Sarà che mi faccia troppi film, che ascolti troppa musica o che legga troppi libri, ma, purtroppo, credo ancora ai colpi di fulmine, alle farfalle nello stomaco, all'amore che possono donarti due occhi che ti guardano un solo attimo, ma che tu continui ad evitare per timidezza, per paura di non essere abbastanza, perché quegli occhi son così belli che ti vien difficile guardarli per un istante, figuriamoci per reggere un discorso.
Sarà che mi faccia troppi film, che ascolti troppa musica o che legga troppi libri, ma mi piace immaginare la mia vita così, come quella dei film, della musica e dei libri, dove non sei tu a scegliere, ma quello che viene scelto, nonostante i tuoi difetti, le tue paure, le tue paranoie e le tue ferite.
Sarà che credo troppo in tutto, tranne che in me stesso, ma, ti prego, almeno tu, amami, con i miei difetti, i miei complessi mentali e le mie cicatrici.
Amami, anche se sono un disastro, anche se non ho niente di principesco.
Amami, amami forte. Sorridi, e salvami, salvami da tutto questo.
—  Arturo Sarli | romanticismotossico
NDRV3 Boys - Sleeping with S/o (Fluff)

I think I’m going to combine the two of these, if you don’t mind! And aaAA I’m so sorry it’s been so long! It’s been a tough week of travelling and staying back for Sports Day ;-; - Mod Rantarou

Saihara Shuuichi:

  • You both spent the evening outside, visiting different places you had wanted to see.
  • By the time you got back, it was late, so you invited him to stay the night.
  • He was slightly shy about it, but seeing as you refused to let him go, he agreed to stay.
  • He was already red when you invited him to stay over, but the blush grew when you told him you two would have to sleep in the same bed.
  • He went into the bathroom to freshen up and attempt to get rid of the blush on his face.
  • You two weren’t doing… anything inappropriate, but the thought of him being able to sleep next to you was oddly intimate, though he was secretly really happy that you didn’t mind it.
  • When he got out, he found you resting on your bed, eyes that were half closed darting towards you with a smile on your face.
  • His blush had returned, along with the warmest smile.

Rantarou Amami:

  • You two were just talking on his sofa, when he noticed you were a little tired.
  • He offered to make you a hot drink to keep you awake, denying your (true) claims that he just wanted to make another drink for himself.
  • He didn’t notice how quiet you’d gone while he was in the kitchen.
  • When he came out with the drinks, he found you with your eyes closed, breathing evenly.
  • He almost dropped the glasses right there and then.
  • You looked so cute he could feel his heart beat right out of his chest.
  • So much for Mr Cool Boyfriend.
  • He carried you to his room, but as he turned to leave, you, half awake after he almost dropped you going up the stairs, pulled a little on his sleeve and mumbled for him to sleep too.
  • If anyone asks, he did not smile like a child in a candy store and immediately jump into bed next to you.

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