Can it please just be January already? I have completely lost my shit, I’m dead!


Alright, lets just take a moment to think about just how perfect Troian is and how she is freaking nailing crazy ass Spencer!

When Spencer and Toby have the cute moment



Then I saw Tobs in the -A hoodie

And are we all agreed that it is Spencer behind him?

But when my baby was crying in the rocking chair!



Seriously, can it be January now?!?! 3B will be outrageous! 


She's Better Now episode conclusions

It seems like Jason was the person Aria stabbed in 3x13. I don’t really get why he would try to kill her but I guess that’ll be explained soon.

Lucas. What is up with that guy?
Seems like he was the person on the skateboard that Toby was trying to hit with a car. Then the second important thing is that Lucas was wearing a hoodie! No, that doesn’t automatically mean that he’s on the -A team, but maybe he’s being blackmailed into doing some of -A’s dirty work. It’s possible that he screwed up or said too much and -A’s trying to kill him now.

The Lucas - Mona connection.
 If you try to read Mona’s lips when she whispers something in Lucas’ ear it kinda looks like she says “I know it was you”. Did Lucas put the brain in her locker? This would make sense if you read conclusion #3. Maybe him putting the brain in her locker was a sign of rebellion, just him showing the -A team that he’s had enough.

Mona’s confession video.
First of all, if you haven’t seen the full version of the video just go to my blog. You can see that the whole thing is staged and that someone else is recording it. Who could it be? 
“Did you record anything I just said? Why are you looking at me like that? Doing this was your idea, remember? Look, if you’re starting to have second thought back out now, ok? Either we’re in this together or not. So… what’s it gonna be, FRIEND?”
I thought it could be Jason but she seems to be treating him a lot nicer than that. Maybe Lucas, but that wouldn’t make much sense if my previous conclusions are correct. But then again it could also be Toby, but there’s something in the back of my head that makes me doubt that.

Alison and Byron
Ali was blackmailing him, which is probably not really that surprising. Byron definitely had the motive to kill her, but he most definitely didn’t do it. How do I know? Because we still have half of this season and a whole season 4 to watch (hopefully even more) - revealing Ali’s killer this early would be too weird.
But at least now we know they didn’t have an affair.

This one is straightforward, but I thought I’d mention it in case you’re not too fortunate when it comes to thinking:
Mona is definitely NOT better now.

We all saw Mona looking at Meredith and checking where she was going so it’s safe to say that Mona was the one responsible for the explosion. After all, there’s no such thing as a silent comeback for a villain.

***please note that this is my own opinion.

'She's Better Now' spoilers

DO NOT READ if you don’t like spoilers.


~ Mona’s released and visits Hanna at night
~ She goes back to Rosewood high
~ Mere-death ;) becomes the liars’ teacher
~ Hanna makes a promise to Mona
~ Mona will say something about Alison that will touch Jason (most likely in this episode)
~ A video will play an important role
~ An important character transfers schools
~ Someone surprising will return to Rosewood (Regina?)
~ The other students’ reaction to Mona may surprise you
~ Someone will say “You make that call and you will be sorry”
~ Phones play an important role, but not because of messages from -A
~ Someone will reveal a key bit of info to one of the liars
~ There will be Wrencer scenes
~ There will be a school marathon
~ [suggested] There will be a flashback with Alison and Byron
~ There will be a creepy scene in a bed
~ The Lost Woods resort manager will be in this episode
~ Emily and Shana will become friends
~ Lucas will have a limp in his leg and Hanna will suspect him to be the one who tried to kill Aria in 3x13
~ Spoby will go for a run
~ The episode will end with an OMG-moment


This was epic.