DAY 4 OF THE PLL GIF SHIP CHALLENGE: Haleb funniest moments. Practically everyone HALEB scene at the start of their relationship before they got together had me laughing. 

1. Their detention together: Caleb calls Hanna princess the first time :D Then they fight about Justin Bieber…. 

“Where you going Princess?”

“The princess needs a pee.”

2. Caleb helps Hanna my tampering with Mrs Montgomery’s car…

“Please peel your sweaty body off of my locker, thank you.”

3. Their shower… 

“Do you want to share a towel too.”

4. Caleb sticking up for Hanna against Kate, using a line that came from Hanna…

“That’s a very pretty dress, but you should know, it gives you back fat.” 

God I wish Hanna could have heard that one, makes me crack up every time. 

5. Caleb helping the girls against A…

“I almost killed you.”

“With a pink furry lamp Hanna?”

6. Haleb have coffee with Caleb’s father… 

“I would get you a fresh piece, but if I get up it’s to pee and I would rather do that in my pants than leave you two alone.”

“Classy girl.”

“I am so proud.”

7. Caleb trying to take Hanna’s mind off her mom….

“Giddy up little doggy.”


DAY 3 OF THE PLL GIF SHIP CHALLENGE: Best Kiss - HALEB Kiss in 6x06 “No stone left unturned.” It was a hard choice as they have had so many amazing kisses but this kiss (or kisses) OMG HOT. Full of tension, passion, love and the fact that they were missing each other (Well at least I like to think so after in 6x04 they were taking a break). The fact that the writters/directors only told them to kiss and it is up to Tyler and Ashley where to take it makes this scene even better because it was amazing ! Get it together TYSHLEY ! :P

“I have a reason.”