tends to come down more to looking for a reason to dislike Hinata, rather than legitimate. 

To loop back, though, in Part 2, some say Hinata has somehow lost something in her character, or the like. However, the major thing here is that we see Hinata nearly exclusively in the lens of how it interacts with Naruto some way. She doesn’t get her own arc, because she is one of the sadly underutilized characters of the series, though she gets perhaps more time than many others. However, I’d point out that there are small scenes, for example before Gaara’s speech to the Shinobi Alliance, we have her expression concern at the infighting and so on, which is small thing but sort of important. Comparatively, nearly every other time we see her directly interacts or has a relevance to Naruto in some way, so of course she’s thinking of Naruto at those times. 

Thus, I’d argue PART of the 'Narutocentric’ thought process is entirely based on the fact she is shown in context to Naruto. However, there are two reasons FOR this.

For one, if she got more time, only more complaints would rise of her somehow 'stealing’ the heroine spot. Not to mention, it would require more focus on the Hyuuga clan, when we already had the Uchiha hogging the spot and being a plot tumor. Kishimoto has admitted that he reduced Kakashi’s screen time partly because he was starting to hog the show, and given what he’s said about Hinata, one could argue something similar went on there.

For two, as the love interest, more time would need to somehow link to Naruto, logically speaking. For example, if Team 8 had gotten a vs Akatsuki mission like Team 10 got (which would have been cool,) to focus on Hinata would inherently end up meaning focusing on Naruto too at least in some regards, particularly given the importance there. Which means either tipping the hand of the ship and/or writing romance, two things he wasn’t going to do for various reasons. 

Now, I don’t entirely AGREE with these things but I UNDERSTAND them at least. 

As for Hinata HERSELF, the point that she loves Naruto, and uses Naruto as an inspiration to better herself… well, you know who else does that? Gaara. Seriously, Gaara and Hinata could be best friends and co-leaders of the Naruto Fanclub. Gaara gave a speech to the whole world about how much he loves Naruto. And for good reasons: Naruto literally saved these two people from darkness. One of these became explicit romantic attraction, and was reciprocated.

This is more about Hinata and not thinking she is 'too Narutocentric’ rather than what I really think of her, which is a long essay on its own, mind you.