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spaghetti-farts asked:

Do you know any tips on how to factor in the characters' personalities as a way to drive the overall plot?

There’s lots of ways. A reluctant hero or one who doesn’t like to get involved in other people’s business may not act until they reach their breaking point, which could cause things to get really bad in the world around them. A character who doesn’t think before they act may complicate matters by playing into a villain’s plans, etc. 

I thin the biggest factor to consider is what motivates your protagonist to move through the story. A bitter and jaded protagonist who thinks only for themselves may not act until there’s something for them to gain, while a more naive hero may be more motivated to take action, and therefore set things in motion that were at a standstill before. 


Tao: now… This story has nothing to do with with our bath house water, other then us building it next to the site where the spring once was. Although we use a different type of purified water and use herbs to give our baths that healing affect. It may not heal the sick, but i can guarantee that you will come out feeling better then when you came in. Please come in

“So without delaying longer, where is she located?”

“She is near Dragon’s Den. We also found she is hidden with a few other Pokémon on a human house. And one of them happens to be someone we thought dead long ago.”

“You mean…”

“Yes. No other than Bolt himself. There’s no way to mistake with those brown eyes of his.”

“My, my… so she ran back to him. Tsk, tsk. I thought she got over that long ago. Looks like we need another family meeting. We leave tomorrow.”

My official guess at what Steven Universe is...

So I’ve watched maybe three episodes and what I can glean is that Steven lives in a coastal town with his pink lion that’s suppose to be a reincarnated version of his mother and polygamist, gay aunts. They all have gems on them and they’re aliens from different dimensions and they put up with this Steven because he’s the son/reincarnation of their deceased friend. Is this pretty close?

plot about muse a and muse b who were two high school sweethearts who had a really bad break-up but are always kind of on each other’s minds even as the years pass and then one day muse a moves into an apartment complex miles away from their hometown because of a job and their neighbor is constantly having sex and it’s just getting really annoying so one night they they go knock on the door to say ‘HEY CAN YOU STOP BANGING ALL THE TIME I’M TRYING TO SLEE–’ and then whoops it’s muse b. surprise!!

“we accidentally picked up each other’s phones and have to return them to each other” plot


  • Before realizing it wasn’t theirs, Muse A answered a call on Muse B’s phone and they discovered Muse B is up to something no-good (i.e.: a kidnapping, drug trade, underground gambling or fight ring, etc.). Muse A has to decide whether or not to tell authorities. And when Muse B gets their phone back, they see the call, recognize the number, and see it wasn’t missed and they have to hunt Muse A down to see if they know too much and decide what to do with them from there. 

  • Muse A knows of Muse B and has a grudge against them so decides to keep the phone and play some pranks on Muse B (because naturally Muse B is the type of person to set their password as 0-0-0-0). Or, for the more unhinged muses, Muse A decides to completely screw with Muse B’s life.

  • Parent Trap edition: Muse A is actually a child trying to get Muse B to get together with their mom/dad - who they saw hitting it off together on a long plane ride, so purposefully takes Muse B’s phone and starts sending them instructions. (Alternately: Both Muse A and Muse B are kids trying to get their parents to hook up, or both Muse A and Muse B are the parents of kids who are trying to get them together.)

  • Both Muse A and Muse B are very busy and cannot get together to swap phones back for a couple of days. So, in the mean time, they have to text each other how to keep up with the messages and appointments and social media notifications they keep getting on each others’ phones. In the mean time, they can’t help but get to know each other a little bit, learning about what things the other one likes on Facebook, appointments they have scheduled, conversations they have with their mother, etc.. It’s awkward at first, feeling like one’s privacy is being invaded and also like the invader of someone else’s, but before long, they each start feeling like they are beginning to know one another and are gaining feelings (be it platonic or romantic - or alternatively seething hatred) for the other. 

muse a is a frat boy and muse b works at a pizza delivery that gives you the option to ask them to tell you whatever you want when pizza is delivered so imagine muse a watching a football match along with his friends and they challenge him to call the pizza delivery and ask them to say something funny and he calls up saying ‘yeah hello i want the delivery guy to tell me he would suck my dick any time’ just to embarrass whoever the guy is because they’re all a bunch of dicks and they would laugh so hard and wait until the pizza guy comes and when muse a opens the door he finDS OUT IT’S NOT A GUY IT’S ACTUALLY MUSE B AND MAN SHE’S THE HOTTEST GIRL OF ALL CAMPUS AND MUSE B SO AMAZED BY MUSE’S A APPEARANCE AND VICE VERSA UNTIL MUSE B FINDS HERSELF FORCED TO TELL THE MESSAGE AND IS SO EMBARRASSED and ever since then he’d order pizza everyday just to make her blush and feel really awkward and also to be turned on because damn she makes dirty words sound pretty it would be m/f but it can also turn into a m/m or a f/f i don’t cARE I WANT THIS

Plot Idea: Burn

Muse A has a strange mutation of their body chemistry that reacts negatively in contact with other peoples’ skin, causing an incredibly painful burning sensation to that other individual.

further ideas to explore…

• Muse A uses their mutation as a form of making money by torturing others for information. Muse B is either a hired hit. (Alternately Muse B is a chemical researcher and Muse A wants to force them to find something that will cure them of their mutation.)

• Muse A falls in love with Muse B. They can never touch.

• Muse A gets picked up as a science experiment by a secret organization or a government agency (etc.) and Muse B is a scientist there. The two get to talking and Muse B falls in love with Muse A — either romantically or platonically — and decides to help Muse A escape.

• Muse B is the only other person alive with the condition and agrees to help Muse A learn to live with the condition. (Can start at any age. Muse A as a child and Muse B as a father/mother figure and adult mentor, or after years of trying to manage it on their own with Muse A as a teen or new adult they seek out Muse B for help and guidance. Romantic or platonic love to follow. Or, alternatively, Muse A and Muse B do not get along well at all but end up stuck with each other.)

give me something like a “hey hot badboy housemate, i just broke up with my boyfriend and i’m drunk, you’re hot, let’s fuck” but he didn’t do it because she was drunk so they end up watching the stars on the roof and listen to her whine about her ex until they eventually fell asleep, cuddling

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants: Writing Without Planning

I confess, I almost never finish novels I don’t plan, but at the same time, writing without having a plan is wonderful. You find that you are just as surprised by each little thing as your reader is! So, because you’re not planning anything, here’s just a few tips to keep your writing going: 

  • Know what’s going to happen next, just not what’s going to happen after that. By this I mean, write with intention. Know which direction it is going in and let what happens next be a surprise and decide from there where to keep going. This way you avoid stagnation and just getting stuck in one scene because you can’t think of what the characters would be or should be doing there. 
  • Leave mysteries to unravel. When you’re writing leave hints and clues and other things to explore. If you mention that a character has a twin sister, that means that there’s a 95% chance that the sister will appear, when and where can be a surprise, but really, it’s the reader’s expectation and it’s considered a loose end if you don’t bring it in (for example, in Larsson’s The Millennium Trilogy, the author mentions that Salander has a twin sister who never appears even though she presumably had a similar, though slightly better up-bringing, it’s assumed now that Larsson would have included her in his originally intended sequels. Also, in season 1 of the TV series American Horror Story, the character Constance mentions her 4 imperfect children, but only 3 of her children are actually seen after that. So these are SUPER ANNOYING loose ends.)
  • Create a plot. It’s okay if the reader can’t recognize it, just so long as you can. Not all books have to have plots, but it helps a ton if the author has intention and direction. You don’t need to have it planned to have intention and direction. It’s like going for a hike and saying, I’m going to walk towards that mountain in the far distance, but it’s okay it I don’t actually get anywhere near it. 
  • Write scenes, not a manuscript. This might not help everyone but if you are inspired to write something just can’t think of how it connects with the last scene, it’s okay to write it as an individual scene somewhere on a timeline and see how you can fit it in later. The more individual scenes you write, the easier it is to put them all together later on. It might just need some bridging and transitions depending on the story. 
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