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Bæții din #PLOIEȘTI reprezintă! 🤘🏻👀 #bmv #vibes #wwwnanero (at Ploiesti, Romania)

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1.“Stevonovitch II” B-24L-10-FO Liberator, 799th BS, 464th BG, 15th AF, 10 APR 1945 year, near the city of Luda, Italy. The aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft shells and the wing was formed, after some time the plane exploded, the 10 members of the crew were killed, 1 was thrown from the plane and he survived.

2. “Red Bow” B-24M-10-FO Liberator, 714th BS, 448th BG, 8th AF, 4 APR 1945 years, the aircraft was shot down by a missile R4M running the Me-262, the radio operator managed to open the bomb Bay leaf and jump, the rest of the crew were killed

3. “Wee Willie” B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress 322nd BS, 91st BG, 8th AF, 8 APR 1945 year in a RAID for bombing the railway station of the city of Stendal, Germany. The first plane was damaged by a fighter, and then when shot down by anti-aircraft shell ripped off his wing. The pilot managed to jump out, the rest were killed.

4. Collision B-17G-75-BO, 422nd Bomb Squadron, 305th Bomb Group B-17G-80-BO, 364th Bomb Squadron, 305th Bomb Group, 22nd Oct, ’ 44 years, over England on the way home from the bombing of Hanover, both crew were killed.

5. “Little Warrior” B-24H-20-FO Liberator, 861st Bomb Squadron, 493rd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, the 29th of June, ’ 44. The photo was taken at the moment when the exploded gas tanks. One crew member managed to jump out, but was shot on the ground, all the rest died.

6. “853” B-24H-15-DT Liberator, 783rd Bomb Squadron, 465th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force, 20 Nov ’ 44 years above the town of Blechhammer, Germany. Anti-aircraft shell tore off a wing, but 5 crew members were able to jump out, the remaining 6 died.

7. “Whizzer II” B-17F-20-VE Flying Fortress, 840th BS, 483rd BG, 15th AF, April, ’ 44 years above the city of NIS, Yugoslavia. The aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft shells, the entire crew was killed.

8. B-24L-5-FO Liberator, 564th BS, 389th BG, 8th AF, 9 March 45th year over Munster, Germany. 10 crew members were killed, 2 were able to jump out.

9. B-24 Liberator crashes over Ploiesti, Romania.

10. B-17 crashes after his anti-aircraft shell tore off a wing, March 28, ’ 44 years over France.