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Does the paladin immunity to disease protect against the negative effects of abnormal genetics? As example, the issues of sun exposure for sufferers of PLME or albinism (something that I think a paladin would have good reason to be concerned about)?

…No. I’m going to say it doesn’t work retroactively on genetics.

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What separates Brown from the other Ivy League colleges?

Hi! I only have a few points worth sharing, but both theprivateschoolprep and graduationbound are 2019 Brunonians (right?), so they’re probably more convincing!

-Brown is known as the most “liberal” ivy league school.

-Social activism is huge on campus. The student body is passionate about so many different causes.

-Brown is also known as one of the more “friendly” ivies. The students are very collaborative, and the environment isn’t as cut throat as some of the other colleges.

-Brown features an open curriculum.

-I believe they also have an interesting way of grading. Within the first four weeks of the semester, you can either choose regular grading or P/D/F (pass/fail).

-GPAs aren’t reported in order to continue the atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition.

-A huge attraction at Brown is Brown’s Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME). Through this program, you can still receive a liberal arts education that Brown emphasizes while also being part of an eight year program with Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School. So, you can spend eight years in Providence for your undergraduate and med school careers!

Brown is an amazing school, and I’m so fortunate to have had an opportunity to attend! It just wasn’t the best fit for me and my (intended) path.

Applying to Brown University's PLME

I’m applying regular decision to Brown University’s PLME (8 year medical school program). Does anyone know if you are declined from PLME, can you still be considered for acceptance for Brown University in itself? Would you be at a disadvantage for consideration, if you are rejected from PLME, than if you apply to Brown regularly?

I know on the supplement form you can check off the box about being bound to Brown University if you’re rejected from PLME, but that’s for Early Decision only.

Does anyone know?

Even though I’m bitching about the fact that I have to write two papers right now, it’s bittersweet. Ultimately, it’s what I wanted. 

Only at Brown would I get the amazing opportunity to diversely write about Parkinson’s disease and Minstrel shows at the same time.

So thanks for giving me a lot of work, but more importantly, thank you for letting me work in such different areas, Brown.  

To anyone familiar with applying to BS/MD or BA/MD programs…

I am considering applying to Northwestern HPME and Brown PLME, but I was wondering if I have a chance if I’ve never done any hospital volunteering or physician shadowing. My stats are pretty good (2360 superscored SAT, 36 ACT, 770’s on SAT Chem and Bio) and I have okay EC’s (FPS, FRC, NHS, orchestra, and I volunteer at the library). However, my only really medical-related EC’s are HOSA and a year of bio research, since I didn’t know about BS/MD programs until this year. I want to know if it’s possible to be accepted into BS/MD programs (especially HPME and PLME) if you lack medical-related EC’s, or if I shouldn’t even try. Please be honest; I really want to know if writing all those extra essays would be a waste of my time. Thank you!

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