Pretty little liars

As the series comes to an end, I’ve started watching random episodes here and there..
I know there are a lot of blogs on here based on their theories etc that are very popular, so 90% of the time when you message the blogs, they don’t get to your message due to the amount they get daily!
So I figured I’ll just post my random thoughts on my own page (even though no one will probably see them.)

So, in season 6A, the scene with Maddie Ziegler dancing in/on the bath tub. If you listen to the background music, you can hear a women screaming hysterically. While she’s screaming, Maddie is laying down as if in position to give birth. The screaming stops, and she moves over into the corner of the room rocking back and forth on a chair while the screaming continues. Once the screaming stops , Maddie disappears. Could this be the PLL writers hinting way back then about Spencer’s twin? Once the second baby was born, the first one vanished?? Like how spencer was born and taken away with the Hastings and her twin was left there by herself? Probably doesn’t make sense. Send messages with thoughts !