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Honestly I feel like Hayley’s sapphic music videos almost tell a story of how wlw crushes evolve.

girls like girls is your first crush, it’s soft and tentative and just so much it’s overwhelming

gravel to tempo is when you’ve realized you like girls so you start crushing on unattainable “popular” girls bc that’s what you think you should do

sleepover is when you’ve grown up a little and into your sexuality and you just want to have all those first times so so badly but you’re still stuck pining

cliffs edge is when you finally meet a girl that you like and likes you back and you begin your first wlw relationship and it just feels so natural

And here we see, in order, the Two-Feet-Down technique, the one-leg-up-one-leg-down posture, and finally, the L-squat, as demonstrated by Incident Trio

(I would give an arm and a leg to know what’s being said here. Ichimatsu has gone full deadpan, osomatsu’s got such a rare look of thoughtfulness, and Karamatsu doesn’t look so painful. June can’t come soon enough.) 

Y'all picture hufflepuff Keith and Slytherin lance for a sec

- Keith being one of the only serious quidditch players in the house so his strategy as seeker is just “get the snitch before we can suck so bad it doesn’t matter” and lances is just “score a shit ton of points so it doesn’t matter if Keith catches the snitch”

- “lance I hate you” “ur just salty that I have an actual quidditch team”

- Keith sneaking lance food from the kitchens

- when they’re not in clothes with their house colors people assume they’re each other’s houses and Keith is just like “him??? this boy will sell u to Satan for one corn chip” and lance is like thx babe ily2

- everyone is SHOKED at breakfast one morning when a howler ends up at the hufflepuff table but when Keith opens it it’s just lance screaming about how much he loves his bf and Keith puts his head down for the rest of breakfast

-accidentally wearing each other’s ties to class bc shit yellow and silver and green and black look similar in a mostly dark dormitory

- the first time they spend the night together lance stands at the foot of the bed goes “hey I know this bed belongs to the hufflepuff house but mind if I… slytherin????”

- Keith almost kicks him out


- Lmao Keith has a subscription to the quibbler so like conspiracy theory Keith lives on in this universe too

- “lance u know I love you but if I could trade u for a nargle siting I would”


D –> Nepeta I command you to desist before you embarrass me in front of Horuss

its been a while since i got one of these! sorry its a little late, anon

imagine the squad™ going to Athens, Georgia for spring break senior year to honor the play

- the ride down is hilarious in and of itself

- Jake drives bc his car is fucking huge

- Chloe rides shotgun bc she will throw up if she’s not in the front

- Brooke, Jenna, and Christine sit in the middle and play stuff like never have I ever and it’s really sweet and a really good bonding time for all of them

-Chloe is jealous and nauseous

- rich, Jeremy, and Micheal sit in the back with Jeremy in the middle

- at some point Micheal falls asleep on Jeremy’s shoulder and rich just starts quietly grilling Jeremy about their relationship

- “listen dude just tell me if you’re in love with him,,, I’m bi so I don’t judge, you’re cute together so I won’t make fun of you that much, we both had the same Japanese computer application installed in our brains for an extended period time, what is there to lose???”

- eventually Jeremy just pretends that he’s asleep too


- first they quickly realize that the CDC isn’t even IN Athens

- second they realize that Athens is the weirdest mix of hippies and rednecks ever created

- for example, there a street with a pottery studio across from a bbq
restaurant called the butt hutt


- he buys all this uga merch and weird southern gear like a shirt that says “sucker for a guy in seersucker”

- he also buys a pair of seersucker shorts for jake buT ITS NOT RELATED SHUT UP CHLOE

- Chloe also lowkey loves the southern aesthetic and spends the entire time running around to all the cutesy southern boutiques with rich and brooke

- Jenna actually tours the university of Georgia bc she just honestly enjoys college tours even though she’s already signed to go somewhere else

- Jeremy and Micheal discover a place called the “wonderbar” it’s a bar and a retro arcade combo. They find fake ids and then do not leave the building

- At some point they go on a giant food tour and Brooke is v upset to find out they don’t have pinkberry “WHAT THE FUCK IS A MENCHICES???”

- they see a bunch of cool places then just eat wafflehouse the entire time bc it’s good and cheap and literally EVERYWHERE

- the theatre scene is fairly decent and they go see a local kid and teen theatre group do legally blonde

- Christine falls in love with the girl playing Elle from the audience


- they only get one hotel room and just sleep on top of each other like puppies

- when they leave the room it’s like a fucking clown car

so i was watching tng 1x16 and shortly after data does this awesome roll


there. did u see it??

lemme show you again.


geordi why u grab his shoulder like that

why is this happening



i am upset

meg’s NDRV3 Talentswap AU

Pianist: Korekiyo Shinguuji

???: Himiko Yumeno

Inventor: Gonta Gokuhara

Supreme Leader: Kiibo

Robot: Miu Iruma

Entomologist: Kokichi Ouma

Detective: Tenko Chabashira

Cosplayer: Kirumi Toujou

Anthropologist: Tsumugi Shirogane

Childcare: Ryouma Hoshi

Aikido: Maki Harukawa

Maid: Kaito Momota

Astronaut: Kaede Akamatsu

Tennis: Angie Yonaga

Magician: Rantarou Amami

Artist: Shuuichi Saihara


- Keith accidentally offending lance on the first day of school I mean come on

- instead of the umbrella scene lance sees Keith doing something kind with out Keith realizing it, lance falls in love but feels like he can’t admit it so he just keeps up the “rivals” thing

- Alyas character would be split between pidge and hunk (superhero hunter and close emotional support respectively) and they hang out a ton + lance

- shiro is Nino,,, just let him be a dj ok,,, I’m begging u,,,

- lance is a klutzy but lovable dork with a close knit family

- Keith is a loner with a mysterious mom and distant dad

- power of creation/water : power of destruction/fire

-lance as ladybug would treat his job super seriously and be serious lance™ the majority of the time

- meanwhile Keith can let loose and be so happy just let him be free

-sword/baton is a similar motion set while the yo-yo requires massive amounts of accuracy to properly wield


- first meeting as superheroes while they’re upside down wrapped in the yo-yo, first thing lance blurts out is “are u like a furry or???”

- the revel happens bc Keith ALWAYS has his hair up as chat and one day they’re in the heat of battle and his hair band snaps and Lance just screeches bc he woULD RECOGNIZE THAT MULLET ANYWHERE

- then they start dating and everyone in the class is just so??? Confused???