Whoever started making books probably thought of them as we do—as our babies raised in a diverse community of experience. The books that make up Plorkology are reared by the tryers—the ones that do what they want and they want to nurture process. If life is actually about the climb rather than reaching the top, a stack of 150 hardbacks is a hell of a mountain.

I’ve been spotlighted ya’ll! 

As most of you know, I attend the MFA Creative Writing & Pub Arts Program at University of Baltimore. This wonderful program has recently received funding to start their very first GRADUATE run lit press! The first publication of this press is a compilation of current MFA work. I’m pleased to have been one of the writers to make the cut. I am excited and honored. 

The work that was accepted was birthed during my first semester in this program. The poem is named, ” When I Carried You to the Clinic” - the line spotlighted in this graphic is taken from the first stanza of the poem. I am so thrilled that THIS line was taken - I have loved this line and often this line nursed the tone through the rest of the piece’s conception. The real labor and love of this particular poem is that each stanza is written in haiku syllable style however, the flow of the poem makes this almost invisible to the unknowing eye (so I have found thus far).   

It was my greatest joy not only to write this piece and her sisters (she is the middle sister), but to have her loved by all who have read her. It was especially wonderful for my classmates who watched her and her sister mature through workshop to love them and nurture them as well. I am so happy to be a creator. I am so happy to have these poems loved and have this one published. 

Visit the Plorkology Facebook Page to see more spotlights and progress as the book finishes and we prepare for the book release celebration. 


Why we book artists do what we do…


I’m thrilled to see that Plorkology made it into the University of Baltimore Magazine. I’m proud of the amazing work our student publishers and bookbinders did to make this beautiful anthology. I’m also increasingly grateful for the support our faculty, staff, and university have shown our handmade books. It’s not easy to convince folks handmade is worth it, but UB has been so great for our program in the past couple years. And we’re growing, little by little.

Check out the web extra (more photos and details on the process) here: