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zen and number 3 please♥

three: addressing the player (a.k.a this got away from me and it’s way long)

It was a stupid fight, you were well aware of that.

It was the first night of many that Zen’s rehearsal hadn’t run long and the fist Friday of many when you didn’t have to work extra hours the next morning. You had been spending a nice night and then you had decided to open your mouth.

“Jumin offered me a job,” had been the off hand comment that sent Zen into a five minute long rant as he clanged the teapot around the kitchen.

And you knew this was coming, had already decided that this was a million times better than putting up with a job that was trying to run you into the ground. But it still stung, that your boyfriend’s first priority was his fight with Jumin, that he didn’t see how strung out you were lately; and you suddenly couldn’t take it, couldn’t sit there and listen at the over aggressive tea brewing, knowing that your only two choices were to be the eternal understanding girlfriend or a crazy bitch.

“Forget it, it was a damn stupid idea anyway.”

It threw him to hear your voice, not just because you sounded tired but because you sounded so lonely; and he barely caught sight of your back as you left the flat.

“Hey, babe, wait,” he rushed behind you, at least sure that you weren’t about to walk out the building in pajama pants.

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BABY posts a PLOT BUNNY-ish.

ok so i was feeling nostalgic af and ended up listening and watch my favorite the killer’s video ‘when we were young’ and i got this idea from it and now i need it! i have a m/f pairing in mind for this so im gonna roll with that. basically, we have this couple who got married when the girl was rather young, she could be idk 18 and he like 25 or even older i don’t mind! and basically, she was very innocent and she really fell in love he loved her too, at least at the start. basically, the marriage begins to unravel and she devotes herself to ‘religion ro something else idk’ and he starts to drink and things along the lines and she ends up catching him cheating and its devastating and we could even factor in more marriage troubles, even children or lack of children or anything and basically we play out this couple who is falling apart and like maybe he realizes that he does love her and he wants her back and she’s spiraling into depression and doesn’t think she will ever forgive him and basically angsty af, idk watch the video and like pls do this with me, (bonus points for poc fc and even more bonus points if it’s time period idk, i wanna play f)