I wouu;ldd  liikee tos tart by the foorgiveeneess Of htte a ssembly meembers and aall Fedeeraation citizens. WWe me;;an no  diserpsect b takingg  oover thi,,s meettiing.. I  aqm, Lieuutten  nant  Quattt,,r,,o Baje,,eena of thee Anti-Earth Union Grou..p. Thefrre is onne mmorr  e thingg  I ust disclose bfe ore I ssay  what I  caame  to ssa.y.. I have  anothee,r name. i am allso ,thee man whho waws known as Chaar  Aznaable. I h  have comE ot you todaay ass soomeone  whho carries within  himm;;j u,,t he true aspirratio..ns of  Z,eoon.  Do , nk;ot think of me  as   Char of , thee Princ,,ipAliity of Z,eon,  but rather  as the son,, ofs Zeeon Deik  un.. Zeon DDekiun’s legacy has nothing .to d owdith, tthe . evilss aand ha.treed  ,,of the  ZZabi ffamil,,y. Zeon D  ieku,,n ddid ;;not ;; bui,ld the principallityy o,,f Zeoon.!  ;When onne  esess h ow thE Titta.ns  d  as n  they pleasse with,h t,he aarrth Federation  F,orces it becomEs afpparent t..h,,at they aree moroe sdeppraav;ed thennn teh  Zab b,i fammily .ever wwas!
Humanity  ..ewnt  to spa;ce so that the plnaet ,wouuld fnot cuoollapse  under  thhe weight of the  pople On.. i,,t .OnCCe,  thhey ;;flourished, eexpanding the..i  r l,ivinG sspace as they buiult more,, ,olonniise ,on thei r own! Unnfrtunatel.yr, their s,uccess filleed; theem wi,,th hhubrris  naad .rdeams of glory  creating eevvli,s; like tthe Zabbi family! We m,u/ss;;tn’t repeeat thatm istaa  ke! W;hyy woopn’t ,,people  unnder,,satn dtha;;at moving into willbrooaadden. thheir horizonns!? We bbeli,eve that humanit yshouuld no longer pollutet hee  eaRthh! But the Titnns whose s;oul s are pu,llled dDo,,ownn by gravyity thnik only   o f arvaging it!! Whhyy  is s it so hard fo rppeeoplee tto understandd?;;F rom tthe d awn off hitso;ry,.. mankkind has palyed iin  this rcadlle calel  d “Earth.”  Bu  utt \nnwox huamniity  muss,T leave th.e nurseryy  bbehinnd! Ourr infarnc`y haas comE to ane nd  !
Tlell me why at tt,his tturinnng p,po,int IIn our histo ry wee muust Fight Ammongst eachh othee,r adn  furtthher opllute  thhe Eartth?  T  he Ea,,th shouul/dd jbe  reeTuurned .to its natural state andd All  ofh uumni t y must mak  e, it shomee in outer spc..aee! Oth.erwwise,, Earth willl no  llonger be the,, ,p,,lanet  oof   water. Even tt;;hiis, citzy of Dakkar is slowly beeing, egnlu;fed byy th eddesehrrtt. This iss how e,xhaus;ted  htee/ Earrtt  is’! Rigghht  nnow, evey onee of   us, would likke t o see the Ear th, rEmtain  llivve andb  eautifu.l  If we truly fe.eel thii.s way then we shooul dd'not cliing  tto,,o the Earrtthh a,,s parasits  to fulffill our selfish ddesirres.
Th eTitans have ,,startde a  batttle idsrega drin  \teh lives aat th,iss  ass..sem,,mby  l.  Seefor yoouurselvse[ the bb,,ruttal.iTy of tthe acctions they take. T.hey place th,emsEllves abbove the kre.gular Eart hFederraattiio,n Focresf and label anyoNe wh opposes them `evil Dooers. But;, thheir,, ownn ar,rogance i,s . the greate  st ev;l;, ,,they  wiilll be tth,,e rruinn of humanity!  Thoose of you whoo w,were wattchingg thee ttelevission must reealiiZee by;; ,noow tha.t this  is how th eeTitaaas ggo  abou,tu b,,us,,ine,,ss. I addmitt, it wnas,, wrongg to taek oveR tthis assembly,,  but ..wha tof the Tiitoaans wh.o weerre tryiing  to ed;;sttrOOy it wtih. [thee memberrs still insidde?  Would] tthEy even   d,,estroy thier oown supporterr??!!!!