So my PLL Partners in Crime and I love to have little PLL Party’s when we are hanging out and watching the show together. Tuesday Night’s together is kind of our thing. Here are a few of the PLL inspired Parties we have had so far.

The first one was an during the 3B finale, and we even got a response from the Pretty Little Liars main facebook page saying “The cutest -A party we’ve ever seen!!”

We make everything ourselves, even the red chocolate lips on the Kisses Cupcakes we molded and make at home.

Some of the things you can do if you want to have your own PLL Party at home with friends:

-We had photos printed out and glued them on a Black Poster board, to make it look like a wall in -A’s lair, so that way you can take pictures with your friends in front of it. Dress like your favorite liar or wear a black hoodie/red coat.

-Make up fake texts from -A that relate to the your PLL inspired Party theme.

-Make desserts or cupcakes that are inspired by something specifically related to PLL, this also gives you an excuse to try new cupcake recipes. For example, at the PLL Kisses -A Party we did a cupcake that was half strawberry/ half brownie topped with Pink Vanilla frosting and Red Chocolate Kisses.

Hope you like these PLL Party Ideas :) I know we have so much fun having them.

Things I want in the finale:

Sorry I haven’t posted a lot today! I was busy searching my house for black hoodies and making A cupcakes which I just posted pics of lol. 

So I’ve decided to make a list of everything I want out of this finale. I totally understand that not all of this will happen and that some of it is impossible but I thought it would be fun to make

Here go’s

-an emision scene
-My theory to be right 
- Sara NOT to be red coat
- No Sarily or Alienzo (not exactly sure what the ship names are)
-To see Bethany’s face
-To find out who has a twin
-Sassy Alison
-The whole Charles story
-Answers about Maya
-no cliffhangers
-Tippi and Pepe to return
-To know who visited Mona in Radley
-To understand how Charles did everything
-To know Sara’s “big secret”

Message me what you guys want to see in the finale!



So as we only have about 40 minutes left before the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided it was time to finally post my final predictions. So I have my full theory linked here. But below I will have a summary of who I think, why, and my B plan for A (its so weird to say that lol)

Here goes:

Charles: Cece 

-Cece could be a nickname for charlotte which is the feminine form of Charles. She could have possibly had a sister or something like that. This has a lot of loopholes but if you read my linked theory you’ll understand

Red Coat: Cece

-Again you’ll have to read the theory to understand but it makes so much sense. I mean they literally unmasked her in season 4. All signs lead to her. Also I think that Red Coat is really head of operations.

Black Widow: Melissa 

-Now if you looked at the clues from the website tonight and saw the one that was “A has only one helper” This totally goes along with my black widow theory which I actually never posted but basically black widow is like the anti A. She is on the good side and Melissa was honestly all about protecting Spencer. I mean she buried a body for her!

No hate please! These are my personal guesses and if their wrong don’t go saying I told you so. This show is just that a show (jk its my life muahahahaha) but you get the point. 

Also we are like 30 away from 300 so please help me reach my finale goal it would be amazing!


So as you all know this episode is more than an episode. It’s like the end of an era. The end of our generation of PLL. Even though the show isn’t officially ending this huge mystery we’ve all been waiting to have answered we don’t want answered anymore because that means it’s kind of over!

Enough with the sappy stuff lol!

So here’s the game plan for today since it is such an epic day!

First things first I want to set a HUGE goal for this blog. We are currently at about 268 followers or something like that and it would be a dream come true to reach 300! 

So for the day I am currently at my house cooking and baking for a PLL party I’m having with my mom who is also obsessed with PLL I’m making sure INSANE desserts so I’ll post some pictures later. 

I’ll be posting last minute theories, pictures of things I’m doing to prep for the finally, some asks I get if you guys want to send me questions about the finale, and whatever else I feel like posting!

I’ll be using the tag/hashtag #plltheories102party just to label everything that has to do with the finale if you want to find it easier. 

I absolutely can’t wait for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May have to check into Radley lol.