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So basically SnO anime’s logic...

… is that these people

… have more spell power than Otomi Zenkichi,…

… the head of the Seika Dormitory and grandfather of Mayura who has inherited a lot of spell power by both her parents.

What is the idea of sparing those with the most spell power anyway? If Abe no Seimei wanted a perfect world he could save the rest of humanity by sparing those with the lowest level of spell power.

im sad that a lot about P&P is very tied up to the specific cultural context of a f/m relationship (in the specific time period as well which is what makes modern aus of any kind difficult as wel) although that is also part of what makes the whole thing so great but i really want to make a gay version of my fave love story :( 

“We might get axed any second”

“we might get axed any second” (refering to this post ) 

Do you think they are scared that a 5th series might be not allowed because of political circumstances? So they decided to make johnlock canon earlier than initially planned? 

Any thoughts on that?

I’m feeling super happy that it might become canon in series 4. But I take it with a grain of salt as now I’m thinking: if they are just doing this earlier because they are scared the show could get cancelled - might the very neatly planned plot be suffering from that? Many of us assume that BBC Sherlock is planned as a classical 5 act story. Will Mofftiss manage to adapt the plot without loosing quality? I feel like they had such a good plan and now I’m scared. But still, I think it is best to make Johnlock canon in series 4 than in series 5 - that’s much better then the prospect of the show getting cancelled after series 4 and therefore never having canon johnlock at all.

Also, this throws a whole new light on Moffat’s warning that “this series could be last”. Because IF they initially did not plan the canon moment in series 4 and are now  moving this moment forward in the plot line, THEN the show could actually end. Like: Are they trying to squish series 4 und 5 together into series 4 now? Do you know what I mean? I am just thinking: Are they honestly changing their plan or did they have this plan anyways? I hope so much this was their plan anyways because I would be so sad for them if they had to adapt the stories pace in order to “not be too late”. If they had this plan from the beginning, then I’m not that scared of series 4 being the last one.

Can someone calm me down or has some input on this issue?


[EPISODE] 71. For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Kana: 友情のため! 亜美とベルチェ激突
Romaji: Yuujou no Tame! Ami to Beruche Gekitotsu

Original Air Date: October 16, 1993

Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando

Plot: Berthier learns Sailor Mercury’s secret identity while targeting a Crystal Point.


  • The plot was loosely adapted from Act 16 of the manga.
  • The character designs slightly changed after the commercial break.
  • This was the second Ami-centric episode that featured the debut of a new opening animation sequence. The first was episode 27. Masahiro Ando served as the animation director for both of these episodes.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure had a different background in this episode.
  • A move during Ami and Berthier’s chess game was inspired by a play used in the World Chess Championship 1972 match.


  • There was a new animation sequence for the opening credits.


  • Dark Water was finally named on screen, but this episode contained its last appearance.
  • Dark Water Full Power was only seen here.
  • Although there was others, Chess Tower was the last Crystal Point shown in the series.


  • DiC’s English dub (titled “Checkmate”):

    The body lines on Berthier/Birdy were erased during her purification scene.


  • The Tsukino Residence
  • UFO
  • Chess Tower
Outlander 02x06 Best Laid Schemes

From what I’ve seen so far, I’m apparently in a bit of a minority because of how much I enjoyed this episode, even after twice through. Was it perfect in its structure and execution? No. But I loved the character moments and the way they adapted a plot that, in the book, I found convoluted and ridiculous. What’s more, with so many of the episodes so far this season, things have felt overloaded. Much as I loved 02x04, there was just too much in the episode for the significant moments to breathe, for the audience to get that extra few seconds to process the information before moving onto the next thing. Last episode and then this episode both felt less frenetic and rushed (though the transitions between scenes in this episode could still have been smoother). 

Because there has been so much negative criticism, I feel like I should start by addressing some of the concerns that I’ve seen most often, starting with the way the episode starts. A lot of people don’t care for the tonal shift between the end of last episode with the fight between Jamie and Claire and where this episode starts/where we first see the two of them together (with Jamie giving Claire a foot massage). There are several reasons why this doesn’t bother me at all. 

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