Thwip. Thwip. Thwip.

Line after line of high tensile webbing propels Spiderman through the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, hot in pursuit of the city’s latest threat. The Green Goblin weaved effortlessly between the buildings, descending lower and lower until the wide expanse of the Brooklyn bridge lay directly ahead.

What is it with these guys and gliders?

Plooms of green exhaust trailed through the bridge’s supports, before the devilish figure lept from his perch and landed squarely atop the Westernmost tower. Keeping his momentum, Spiderman continued towards the bridge, swinging under the main structure and upwards in hopes to catch the Goblin unawares.

The lack of cover proved too convenient for the villain and with a perfectly timed throw, an explosive rocked the bridge’s cables and caused Spidey’s web to disintegrate, bringing him crashing to Goblin’s feet. For their third altercation, Spidey had learnt how to use his senses to better effect and dodged as a boot attempted to make contact with his chest.

Maniacal laughter continued as they fought, hit for hit, blow for blow. The Goblin’s suit enhanced his reflexes, forcing Spidey to work harder than ever in his attempts to subdue the other. A second and third explosion ignite, this time underneath the bridge and begin a deafening orchestra of pings and groans as cables come loose and detach. The bridge shuddered, dust and rubble collapsing into the river below as cracks form in its foundations.

Both men struggle to maintain their balance and with a few short bursts from his webshooters, Spidey manages to control his descent, enough to prevent his impact with the deck below from being fatal. Disorientation grips him, lenses aimed towards the green form using his gloves to rappel down the crumbling tower and for a brief moment, Spidey concedes his defeat.


Pax by Ploom owners tips

So I’ve been owning my Pax for a little over two weeks. These are some tricks that will really help you get the most out of your pax.
1. Keep it clean, residues build up quickly, especially if you are using kief.
2. Grind up your bud to a powder. What I do is first grind it in my Cali crusher, then I chop it very fine with scissors. It makes a world of difference.
3. Keep it full battery, start at a lower heat then work your way up to the highest.

This is simple but I hope it helps.