Asks Day 7

Anon: Is the story dead the fanfiction

Plopp: Yes, the entire blog is dead. You know, the one we answer asks and post art on still. Oh yeah, and we just skipped this week because we’re entering season two.

Anon: (If this perchance sent multiple times, I apologize. Mobile is a butt and may or may not have sent it to a different Blueswap blog instead.) a thought: Blue Diamond coming back somehow and meeting Steven for the first time. (Because I love the idea of protective momma-Blue holding on to him tight and crying tears of joy)

Plopp: There’s another blueswap blog?? Also, sadly, Blue isn’t coming back.

Anon: what do people from other worlds think of the its most likely that there universe standing is so low to nobody minds if you invade home world

Plopp: Who even knows if there are people?

Anon: for some werid reason i cant see stevens mural

Plopp: the same is happening for us. We’ll try to fix it.

Anon: Would Steven try to make water wings when he finds out about Lapis? I think it’s possible.

Plopp: It’s possible.

Anon: was blue diamond a punk when she was with greg it would be funny to see a badass diamond with a leather jacket

Plopp: That’d be interesting! However, she never had a punk phase.

Anon: Would blue diamond still have her gem if she survived since both parents need to give?

Plopp: Yes, she would. However it’d be significantly reduced. Imagine if suddenly one of your organs shrank, along with all its functions.

Anon: does Steven like anime

Plopp: Prolly

Anon: possible factions 1 pink court remnants the remains of pink old era 1 gems 2 united federation the most powerful all independent planets unit as one to defeat home world in era 1 now they pick on home world 3 the peoples republic of the galaxy (a bunch of space communists) 4 the ancients these powerful magic beings made robots,advanced tech and possible made the diamonds and gems and the humans on earth are the decedents of that group 5 the ploppens they worship the maker of the universe and cnv

Plopp: Listen, we’ve got our ideas pretty much. Don’t you worry about it. Use these ideas for your own story.

Anon: I have noticed that blue steven in bothcrystal clarityand fade blue art is more slender ghan canonsteven, is because he got blue body tipe -slender but not skinny- instead of canon steven that takes his body from his mother side.?

Plopp: Probably.

Anon: If Blue Diamond survived would Steven have her gem stone or will Blue Diamond have? If Steven didn’t than would he have half of he power?

Plopp: It’s halved. Like I said, imagine if a vital part of your body was reduced. You’d probably be struggling to keep up. Your quality of life would probably decline.

Anon: Will there be a white diamond appearance? And if if you guys do decide to include her, would you wait until the canon showed her so she’s accurate?

Plopp: She’ll probably appear on the show by the time we get to her.