Tyvokka was a Wookiee Jedi Master who served the Galactic Republic during the Republic Classic era. A revered and respected member of the Jedi High Council, Tyvokka trained several Padawans, including the Kel Dor Plo Koon. The Wookiee was renowned for his ability to “sense the future,” and assess the best possible course of action in any given situation, so he was chosen to help Senator Finis Valorum broker peace between the Stark Commercial Combine and the Trade Federation during a bacta shortage in 44 BBY. At the peace summit, which took place on Troiken, Tyvokka and Valorum were accompanied by four other Jedi: Koon, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Valorum’s advisor, Adi Gallia. At Troiken, they rendezvoused with the Federation’s representative, Nute Gunray, and were in turn met by the head of the Stark Commercial Combine, Iaco Stark. Upon arrival, however, Stark had his men draw their weapons on Tyvokka and his companions, and demanded their immediate surrender. Tyvokka literally turned the tables on Stark and his men, but in the ensuing skirmish, he was accidentally gunned down by Gunray’s hunter-killer droid escort. Eventually succumbing to his wounds, Tyvokka’s role in the mission was taken by Koon, who was able to secure victory over Stark. Koon would in time take Tyvokka’s place on the High Council.


He wonders if his General came because they were comrades, or because the intel in Wolffe’s head was much too important to fall in enemy hands…but there is something in the way Plo calls him son
After being captured by Separatists and losing an eye to the Sith, Wolffe struggles to come to terms with the worth of a clone.


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